Here are some Self-Empowering quotes!

"Faith is the most powerful creative tool in the universe.  Faith and hope bridge the gap between the non-physical and the physical.  What ever you see in this physical world once existed as an idea in the spiritual (non-physical) realm.  This idea was invested with enough attention, passion and faith to make it manifest into physicality.  When you want to create something that doesn't exist in the physical world you have to bring it into existence from the spiritual (non-physical) world.  You do this by putting your attention on this new idea, concept or belief with great feeling and faith until you see it appear in the physical universe.  Faith is the glue that seals all your attention particles together to create physical matter.  Faith allows you trust and have complete acceptance of truth which has not been demonstrated yet.  That even before you see something manifest in physical reality you know it will appear.  It's a knowingness even before physical proof has been presented to you.  Keep your attention on what you want from life faithfully and you will create anything you desire."

"No one does anything wrong given his or her own model of the world. This means that everyone believes that they are doing the right thing given their personal point of view. Trying to solve differences in points of view through fighting with the other person gets the relationship nowhere and usually leads to future quarrels."

"Remember that we live in a relative world, where two opposites can co-exist at the same time in the same space. Looking at a scenario from many different points of view can cool anger and enlighten consciousness."

"Remember that trying to control another person only results in anger. On the other hand, if you need nothing from another, the relationship can fully flourish and be completely expressed."

"Remember that you create your experience of another person though your beliefs about her or him. The aspects that you put your attention on will be made real in your life. However, if you look at others through clean lenses, you give them a clean slate and don't bring the past into the future. Keep your attention deeply in the present moment and the past will not affect your future."

"Whatever you put your attention on you make more real in your life. Dwell on happy things and extraordinary events and that will be your reality. Discipline your attention so that in each moment of your life you can dwell and focus on what you truly desire. So, if you want a truly loving relationship, focus on the other person with feelings of love and joy, not impatience or lack."

Victor Daniel 

"Do you want more money, more prosperity in your life?  Then shift from a consciousness of effects (materiality) to a consciousness of cause (spirituality).  When you give power to an effect, you are giving it your power.  You are actually giving the effect power over you.  Does money have power?  If you say "yes" - then you have given it your power and you have become the servant.  You have reversed the roles.

The Inner Presence - the You of you - is truly the money-maker.  Your thinking, reasoning mind is not.  Your only Source is the God Presence within you.  If your mind is on the Source, the Cause, the supply flows freely.  If your mind is on the effect, you block the flow.  The more impersonal you become regarding where your money seems to originate (job, salary, commissions, investments, spouse, etc.), the more personal you can become in your relationship with the true Source of your money, and the closer the relationship to your God-Self, the greater the abundance in your life."

John Randolph Price

The Abundance Book

"Here's a valuable little trick.  When attention is being used to create something, it can get stuck on uncertainty.  Directing attention through the uncertainty back to the result that you wish to create magically resolves the situation."

Harry Palmer
ReSurfacing, Techniques for Exploring Consciousness 

"Want to create something?
Step 1. Get the creation in your mind. 
Step 2. Keep your attention (thinking, speaking, acting and/or emotionalizing) on the creation until it manifests into physical reality.  
Creation Tip: FAITH is the bridge between the non-physical and the physical.  The stronger your faith, the greater your chances of the thought crossing over faith bridge into physical manifestation."

Victor Daniel 

"All you have to do when things become unclear, when life becomes confusing, is face whatever you are looking at and say, I am That.  All confusion washes away.  All anger and resentment disappears.  All dysfunction and discontinuity vanishes.  All that is left is you and love, and they are one and the same.  Solutions present themselves automatically in such a state of total awareness.  Indeed, the grandest solution is the awareness that a problem does not even exist.  Nothing is problematical in the eyes of God.  It is through the eyes of God that you look.  You simply do not know this.  Until you do.  When you do, then you sing out: Once I was blind, but now I see."

Communion With God

Neale Donald Walsch

"When you adopt the view point that there is nothing that exists that is not a part of you, that there is no one who exists who is not a part of you, that any judgment is self-judgment, that any criticism you level is self-criticism, you will wisely extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be the light of your world."

Harry Palmer   

"Are you not getting something you really want out of life?  Feeling a little discouraged?  Want to really get or experience that something?  Then encourage as many people as you can to get what they really want to get or experience.  You are actually encouraging yourself but you do not really see the other as you.  It's a funny illusion we are creating.  Have fun with it and you will surely get what you want.  If you can't get something for yourself than give it to another."

Victor Daniel  

"When someone asks you the question, how much are you worth? or how much money (supply) do you have available to you? or where are you going to get that money to pay that bill?  If you think in terms of how many dollars you actually have right now in your possession you are actually limiting your supply of money.  

Do this exercise for now on so you don't limit yourself; every time you think of where your supply comes from or where I am going to get the money to pay that next bill, do not think in terms of dollars and cents.  Every time you think about where your money comes from put your attention on a new idea of your supply.  

Sit down, close your eyes and push your attention outward in every direction as far as you can imagine for as long as you can.  Keep pushing your awareness outward in every direction for as long as you can and say to yourself quietly or out loud this is how much supply I have and this is where my money comes from.  Your money supply comes from your belief about how much is available to you.  And money comes to you from all stretches of the universe.  Keep your attention pushing outward in every direction and get an idea or a feeling of how vast that supply is and every time you think of how much money is available to you put your attention on this feeling or idea, not actual dollars and cents.  Everything you see in the universe originates from the non-physical (idea) and manifests itself in the physical (creation).  Give yourself a new idea and feeling about your money supply.  The more impersonal you become regarding where your money seems to originate (job, salary, commissions, investments, spouse, etc.), the more personal you can become in your relationship with the true Source of your money, and the closer the relationship to your Divine-Self, the greater the abundance in your life.

Expect with great faith and thankfulness as the money (creates) pours into your life in abundance.  So when people ask how much money you have or you ask yourself where am I going to get the money to pay for this, remember this new feeling and idea."

"The most powerful resources a human can have are 1. Disciplined Attention and 2. Faith.  With these 2 tools at man's finger tips worlds can be created."

"Presence is the key to enlightenment (to feel lighter).  Minding the past or the future takes you out of the present moment and over stimulates your mind.  Thinking makes one feel heavy, not lighter.  True creation comes from being (feeling) not thinking (minding). Place your attention, all your attention in the present moment, feel everything in your presence deeply and the past and future will not affect you anymore.  Being present all the time creates enlightenment." 

"Most say seeing is believing, the true creators know believing creates seeing."

Victor Daniel

"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life." 


"Unity is the truth; separation is the illusion. We are all one!"

"Unity is the truth; separation is the illusion. We are all one!  Knowing you are not separate from anything enables you to create anything you wish.  You are apart of everything seen and unseen.  Imagination is the conduit to any reality.  Experience what ever you choose by placing your attention on it.  Let go of fear, doubt and disbelief, they are all illusions.  Free your mind of all these mental constructions.  Use the illusion of separation as a tool to create.  Relativity is a human's most powerful tool.  Use the tool, do not let the tool use you.  Disciplined attention and faith beyond all fears enables super human abilities.  Experience what if you wish with your faithful beliefs."