Need some help creating harmony in your personal life, relationships and/or career?

From time to time everyone has questions, issues or dilemmas regarding these matters.

EliteMate is here to help through one of it’s founding companies, Victor Daniel, creator of Mind, Body & Soul, a founding father of and acclaimed counselor will help you create harmony and balance in your life. Whether it is with your personal life, love life, financial life or career, Mind, Body & Soul will help you help yourself! Telephone counseling is available anywhere in the USA. The consultations are completely confidential.

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Victor Daniel
Discipline Attention Coach

About Mind Body and Soul...

Victor Daniel - founder of Mind, Body & Soul and EliteMate - is a certified astrologer, certified personal trainer, financial and marketing consultant, certified hypnotherapist, nutrition coach, licensed Avatar Master/Wizard and Discipline Attention Coach. He was born and raised in Queens, New York, where his practice is based.

"I am here on earth to help people help themselves - I believe first and foremost that sovereignty is the key to all personal growth and empowerment. I measure my success on my ability to render my clients independent from my services. And Mind, Body & Soul does just that! I am honored to be here, to be of service to all."

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