www.elitesleeper.com is a new natural sleep aid supplement paying it's affiliates a 1 time payment of $20 per bottle or $12 per bottle for each successful monthly reoccurring payment.

All traffic must 18 and older and requires a valid credit card, sms or ach purchase of the product in the USA, UK and Canada.

Payout $20
Paying a 1 time payment of $20 per bottle, all traffic must 18 and older requiring a valid credit card, sms or ach purchase of the product.


Payout $12
Paying a $12 reoccurring payment per bottle sold for as long as the client keeps purchasing monthly.

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This really works. I was skeptical of the claims initially with every site on the web touting "new herbs".

Jeevani really works!

-Jennifer P
Miami, Fl

This works great!  I've tried everything else on the market.  EVERTYTHING!!! 
Energy Drinks, Diet Energy Pills, Redbull, even took Xenedrine by the handful nothing compares. 

I'm glad I tried it.

Tampa, Fl

I used NN for the first time last Friday.  I was tired as could be after a long week, but NN did the trick!  I was grumpy and tired, then I took two tablets right as I was leaving the house, and sure enough it worked like a charm!  I felt relaxed and energized at the same time (kind of weird), not jittery like from a Venti Starbucks. 

Used it again when I went out with the girls Saturday night.  

I'll be repeat customer!

Dallas, TX

I like to dance the night away downtown. 

In the past I paid $5 a piece for Redbull after Redbull at the club trying to keep up with my friends. 

Never again!  This works great!  I'm recommending it!

Denver, CO

I'm pleased!  No jitters and very "awake".

- Matt B.
Louisville, KY

My friends used to call me a "wall flower"...I take one of these (two when really tired) and head out with my friends.  

I used to suffer from "social anxiety", always being intimidated to go up and talk to people I don't know. 

This seems to really help with making me more outgoing!  I'm not sticking to the "pack" of friends, and a plus is I always outlast them! hahaha 

- Christy O
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Yes it does the trick.  Why isn't available anywhere but here???

- Ben G.
Hammond, IL

I read one of the reviews from the web page so I needed to add my testimonial. 

I did the same thing and so did many of my friends...

I used to "double up" on whatever workout pill I was taking at the time to give me enough energy to make it through a night with the boys and be "socially engaging"... by the end of the night I was a shaking, wound up, drunk mess. 

NN gives me all the energy I need, and like it claims "social poise" I would translate this into "social confidence". 

This supplement works!  I'm using it and soon my friends will be too!

- Roger C.

Earlier I was tired and felt unsocialable.  Now I'm full of energy, bouncing off the walls, ready to hit the town hard tonight!

- Neeraj G
Denver, CO

I took two pills on an empty stomach for the first time.  After 45 minutes the effects started to kick in.  I would say the full effects didn't happen for about two hours.  Its very difficult to compare to something else I've tried before.  It sounds dumb, but it really did give me this "cool" debonair where my mood was boosted, I felt social like I could talk to anyone without thinking twice about it.  Its very unique in this way.  The mood it put me in I could compare to the best of moods that I'm rarely in.  It doesn't make your heart beat out of your chest a million miles a minute like drinking a large Full Throttle can would.  And I didn't get tired at all for 6 hours.  All the zip with no "adrenaline rush" and crash.  This is stuff is great and I'm glad I found it on the web!  Would recommend to others.

- Geovani
Miami, Fl

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