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To Whom It May Concern,

I feel that EliteMate.com is a refreshing new approach to online dating!  They have an excellent web-design, they offer plenty of extra features, such as members-chat and video-profiles, and they seem to attract real, honest people to their site!

One of their best features for new members is allowing full privileges the first time you log-on to your free account. I've never seen that before!  They also have reasonable full-member rates and excellent
lifetime member discount rates and awesome chat rooms!

I plan to do all of my on-line dating at EliteMate.com from now on! 

Signed, A Very Satisfied Member,
Kevin E Cookson

Phoenix AZ

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User: jackie730

I love www.elitemate.com. No matter if you are looking for a hook up OR just a friend, EliteMate is a GREAT place to begin your search. I've met a few people, guys & girls & they were WONDER-FULL. The connection you can gain from becoming a member to EliteMate is well worth it. I met one guy that lived close to me, we hung out, went to clubs, talked online & became good friends. I love being a member of www.elitemate.com! It really showed me how to meet people & have a GOOD time!!!

User: nenigirl92656

Hi EliteMate, Happy Holidays to you!

I thank the EliteMate website for trying to help me out in my quest to finding love .. LOL .. I am excited to say that I did finally found my true love after being single for more than 10 years. Who ever knew that I would find my love on the pacific island where my parents are from on EliteMate.com! My user name on EliteMate is nenigirl92656 Thank you and Hope you have a Happy and Fun New Year.

User: eagle3082003

Please delete my account since I found my soulmate and it has been for 3 months now that we are dating. Thank you for helping me find my soulmate and hope the best for your site.

User: nafijune

I must first confess that your WEBSITE is the most beautiful Website I've ever come across. I love this Site and that was why I decided to signup and upgrade.  You are second to none and above all else.  EliteMate.com has the hottest singles I ever seen.  I know if there is any place to find my mate its right here on EliteMate.com.

User: Rockenu2

I'm totally blown away, that you took the time to write, and acquire, (most don't even bother, they just want money). First let me say you guys have really been real good to me, and I can't say enough about you and your awesome service.

       I just wanted to let you know that, I just recently became certified, in the computer field, and am now back to searching for a job in that field, although, things look not too promising, I'm a survivor, and will not give up. When I do find a job, (Even if it's not in my field) I will join your service, and that's a promise straight form the heart, as of right now I'm living on a very limited income, (actually an old retirement that I had earned a couple years back) and with the of prices gas and living on a bare minimum, it's almost gone, so Please I do encourage you to please be patient with me, and even if I don't find someone on your site you still deserve, my membership. You and your service have went above and beyond the call of duty, and that's what means the most the little things a person does, to not only touch someone, but by all means to better your business.

Thanks Sincerely for you time and patience.....and as my kids say You're THE BOMB...................

Sincerely Jim Simon

User: prettycovergirl

I really don't know how to thank u.

Thanks a lot and I wish u all success and progress and I'll be with u a life time as u r very nice and cute team work.

User: MsLantanaLakes

My honey met me online and we have been together for 2 years now, we have so many things in common and he lives close to me in south Fl.. When we met the chemistry was definitely there...it was hot. We were on each other so quick, and it's been hot and heavy ever since. We cannot get enough of each other.

Dear EliteMate:

I would like to thank you for an opportunity that doesn’t come everyday. I have met several gals from your site and found total happiness in the gals I have met. So far I have only been dating and have decided not to get serious with any of them other than going as far as we both felt was comfortable.
Today after being divorced almost 10 years I have grown to understand I want a mate for sharing my remaining time on this earth. I feel your site has given me the insight needed for finding my mate and ready for a long term commitment. I will again come back to your site as well suggest others for a memorable experience.  Thank you so much for your site and members you have available for my learning experience.

User: Drdkulla

I have been on EliteMate for over a year. I have met some really great women. I have tried so many other sites and had bad results. You guys have quality woman and really gorgeous ones too. I honestly have tried lot's of other sites. I dated one girl seriously from EliteMate, that ended. About 3 weeks ago I met another woman from EliteMate and we hit it off really well. It has only been a few weeks and a few dates, but I can definitely tell you guys that this girl is a keeper. She is great, although it is a little early to tell her that, I know she really likes me too. I have a weird feeling this is the one. We connect so well, and both feel really comfortable around each other. I wanted to thank everyone at EliteMate. It's so hard to really find the right person for you, and EliteMate has made it easy to find that person. The site is easy to use and totally affordable. Thank you so much for making dating easy and fun again.

User: SLIM


User: Deltablue

I think your site is awesome - I'm so glad you sent me an e-mail to join - it is better than Kiss, Udate, and Match.com - You have to pay them to look at an e-mail!!! You are an awesome group!! Thanks!


User: Daphenie, ARUBA

Dear EliteMate Associates,

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Elitemate for existing and most of all every time I go to the site you cut my loneliness in half. It's like you're saying "It's o.k., we know what you're going thru and we're here to help"!
The upgrading of your site is magnificent - the colors, contrast and background are so eye-catching. It's the best site that I have seen up till now.
Keep-up the good work and thank you for bringing people together from around the world!

User: americangirl

I have really enjoyed your dating site alot. I met alot of really nice people on here.  I do believe that i have found my mate for life here at your site.  I never thought i would find that special someone and i have you all to thank for that here at EliteMate.  Thanks so much its been fun.

User: Simon

I successfully found my match on EliteMate.com.  I finally found my perfect love mate because of you.  Thanks so much EliteMate.com, you made my dreams come true.

User: Horseman

Thank you very much! So far I definitely like your site the best of all that I have tried. It is vast and though I believe that your site is newer than most of this kind, you seem to have many more great looking ladies.


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Client...No, there seems to be quite enough for me to choose from.

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Client...Yes, extremely easy to navigate...

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User: oregonbilly

Finding this website was starting to feel like all other dating sites but it turned out to be totally different. Not only did the site let me have unlimited use when I first logged on but then it offered me a deal so good and better than any other places it was unconceivable. I must have wrote to twenty women and got answers from almost all of them. Most other sites you sit and wait for something to happen but here at EliteMate I was getting responses almost before I had anticipated. Most of the women were not bad looking and I felt that the quality was very good and although the quantity was not totally good I know that with time a site such as this is going to attract many honest people who are fed up with bad places who promise the sun, moon and stars and give you nothing in return.

Having joined almost every other dating site I found what is being offered by EliteMate is far superior to the other sites that offer this and that and give you grief. One of which I will not name is so expensive it takes a doctorate just to join and almost as much to fill out the questionnaire which is so long I darn near fell asleep trying to get through it. There is just enough information about myself and about the ladies to lead one to believe if there will be a connection or not. And trust me, first impressions usually are right. As a single, divorced man of 56, it is hard to find something or somewhere that you can go to and rely upon for good service and that responds to your queries. I actually sent a letter and was going to quit when I was sent a nice answer to my letter asking me why and also offering me a monetary deal to stay that's unbelievable in this day and age.

Imagine offering someone a fully privileged life time membership for
$99.99 and with all the perks you expect and then some you had no idea might be available. I know now that this company is on the up and up and honest.  I know have a fair chance at meeting the woman I have always dreamt about. I am moving to Florida soon and know that I can rely on EliteMate to come with me and to allow me the best possible chance to meet the woman of my dreams. If I can find someone, you can find someone and I can absolutely endorse this dating service above any and all others for your search for love. Don't hesitate and lose out on that love you so much want and need. Start your subscription to EliteMate as soon as possible and begin your quest using the best possible dating service I think has come along in years.

Bill Darland Eugene,