“Why Most Men FAIL With Online Dating... And What To Do About It...”


Dear Friend,

Most guys who try online dating FAIL miserably.

Online dating SEEMS like a great idea… doesn't it?

You sit down at your computer, logon to the online dating website, and start emailing all kinds of hot babes… with no fear of “rejection” or confrontation. And then they email you back, get to know “the real you”, build a relationship in a friendly, low-key way, and eventually go out on a date…

Wouldn't it be GREAT if that was how it actually worked?

Well, if you've actually TRIED online dating, then you KNOW it's not like that AT ALL.

In fact, if you've tried it out, then you know that it can actually be MORE challenging than meeting women in the “real world”.

Why is this?

Well, for starters, it's this way because almost EVERY GUY is thinking this same “ideal fantasy” about online dating. And the online dating companies aren't exactly “downplaying” how difficult it is to REALLY meet women online.

But there's another reason… a more IMPORTANT reason…

Let me ask you something…

Have you ever been to an “average” bar or nightclub? You know the kind I'm talking about. It's just OK… the booze is cheap, the music is predictable, and the people are all pretty boring.

But at every one of those places, there's always a HOT girl or two. She's the one that everyone is looking at… and the one that all the guys want to talk to…

And guess what? All the guys ARE talking to her.

To the point where she is both enjoying the attention a little… AND also getting annoyed at them… because they're so THE SAME.

So with this in mind, guess what it's like to be an attractive woman with an ad on an online dating website?

Right. It's TEN TIMES worse.

It's common for a woman to get fifty or even a HUNDRED responses from men in a SINGLE DAY.

And just like the hot woman in the bar, the attractive woman with the online profile is experiencing one predictable, boring, lame introduction after another…

“Hi, you're really beautiful. How about I take you out to your favorite restaurant, then to a movie. I'd like to get to know you better…”

“I realize that I'm probably not your type, but I thought I'd try anyway. If you'd give me a chance, I'd show you that I'm the nicest guy you could ever want…”

“Hello, read my profile and let me know if you're interested…”

Microsoft should build a feature into Windows that actually reaches out and BITCH SLAPS any man that types these words in response to a woman's online dating profile.

Anyway, you get the point.

Attractive women are SMOTHERED by responses from boring, predictable, lame guys who communicate low self-esteem and approval seeking indicators. It's sad.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

        All that said, I have been able to meet MANY attractive women online. In fact, as I write this, I met my last two long-term girlfriends online.

I've met and dated models, actresses, dancers… artists… intellectual women… and everything in between… consistently and successfully… all online.

I taught myself to TYPE by chatting with women online.

And I perfected my “Cocky & Funny” technique talking to women… you guessed it… online.

The question is:

Why is it that I have been able to have consistent success with online dating, while most guys spend hours and hours trying to find “the key”, only to fail?

That's what I'd like to share with you…


How I Developed A SYSTEM That Got Me One Date After Another With Interesting, Attractive, Intelligent Women…

I can remember when I first decided to get this part of my life called “women and dating” handled…

I have to admit something to you. I never even CONSIDERED online dating as a “real” way to meet women.

One day, a new friend of mine was telling me about his “system” for meeting women on the internet. He wanted me to come over to his house, so he could show me.

Well, when I got there, and he started showing me his “system”, I was BLOWN AWAY. It was one of the most ingenious things I'd ever seen. It was like a MACHINE.

He showed me how he looked at different types of profiles, how he selected women, how he started conversations with them… and how he tracked and recorded his conversations with them. I felt like I was sitting in the presence of a genius… and I was.

But the REAL miracle of his system wasn't the “machine”… it was the WOMEN HE WAS DATING.

He showed me pictures of BEAUTIFUL women he had met online and dated… he told me the stories (and even showed me the actual conversations!) of meeting them…


I now had the evidence I needed that online dating COULD work… and expanding on what he taught me, I went to work to create success for MYSELF.

I made many discoveries over the next several months.

I learned how to chat with women online, and TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact that online conversations are about one TENTH the speed of normal conversations.

I paid careful attention to the different types of communication that men and women use online… and I developed systematic approaches to starting conversations, creating attraction, getting phone numbers… and even getting dates RIGHT ON THE COMPUTER.

A new world was open to me, and I took advantage of it.

I learned a couple of very important concepts while I was developing my system…

If you want to be successful meeting women online, you need to understand two KEY things:

  1. You must not do what every other guy is doing

  2. You must find a system that works, and STICK WITH IT

Just like the “real world”, there are common, predictable PATTERNS of behavior that happen consistently.

If you're an attractive woman who has a profile online, the responses you're getting from men are PAINFULLY predictable.

HINT: If you'd like to give yourself a GREAT education that costs NOTHING, then get one of your attractive female friends to put up a “free trial” online dating profile, and then look at the responses she gets during the FIRST DAY or two.

You'll be floored at how LAME the introductions are. You'll laugh… you'll shake your head… you'll actually get MORE CONFIDENCE as well. Trust me, it's a great “science experiment”, and every guy should do it.

One of the most IMPORTANT things for you to notice as you're reading through the responses and introductions that guys send in… is how THE SAME they are.

Take note, and DON'T DO what all those guys are doing!

After you've learned what NOT to do, it's time to develop a SYSTEM that works predictably and consistently…

One of the MAJOR mistakes that men make meeting women in the “real world” is something that I like to call the “Originality Paradox”. Basically, men try to be “original” when they approach women… they want to say something “unique and special”. Well, the problem is that most guys STILL say the SAME THINGS!

While we're trying to be “original”, we don't stop to think about the fact that all the other guys who tried to be original earlier that day probably said the SAME THINGS. Duh.

As it turns out, saying a “canned line” to a woman on the street will often work better than something “unique and original”.

Online it's the same way… only MORE so

So many guys are contacting the attractive women… with the SAME INTRODUCTIONS… that you must do something DIFFERENT.

And, fortunately, doing something that's “canned” usually works MUCH better than writing something “unique and different and special”.


The 4 Keys To “Automating”
The Process Of Online Dating... And
Meeting More Women Every Single Month Than Most Men Meet All Year...

Wouldn't it be nice to know that anytime you felt like it, you could simply jump online and score yourself a date with an interesting, attractive woman... with almost ZERO effort on your part?

Well... let me tell ya... when you have your system in place, it really is just that easy.

The only real "work" involved is developing the system itself.

And as you probably know if you have ever joined a dating site in the past... it's not an easy task.

Starting from scratch, it can take YEARS of trial and error, and a little luck... and that's if you ever figure it out...

But fortunately... this doesn't have to be the case for YOU.

I want to give you the details of my "paint by the numbers" system to easily and methodically meet one hot woman after another on any dating site, social network, or chat group... regardless of whether or not you are good looking or photogenic... and even if you flunked English class.

The skills required can be broken down into 4 basic categories. Mastery of just one of these categories will give you a distinct advantage over the other men who are trying to meet women online... but only when you master all 4 does the REAL magic begin to happen...

Upon learning the skills I'm about to share with you, you will have the ability to go onto any dating site, social network, or anywhere else... and essentially cast a "magic net" that pulls every attractive woman that signs up DIRECTLY TO YOU.

Here's how they break down:

How To Craft Killer Emails That FORCE A Woman
To Read Them And

As you now know... attractive women who post profiles on dating sites get DOZENS... even HUNDREDS of emails every day.

Even a woman who doesn't post her photo will typically get TEN or more...

The bottom line is that you need to do THREE things to have chance with her:

Strike Fast - With so many emails coming in every day, attractive women get overwhelmed FAST... often “giving up” on the whole thing because it is so time consuming to weed through them all. Eventually they either delete their profiles, or simply forget about it altogether.

What does this mean to you?

You must STRIKE FAST—and preferably FIRST—in order to get an attractive woman to respond.

Fortunately, it's EASY when you know how...

Stand Out - Have I mentioned that attractive women—and even unattractive women— get A LOT of emails from men?

If you don't stand out in a BIG way, you'll be lucky if your email even gets opened... let alone replied to.

Think about it: If you received 100 emails tomorrow... and you were pretty damn sure that 99% of them said exactly the same thing... how many of them would YOU open? You'd probably go through 5-10... hoping for something that caught your attention.. and then give up. This is what attractive women do as well.

But if one email has a subject line that JUMPS OUT at her... you better believe she is readying that one first...

MOVE HER To Respond - As you know... in the “real world”, simply asking a woman if you are “her type” is NOT going to get her to “like you”.

Nor is telling her that you think the two of you would be good together.

You need to spark ATTRACTION... and make her WANT IT.

The same holds true for online dating... TIMES TEN.

Simply asking a woman to “check out your profile” is not going to get her to write you back...

Nor is telling her that you think the two of you have something in common, or that you would be a good match.

Just like the “real world”... you need to generate emotion. You need to MOVE HER to respond.

The good news is that doing this online is actually EASIER than in “real life”.

You can choose your words carefully... and don't have to worry about “stumbling” or freezing up.

It's as simple as taking a proven formula and customizing it to fit and attract the woman you want... and in a moment, I'll show you how to do just that...

How To Design Your Profile To MAGNETICALLY
Attract The Type And Quality Of Women You Want

So now that you've caught her attention with your email, the very FIRST thing she is going to do is check out your profile.

And guess what?

If your profile sucks... your great email just became WORTHLESS.

On the other hand... a strong profile will not only get a woman to write you back... it will also get a woman to write you FIRST.

A great profile is a PRICELESS ASSET.

Think of it like owning a vending machine...

You can simply place your machine in an area where people want snacks... and it will sit there and MAKE YOU MONEY, 24/7.

A great profile works the same way...

Put it in a place where women want dates (like ANY or even ALL of the dating sites)... and it will sit there and GET YOU WOMEN... 24/7!

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

And here's the best part...

Unlike a vending machine that has competition from convenience stores and other machines around it... when you use the secrets I'm going to share with you, your profile will be the VERY BEST on the block.

Think of it like being the only guy in your high school who drove a FERRARI...

That's right my friend...

ALL the ladies are coming to you!

With so many clueless men out there, it really is that simple. I'm going to show you how to put your profile on STEROIDS... everything from proven sequences of photos that spark interest and curiosity... to the hidden psychological triggers that make a woman feel like she would be CRAZY not to email you, or to respond to one of yours.

“Legal Hacks” That Work On Any Dating Site To
Stack The Odds UNFAIRLY In Your Favor...

Ah yes... one of my personal favorites...

There are many, many little tricks you can use to “rig the system” on a dating site... and 99.9% of men have NO IDEA that they even exist...

For example, there is a free and easy way to get your profile to THE VERY TOP of the search results... putting you in front of the eyes of the most women possible... which, of course... gets YOU more emails than anyone else...

There are also ways to track down those ULTRA HOT women that you just don't see when you are out on the town... and lots of them at that...

And that's just the beginning...

As you can imagine, not all gorgeous women join dating sites... BUT... there ARE several other “secret spots” on the web that many do frequent. Do you know what they are... and how to use them to meet women like crazy? Guess what... 99.9% of men DON'T EITHER... but you're about to find out (Of course... the very best part about these untapped goldmines is that there is ZERO competition...)

Can you say “easy money”?


How To Turn Responses Into Phone Numbers, Phone Numbers Into Dates, And Dates Into Intimate Relationships... And Develop Your Own “Perpetual Dating Machine” That Lands You One Woman After Another... With Surprisingly Little
Work On Your Part

It never surprised me that many of my friends who were the BEST at meeting women in “the real world” seemed to have NO LUCK with meeting women online... and quickly gave up.

The fact is that if you don't know what you're doing... meeting women online is a BITCH.

Forget about all of the 1000 other guys competing for the woman you want... and the fact that you can't use all of the same weapons that you have in real life to distinguish yourself and create attraction...

Even when you DO finally get a woman's attention and get her interested in you... getting her to actually meet up with you and making something happen is an entirely different story...

The reason is that online dating is DIFFERENT.

It requires an entirely different set of skills than meeting women in more traditional ways.

You have to go about getting phone numbers differently... and when you're on the phone with a woman you've met online, you have to handle the conversation differently than you normally would if you want to get her to actually meet up with you...

And even when you do end up getting together, it's a very different ballgame.

Expectations are high, and barriers are even higher.

Most men are far too lazy to put in the time to learn the differences and make things work for them... and I don't blame them... it's not easy.

But the guys I do know that eventually figured this stuff out—myself included—have discovered something very interesting...

We've discovered that meeting and dating a woman from the online world is actually FAR EASIER than meeting a woman the “regular way”... because everything is so SYSTEMATIC.

Since you are meeting each woman in essentially the same way... with the same variables and circumstances... it's fairly simple to develop a successful “routine” that works nearly every time.

For example, I have one very successful friend who has a “standard email” he sends to get the conversation started... then a follow-up email that gets a woman to send him her phone number right away!

Since all of the women he talks to get basically the same information about him before the phone call, he noticed that many of them ask the same questions when he rings them up...

Over time he figured out how to handle the first call in a way that removes a woman's concerns and gets her EXCITED about meeting up with him... and screens her to make sure SHE is legit.

Because the phone conversation is very similar each time... the actual meeting itself usually starts off the same way...

My friend has figured out ways to lead the date in the direction he wants to go... and get a woman turned on for him FAST.

The fact is that once you have a “routine” like this down for yourself, meeting women online becomes almost TOO EASY.

It's plain to see why some of the guys I know that are good at this are now too lazy to even leave the house to meet women. I mean heck... unless they were looking for a challenge, why would they?

And now... I want to show you how YOU can do the same...

Your “Secret Weapon” For
Online Dating Success

Now for the REALLY good news...

I've just put the finishing touches on a revolutionary new program designed to quickly teach any man how to use the internet to successfully meet and date DOZENS of new, attractive women each and every month.

This program is the very first of its kind... and I want you to be one of the very FIRST to have it...

It's going to allow you to skip all of the hard work... and show you how to create your own unique system for getting responses from women, getting women to give your their phone numbers quickly, handling that crucial first phone call (including exactly what to say), great places to meet that almost guarantee things go well... and proven ways to build attraction with the women you meet FAST.

And that's just the start... it only gets BETTER from there...

Here are just a few of the other things you'll learn:

  • My secret method for tracking down and meeting those very… VERY attractive women that you'd NEVER meet in “the real world” (Yes… you CAN find them online… IF you know where to look!)
  • A special trick that makes meeting ULTRA attractive women EASIER online than in real life
  • How to use the web to keep women in other cities HOT for you until you come to visit (Follow this tip and you'll never have to pay for a hotel room again… seriously.)
  • How to use the internet to line up 4 times as many dates in one month than you ever would be able to “the old way”
  • How to SPY on your competition online… find out exactly what they're doing… and use it against them to make yourself a woman's first choice
  • An almost “too easy” way to make your profile stand out from every other profile on the site (The beauty of this trick is that it flies “under the radar”… so you won't have to worry about other guys figuring it out and copying you...)
  • Some women are online only for the ego-boost of a man's attention. Here are 4 easy and discrete ways to find out if she is REALLY interested in meeting… or just wasting your time
  • The 9 different types of places you can meet women online… and how to take advantage of each AT THE SAME TIME to meet dozens of women (Dating sites are only the beginning… my other 8 secret spots may be even better!)
  • A simple tip to get your profile to the VERY TOP of the search results… so you are the FIRST guy every woman sees when they do a search!
  • 6 things you must AVOID in an online chat… if you want to ever talk to her again, that is…
  • A few simple sentences to add to your profile that increase the amount of women that email you FIRST by 50%
  • “Tension With Text” - How to build intense sexual tension in an online chat or email conversation… and have her picturing the two of you being intimate before you ever even meet
  • How to use Cocky Comedy to create emails that are impossible to NOT respond to… along with specific phrases to weave into your profile that almost FORCE a woman to write…
  • The exact amount of time you should wait to respond to a text or an email from a woman
  • How to make her think you are talking to a lot women online… so she works twice as hard to COMPETE for your attention
  • 4 great ways to bust on a woman during an IM conversation that let her know you will be “cool” when you finally meet in real life
  • How to “steal her game” – a great way to send “mixed signals” to a woman that pique her curiosity… so she thinks about you 24/7
  • The big mistake most guys make when evaluating a woman's profile that causes them to write an email that she WILL NOT respond to (Here's how to pick out the things that WILL get her attention and exactly what to say when you drop her a line…)
  • How to find women in your area that are online at the same time you are… and “pick up girls” LIVE without ever leaving the house!
  • How to make her WORRY that you just want to be friends (This is what “naturals” do in “real life” to get a woman to push for more… and it works just as well online.)
  • The simple sentence to add to the bottom of your outgoing emails that make a woman TWICE as likely to respond
  • What to do when she doesn't respond to one of your emails… here's how to write her again in a way that DOESN'T look desperate and nearly ALWAYS gets a response
  • A way to hide any “flaws” you may have without being dishonest or deceitful
  • A behind-the-scenes look at what REALLY goes on in a sexy woman's online mailbox (That's right… I had an attractive friend of mine set up a profile on a popular dating site… and we're going to “spill the dirt” on what the competition is REALLY up to. Prepare to be shocked and amused…. names have been changed to protect the guilty!)
  • The “Fatal Flaw” 99% of guys make when emailing a woman that reveals their ugly insecurities and leads a woman to think they are using a dating site because they are DESPERATE
  • A complete head-to-toe profile evaluation – We'll go through the good, the bad, and the ugly… and show you the simple secrets that can improve your profile DRAMATICALLY… section by section
  • The one fact a man should NEVER reveal about himself online (All sites feature this as one of their “standard” questions… so you better know what it is)
  • The DANGER of posting a picture of you with another woman (A certain type will make her think you are a “player”… and another makes her see you as a “trying to hard” LOSER. Here's the exact type of picture that makes her see you as a PRIZE CATCH and almost guarantees she'll respond to you.)
  • How to add a “bad boy element” to your profile that arouses feelings of sexual excitement in every woman who reads it
  • Examples of screen names that work well… and those that turn a woman OFF
  • A proven profile “theme” that works every time (Base your wording around this simple concept and women will see you as DARING, ADVENTUROUS… and SEXY.)
  • The process an attractive woman goes through when evaluating a man's profile – what she looks for FIRST… and the clues that tell her whether or not you are someone she should meet
  • Secrets of writing profiles that SELL—stolen from the direct marketing world—that turn your profile into a “super salesman” that talks almost ANY woman who reads it into contacting you IMMEDIATELY
  • The stupid but easily avoidable mistakes men make in their profiles that make them appear to be uneducated, disorganized, and in some cases… retarded (I'm only half joking here!)
  • How to hint at the fact that you are “relationship material” and increase the amount of emails you get from QUALITY women
  • Word-for-word profile descriptions you can practically CUT AND PASTE into yours and improve your luck online INSTANTLY
  • The ways women test men online – How to pass each one… and how to flip things around so she feels obligated to pass YOUR tests!

And that's just what you'll learn from ME...

Online Dating ADDICTS Break Their Silence To Show YOU Why They Will Never Again Have To Leave The House To Meet An Attractive Woman...

It's safe to say that only about 1% of the men in the world of online dating are successful... and the rest are wasting their time...

To put the icing on the cake, I invited a few friends to speak at this program that—I'll confess—are MUCH BETTER at this stuff than I am...

These guys have this stuff down to a science... two of the guys you'll hear from get so many dates through the internet that they no longer leave the house to meet women—EVER. They have enough problems as it is handling all of the phone numbers they get in their inboxes everyday. (I don't suggest you take it this far... but hey... to each their own!)

Here are just a few of the killer tactics they'll show you that will give you a definitive advantage over all of the “clowns” that are competing (or so they think) for the women you want:

  • The “Ugly Man's” 7-Step Guide To The Personals – A proven system my not-so-handsome friend developed that breaks all the rules and gets him date after date with hot, sexy, attractive women he would NEVER have a chance with in real life!
  • Why looking arrogant is sometimes the BEST approach online… and how to do it in a way that attracts women instead of putting them off
  • What you can put up INSTEAD of your picture that will actually get you A LOT MORE responses (This is the first step in my not-so-handsome friend's secret formula… and it's PURE GENIUS.)
  • A conversation starter to use with a woman who has a hat on in her profile pic
  • A fun and easy way to get a woman to respond to you by issuing a CHALLENGE she can't resist
  • What to say to a woman who HASN'T filled out her profile (It's frustrating when a woman looks good in her pictures but gives you NOTHING to comment on besides her looks. Here's a funny line to get things started that instantly separates you from the ass-kissers she's USED to dealing with…)
  • What to do if she brings up sex in your email conversations (YES, this is a test… and you'll run into it often. Fortunately it's an easy one to pass when you do this.)
  • A secret to use when posting a picture that makes a woman think you are someone important or famous
  • My friend's awesome routine for turning that FIRST phone call into a date that works every time… saving you WEEKS of “back and forth” on the telephone
  • How to set up your date so it goes well, and ENDS GREAT… every time
  • A simple body language tweak to use when you meet that makes her work for your attention… AND makes her feel good about the way the date went after it's over because she feels she had to “win you over”
  • Should you bring your friends with you on your date with a woman? The answer will surprise you… and you'll use this new tactic on EVERY date you make
  • A surefire way to get her back to your place the very first time you hang out!
  • A fun and deadly accurate personality analysis game that enables you to tell her secrets about herself that even her best friends don't know … (This is one of THE FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE ways to bond with a woman that I have ever heard… and I can't wait to try it out myself!)
  • The 7 most common mistakes guys make the first time they email a woman (In real life, you could afford to make a couple of these mistakes… but in the online game JUST ONE of these will RUIN YOU. Write this stuff down…)
  • The 7 “psychological triggers” to use in your emails to women that will TRIPLE the amount of responses you get back… AND the quality of the responses themselves
  • A hilarious email to send out when a woman DOESN'T respond to your first effort that gets a response from practically any woman with a pulse
  • The absolute best thing to mention about a woman's profile when writing her for the first time
  • How to tell when it's time to ask a woman for her phone number (WARNING: Wait too long and you'll end up as a PEN PAL… but ask too soon and you could scare her away…)
  • The exact words to use when actually ASKING for the digits
  • An awesome line to use when emailing a woman who describes her “type” as someone different than YOU
  • 5 words to put at the end of every email you send out that set you apart from the DESPERATE men she is used to hearing from
  • What you MUST do differently when writing to a woman in her 30's vs. a woman in her 20's… IF you want her to respond…
  • What you must do in your very first communication to a woman in order to keep the upper hand (This smooth move allows YOU to keep the power… even though you're the one making the first move…)
  • The 3 categories women put men in… and what you can do to get her to see YOU as her first choice
  • An awesome answering machine message that gets a call back every time… often in minutes
  • The complete, step-by-step system another friend of mine has used to get literally DOZENS of women from dating sites to show up at his doorstep “ready to go”… (I'm totally serious here… this guy has women FLYING IN to see him from all over the country … EVERY WEEKEND. Now, for the first time… he shares exactly how he does it… and how YOU can duplicate his “patented” system and NEVER have to leave the house to get a date again!)
  • How to get a woman you meet that ISN'T your type to set you up with her sexy friends! (The best part about this is she will feel great about making the connection and not jealous…)
  • How to get women from around the country to FLY IN to meet you without spending a dime
  • The 4 types of pictures you should have… and the 1 picture you MUST have if you want a woman to feel comfortable enough to come over to your place
  • A proven caption to put under one of your photos that gets a woman to think of you in a sexual way
  • The exact profiles and emails of perhaps the most successful, most experienced online dater in the world… Here for you to STEAL and start using yourself (It doesn't matter to him… he'll just write more. The best part is that YOU will learn to do the same so you can write your OWN powerful emails that NO ONE else is using… and fit your personality to a “T”)
  • How to set up a date with a woman in a city you are visiting… and get her to pick you up from the airport
  • Why many women are MORE COMFORTABLE meeting you at your house than at a public place… IF you set it up right…
  • How to write an ad that women think is “too good to be true”… forcing them to write just to find out if you are “the real deal” (Imagine how excited they are when you write back…)
  • How to create an archive of YOUR OWN cut and paste emails for every situation you will possibly run into… and eliminate 95% of the “work”
  • Why you should IGNORE what a woman says she is looking for in her profile… and what to look at instead
  • What you should do the very first time you see a woman you meet online to set the stage for a great date
  • What to do when you need to STOP the flow of women coming in (I realize this sounds crazy, but my friend actually has problems with women writing and calling him too often and even showing up at his house…)
  • 2 great profile headlines that JUMP OFF THE PAGE (Use either one of these to double or triple the amount of women who check you out)
  • How to use lines and phrases from romance novels as hidden sexual triggers in your profile… so that a woman gets turned on simply by reading it!
  • A way to be PICKY in your descriptions that increases the amount of women that write you… and makes them try harder to make you like them
  • Secret profile and email tricks that create an air of mystery about you to the women you are communicating with… so they just HAVE to meet you in person (Curiosity is your biggest weapon in getting women to actually meet up … and my friend will show you exactly how to use it)
  • How to get a woman to give you her phone number the second time you email her (This trick is GOLDEN… and will fill your inbox with more phone numbers than you know what to do with. I honestly can't believe he's giving it away!)
  • A big photo no-no that nearly all men miss that ruins any chance of a woman contacting him first (Since you'll know what it is, you'll have a HUGE advantage)
  • My friend's tested 6-step process to crafting your own powerful “intro” email that grabs attention and MOVES a woman to respond to YOU and no one else
  • What to say to a woman who has bad grammar or spelling in her profile
  • An awesome email subject line that gets her to open your letter FIRST nearly every time
  • 3 questions you can ask a woman in the first email that make her feel like it is personalized… even if you send the same letter to DOZENS of women a day
  • How to use a “Call To Action” at the end of your emails that convinces her that she must reply FAST
  • The percentage of women that should be responding to your emails if you're doing it right
  • A sneaky marketing trick to use in your subject line that TRIPLES the chance of her opening your letter
  • How to playfully “punish” a woman who doesn't give you her number in a way that makes her feel foolish for not giving it to you… and quickly changes her mind
  • way to start off your first phone conversation with a woman that guarantees the call will be a SUCCESS
  • The 2 days when you should NEVER schedule your first meeting with a woman, and why
  • 3 funny nicknames to call a woman that you will use ALL THE TIME
  • The exact day of the week to email a woman if you want the absolute BEST chance of getting a response (My friend has a marketing background, and actually tested emailing women on different days and tracked the results!)
  • to say when you email one of the those really hot women you KNOW are getting DOZENS a day—basically any woman who has bikini pictures up— and get her to respond back!
  • A way to know instantly if a woman is “bigger” than she appears
  • A tricky way to get a woman to write you back even if she isn't a paying member of the site (IMPORTANT… because most women are not )

And much, much more...

As you can see, my friends and I have packed all of our crafty secrets into this program... and I do mean ALL of them.

Are we nervous about sharing our secrets with the world... and possibly creating competition for ourselves?

Absolutely not.

While there is PLENTY of “cut and paste” material in this program that you can simply grab and send to women to get responses, phone numbers and dates, the real beauty of this program are the PRINCIPLES and TACTICS.

Take a few hours to learn these, and you will have exactly what it takes to quickly create YOUR OWN powerful system for meeting women online—based around YOUR OWN personality and lifestyle—that attracts exactly the kinds of women that you want. Again and again and again...

It's easy when you know how...


Why Meeting Women Online Is
EASIER Than In “Real Life”...
And How To Take Advantage Of It...

I'm not kidding when I say that meeting and dating a woman from the online world can be MUCH EASIER than in “real life”... once you know what you're doing.

Here's why:

Reason #1: The Web Is A REJECTION FREE Place To Hone Your Skills

If you're looking to hone your skills for meeting and interacting with women in “real life”... the web is the ULTIMATE training ground.

It's literally a “dating simulator”—you can practice your skills with DOZENS of real live women every day, and find out exactly what works and what doesn't—WITHOUT experiencing the painful rejection you'd have to face otherwise.

I can't even begin to tell you how much the web has helped me personally to improve my skills with women...

I used to get really shy and nervous when it came time to approach a woman on the street... but interacting with DOZENS and DOZENS of women online built my confidence to the point where it just wasn't an issue...

It also didn't hurt that the internet also filled my calendar with dates, which was quite a serious confidence booster in itself...

And as I mentioned before, the web was also where I REALLY perfected my Cocky Comedy skills...

With unlimited opportunities to try out new things, it was easy for me to figure out the types of things that make women laugh... and how to building attraction FAST. I'm sure you'll discover the same.

And one of the really cool things about interacting with women online is that you can TAKE YOUR TIME when responding to them.

You can carefully plan out what you want to say until you have it exactly right... and you won't have to worry about tripping over yourself because you are nervous or flustered...

Because of this simple fact alone I've seen many guys who are too shy to approach women in real life EXCEL on the web... because they don't let themselves get in the way of their success.

The same may hold true for you...

Reason #2: The Web Is The ONLY Place Where Women Approach YOU Constantly

How many times in your life has an attractive woman approached YOU because she was interested in getting to know you?

If you're like most guys, you can probably count on one hand. And that's if you're lucky...

But on the web, it's an entirely different story...

When you use the secrets in this program, you'll probably (realistically) received 2 or 3 unsolicited emails PER DAY from women who want to find out more about you.

Some will be from women who aren't your type---and that's ok---because chances are you'll also receive notes from about 2 or 3 women each week that are what you are looking for... and sometimes BETTER.

That rounds out to about 10 a month... and even if you only end up meeting 3 of them in person (a no-brainer considering the skills you'll have, and that they approached YOU first) that's almost one new hot date EACH WEEK... with next to no effort on your part!

Try going to a bar, nightclub or anywhere else and getting the same results.

Unless you're tending the bar, it just isn't happening.

Combine that with all of the women you'll meet that you emailed first, and you can see just how wild and exciting this can get...

Reason #3: The Competition Is Weak!

Here's another thing that is VERY interesting---and very good news for us---about the whole online dating world...

The competition is PATHETIC.

Guys who normally WOULD be competition for you in “the real world” often consider themselves “too cool” to meet a woman on the web... so they never even try.

And those who do try will usually jump on, send out a few emails... and quickly write the whole thing off when they don't get any responses back.

They never take the time to figure out what works... because it's easier for them to go back to what they know. Hey, I don't blame them...

So what's left?

A bunch of ASSCLOWNS that can't meet women in real life OR online... and only make YOU look better with their unoriginal---and sometimes even offensive---letters and profiles.

And what does this mean for you?

This means that you have a great shot at those ultra-desirable women that other guys might be able to “out-game” you for in real life. Now YOU will be the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest with your awesome profile and clever communication skills.

I'm going to show you how to make the internet your secret spot... where YOU have the advantage over the “naturals” and everyone else... and where YOU get your pick of the women you want.

It's a great feeling.

Reason #4: The Supply Is UNLIMITED... And You Have The Resources To Take Advantage Of It

As I write this right now there are TENS OF MILLIONS of women on online dating sites... and guess what?

They are ALL single and looking!

Now in real life this would be useless---even if you were tossed into a stadium full of models, you could realistically only talk to 20 or 30 of them in a night...

But on the web, things are different.

You can easily talk to DOZENS of these women at a time.

Once you get your “system” down, you can “scale up” and join other dating sites... and multiply your opportunities each time you do.

You're not limited to those you see out on the town or those you meet through your circle of friends... you can meet women from all over your state, country, or even the world. You'll never again worry about being lonely while traveling... simply search for ladies in the city you want to meet and line up some dates while you are there.

And if you're as good as some of my friends that you'll hear from... a ride to your hotel from the airport!

My friends aren't kidding when they say they have to take their profiles DOWN every once in awhile to “stop the flow”.

If you want to meet a lot of women FAST... or date several women at once... this is the way to do it.

If you do date fairly regularly, but have a “dry spell” every once in awhile... the women you meet online will “fill in the blanks”... you won't have to worry about being dateless ever again.

And as I mentioned before... if you're new to the whole dating scene, this is the best place to start. You'll hone your skills WHILE you are getting dates... instead of while you are just trying.

Isn't that the way it SHOULD be?

Reason #5: You Can Meet High Quality Women You Simply CANNOT Meet Anywhere Else

It's simple fact: I know more men who have met “keepers” on the web than any other one single place... myself included.

If you've spent any time at all going out and meeting women, then you know that a woman of quality is a rare thing indeed.

Many of the intelligent, attractive women who have it together are over the bar scene... and your chances of meeting a woman like that through your circle of friends is slim.

Sure... you might bump into someone you like at a coffee shop or grocery store... but why leave it up to chance?

If you are serious about finding a high quality woman to have a great relationship with, the web is the best place to start.

In general, the women you meet online AREN'T superficial, don't play “head games”...and most importantly... are LOOKING to meet a quality man like you.

And if you think you can't meet a woman who is attractive online, you had best think again...

I've met several models, actresses, and dancers online... and of course, many beautiful “regular” women as well. So have my friends (I've seen them). And so will you.

So let's do the math:

An unlimited supply... of high quality women... with ZERO competition... that approach YOU?


It's easy to see why online dating is the best thing going... for a select few of us that is.

Now, it's YOUR TURN to join in the fun... and join the tiny 1% of men who have turned the internet into an endless supply of effort-free dates and excitement.

     This program is the very first of its kind... and for those who invest in it and USE IT, it will be LIFE CHANGING.

You'll be able to start using the materials the same day you receive them... and you'll see results within HOURS...

But the real fun will begin a few weeks down the road... after you've done a little bit of experimenting, made a few tweaks... and have your SYSTEM in place.

That's when the AVALANCHE will begin...

You'll wake up everyday KNOWING that your email inbox is going to be jam packed with new opportunities...

A few phone numbers from women who want you to call them... a few notes from new women who want to meet you... and probably even a few angry emails from women whom you just didn't have time to call...

Before you know it you'll have more dates than you can handle. You may stop leaving the house, and start ordering your food in...

You'll feel like someone is playing some sort of cruel joke on you... because it just seems "too easy"...

If this sounds like a dream to you... you're absolutely right.

And it's time for you to start living it.

Go click the link above, and order now.

Things are about to get VERY exciting...

' talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

P.S. This program will quite literally change the way you look at women and dating FOREVER. It makes it all too easy for you to create an almost "auto-pilot" system that gets you dates with one attractive woman after another with almost ZERO effort on your part... and you can do it again and again and again. I'm not kidding when I say you will NEVER again have to leave the house to get a date with a sexy, attractive, intelligent woman... and I want to prove it to you. I personally guarantee this program will change your life if you use the materials inside, and I want YOU to see it for yourself. Go ahead and order this program now... and get ready to reap the rewards.