EliteMate.com Public Relations Performance Basis Payout Categories


* Any Nationwide Network TV or Radio appearance or coverage - $1000

* Any EliteMate url mentioned in a nation wide publicly published hard cover book - $800

* Nationwide magazine or print press coverage - $700

* Nationwide cable TV - $650

* Local Network TV or radio appearance or interview - $500

* Local magazines or newspapers - $400

* Local cable TV or online radio with more than a million subscribers - $400

* Local appearances in conference centers - $250 (ie Learning Annex, Open Center, etc.)

* Online Media Write Ups 1/4 - full page with an Alexa/Quantcast ranking of 100,000 or less - $250

* Small text and banner inbound links on Google Page Rank of 4 or better - $100

* Any testimonial of EliteMate.com or its properties on any website with a page rank of 3 or better - $25

All PR that EliteMate deems billable occurs after the PR event, schedule, good or service has been delivered, taken place or has been finished.

EliteMate pays PR commissions net 7 days after the billable PR action has taken placed and the PR Agent
confirms it occurred and finished satisfactory with Victor Daniel of EliteMate.com at 718 938 1203.

EliteMate.com Traffic And Data Sales Performance Basis Payout Schedule

*Any advertising/sales business referred to these urls - 20% of net profit collected in the bank.




If you would like to do PR or Media Selling for EliteMate.com,
please contact Victor Daniel at:


T: 718.938.1203

F: 212.202.6367

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