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By Victor Daniel

Welcome to the EliteMate lifestyle. It is a lifestyle to incorporate into one's being. It deals with recognizing that we humans are all three-part beings: Mind, Body, and Soul. Developing a balance of these three paradigms in one's reality is the EliteMate process.

Matters of the body involve rest, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, physical comfort, security and financial gain. Concerns of the mind include companionship, creativity, stimulation of new thoughts, new ideas, creation of new goals, new challenges and personal growth. Affairs of the soul encompass spiritual identity, life purpose, relationship to God, path of evolution, spiritual growth and ultimate destiny. As we evolve to higher and higher states of consciousness we bring into full realization every aspect of our being. Finding the balance to do so involves an expansion of our focus - Not dropping of one aspect of our being in favor of another, but a general love and appreciation for all aspects. When we live as three-part beings, we come at last into balance with ourselves.

Consciousness is everything and creates our reality. As our awareness grows, we become conscious of our selves. Then we become conscious of all others, and then of the fact that there are no others, that we are all one. The purpose of our lives is to remember and recreate who we really are.

Creating an elite body encompasses not only exercise, but proper nutrition and rest as well. As our vehicle on earth, our physical bodies have to be properly maintained. Our physical health as humans is one of the most important aspects of our lives. This includes a balanced diet, a physical training schedule along with rest and relaxation. These three components, 1. exercise, 2. nutrition, and 3. rest are the corner stones for our well being. Symmetry is the key here, and maintaining a balance of these three components is the objective.

The four bodies of man simultaneously coincide in space. We are familiar with the first plane of existence, the physical body. The second highest on the plane existence, the etheric plane, is called the vital body. It maintains the physical pattern, but remains perfect, and thus a model for the physical. It regulates healing. Next highest is the astral body, which is what we think of as our soul or spirit. We use it after physical death. It is also composed of atoms, and so on, which are vibrating at a particular rate, just as the other bodies, but at a higher frequency. Our highest body is called the mental/spiritual body. When we have evolved beyond the need of reincarnation onto the physical plane, we will use this body. We are all presently working toward the development of this body.

We draw all events and experiences into our lives in order to create opportunities to raise our consciousness, to evolve beyond the point of reincarnation upon the physical plane. It is what we think of these opportunities and how we respond to them, that gives them meaning, thus making all of us responsible for the lives we lead. We have drawn  opportunities to us, in order we might use them as tools in the creation and experiencing of who we are. Who we are, are beings of higher consciousness, that we are now exhibiting. Everything we experience for ourselves is pre-paved by our own thoughts, beliefs and feelings and how we respond to these experiences is our free will.  And these paths we select for ourselves are for our own spiritual growth and that of the whole. Events and experiences are opportunities drawn to us, created by us, individually or collectively through consciousness. Consciousness creates experience. We create consciousness through our attention, beliefs, feelings and faith. Our will and attention allows us to draw to ourselves whatever event and experience we choose to create in order to do that.

Other players in this universal game join us from time to time, either as brief encounters, peripheral participants, temporary teammates, long term interactors, relatives, and family, dearly loved ones, or life path partners. These souls are drawn to us by us, we are drawn to them by them. It is a mutually creative experience, expressing the choices and desires of both. No one comes to us by accident. There is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing occurs at random. Life is not a product of chance. Events, like people, are drawn to us by us for our own purposes.

Larger planetary experiences and developments are the result of group consciousness. They are drawn to our group as a whole, as a result of the choices and desires of the group as a whole. We chose everything, our parents, siblings, family, friends and so on, to set the stage for our evolution. We, on a super-conscious level, are more in charge of our lives than we currently realize. Our souls desire to experience life on a human level without fear, to integrate the soul's desires with our conscious desires and actions, to align all parts of ourselves, mind, body and soul in light and love.

We are using all of life, all of many lives, to be and decide who we really are. To choose and create who we really are, to experience and to fulfill our current ideas about ourselves. We are in an eternal moment of self-creation and self-fulfillment through the process of self-expression. We have drawn to ourselves the people, events, and circumstances of our lives, as tools with which to fashion the grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever had about ourselves. This process of creation and re-creation is on-going and multi-layered. It is all happening right now and on many levels. We humans, due to the physical theory of relativity, are not currently aware of our oneness. We are ultimately parts of the whole, all over the whole. As we understand, appreciate and become conscious of all aspects of ourselves, as we continually create in the eternal moment of now, we achieve mastery.

Mind, body and soul is a state of being. Sovereignty and independence is the key to all personal growth and empowerment. Ultimately as a human race we should be able to regulate ourselves, to naturally do what is naturally right by simply following the laws of love, do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.  The objective is to lead an EliteMate lifestyle. To attract your EliteMate you must feel Elite first Mind, Body & Soul.  More EliteMate Articles Member Testimonial

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