Hi Elite Advertiser,

Buy live real time leads that you can remarket to via email, sms, telemarketing, IVR and postal mail.

We can target USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South America, Central America and English Speaking European countries.

Here's our standard media buy api proposal.

www.EliteMate.com receives 5000-10000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteCashWire.com receives 35000-55000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteDebtCleaner.com receives 500-1000 new registrations daily.
www.ModelCastingCall.com receives 1500-2000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteSocial.com receives 2000-3000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteEducationSociety.com receives 1000-2000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteDiabetics.com receives 500-1000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteSinglesWithKids.com receives 1000-2000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteFitnessSingles.com receives 1000-2000 new registrations daily.
www.FashionForwardSingles.com receives 2500-3000 new registrations daily.
www.WhereHottiesMeet.com receives 1500-2000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteMateSeniors.com receives 3500-4000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteGayLife.com receives 2500-3000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteSinglesWithPets.com receives 1500-2000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteGamble.com receives 2500-3000 new registrations daily.
www.EliteMateTravel.com receives 1500-2000 new registrations daily.
www.SportsDaters.com receives 3500-4000 new registrations daily.
www.DrinkerSociety.com receives 2500-3000 new registrations daily.
www.2Women4U.com receives 1500-2000 new registrations daily.

You the advertiser will receive traffic via api on the second pages of any of our registration pages at a rate of at least 200-2000 leads per day.

$5,000 pre paid = 10,000 single opt in leads at 50 cents each

A single opt in lead is accepted on a post over to your database from one of our second pages of registration (your server gives an accept or reject response) (we post over full name, email, telephone, postal, cell, ip, date and time stamp, source url is elitemate.com) (we can post over additional asked for info on request). 

1st page of EliteMate.com registration www.elitemate.com
2nd page of EliteMate.com registration www.elitecoreg.com (Your Ad Will Appear In Step 7)

1st page of EliteCashWire.com registration www.elitecashwire.com
2nd page of EliteCashWire.com registration http://www.elitecashwire.com/coreg.php

1st page of EliteDebtCleaner.com registration www.elitedebtcleaner.com  
2nd page of EliteCashWire.com registration http://www.elitedebtcleaner.com/coreg.php

1st page of ModelCastingCall.com registration //www.elitemate.com/myJsp/memberjoin_rghotmd.jsp
2nd page of ModelCastingCall.com registration //www.elitemate.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteSocial.com registration www.elitesocial.com
2nd page of EliteSocial.com registration www.elitesocial.com/myJsp/profile.jsp  

1st page of EliteEducationSociety.com registration www.eliteeducationsociety.com
2nd page of EliteEducationSociety.com registration http://www.eliteeducationsociety.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteDiabetics.com registration www.elitediabetics.com  
2nd page of EliteDiabetics.com registration http://www.elitediabetics.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteSinglesWithKids.com registration http://www.elitesingleswithkids.com
2nd page of EliteSinglesWithKids.com registration http://www.elitesingleswithkids.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteFitnessSingles.com registration www.elitefitnesssingles.com
2nd page of EliteFitnessSingles.com registration www.elitefitnesssingles.com/myJsp/profile.jsp  

1st page of FashionForwardSingles.com registration www.fashionforwardsingles.com
2nd page of FashionForwardSingles.com registration http://www.fashionforwardsingles.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of WhereHottiesMeet.com registration www.wherehottiesmeet.com  
2nd page of WhereHottiesMeet.com registration http://www.wherehottiesmeet.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteMateSeniors.com registration www.elitemateseniors.com  
2nd page of EliteMateSeniors.com registration http://www.elitemateseniors.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteGayLife.com registration www.elitegaylife.com  
2nd page of EliteGayLife.com registration http://www.elitegaylife.com/myJsp/profile_egl.jsp

1st page of EliteSinglesWithPets.com registration www.elitesingleswithpets.com  
2nd page of EliteSinglesWithPets.com registration http://www.elitesingleswithpets.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteGamble.com registration www.elitegamble.com  
2nd page of EliteGamble.com registration http://www.elitegamble.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of EliteMateTravel.com registration www.elitematetravel.com  
2nd page of EliteMateTravel.com registration http://www.elitematetravel.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of SportsDaters.com registration www.sportsdaters.com  
2nd page of SportsDaters.com registration http://www.sportsdaters.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of DrinkerSociety.com registration www.drinkersociety.com  
2nd page of DrinkerSociety.com registration http://www.drinkersociety.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

1st page of 2Women4U.com registration www.2women4u.com  
2nd page of 2Women4U.com registration http://www.2women4u.com/myJsp/profile.jsp

These are some of the questions below to ask your tech for building out your api offer on EliteDatabase.com's properties.

  Here are the basic questions we ask when creating a co reg/host/post/API campaign
1. What are the available transports?  (GET/POST/SOAP/XML-RPC, etc)
2. What type of server response will there be to a record submittal?  
We prefer something like "success" or "failure - reason for failure" on record submittals.   Please note that the user/lead will never see this response, so it would be easier on our resources if there isn't any HTML.  This needs to have a pattern to it and be sensical, for example, responding with null on a good record submittal is generally a bad practice.

3.  Please provide a simple document/email with:
- the data wanted (look at our registration path for possible data)
- the required data vs. optional data (e.g., email/IP required, date of birth optional)
- what the data has to look like. For example, "M" for male, "F" for female. Everyone has different date formats, etc.
- ALL "affiliate ID" type identifiers required for posting
- example GET string, POST URL, SOAP response. If SOAP is required then please provide a URL for the WSDL file.

4. A stats page that EliteDatabases.com can use to login and see the leads submitted for the day, rejects, reason for rejects, etc.

5. Any special requirements for data. For example, no leads from Canada accepted, no males over 40, etc.
We build around your API within these parameters/requirements. If you look at page 1 and 2 of our registration paths you will see what data fields we have available.

For pre pays of $10000 we can offer a free 1 year subscription to EliteMate free to any user that makes a purchase.
You can include this language below to the user in the email auto responder you send.

Get a $120 value From EliteMate Free

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Step 1. Make A Payment To (ADVERTISER's  LINK)
Step 2. Email billing@elitemate.com your proof of purchase

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Why pay for impressions and clicks when you can buy remarketable leads you own forever.

We look forward to working with you.


Victor Daniel
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