Are You Fed Up With Your Relationships?

There is no better place to be than Fed Up. That's the place of new beginnings. That's the place of letting go. That's the place of "giving up." You are giving up what's been going on so far, and getting ready to create a new reality.

I know with all the talk of war and terror levels and how shall we respond, what is the answer, it's not so difficult to feel like giving up. If you feel like giving up, I'd like you to consider giving up one more thing; I'd like you to give up your idea that you can't find an answer.

I'm here to tell you that you can.

God will never let you down, and if you have not received any response from God before it is not because He hasn't answered, it is because, like me, you have been unable to hear the response. But trust me. God is responding. Right now. And every day and moment of your life.

I have often heard from people interpreting CwG Book 1 to say that God "couldn't care less about your daily experience" and that God just wants you to "go out and play." That would be a mischaracterization and I don't want you to hang in there with that. God does care about your experience. God simply doesn't care how you go about creating it. Imagine loving parents watching their children at play in the yard. They "don't care" whether their children play Tag or Hide-'n-Seek. It matters not to them what games are invented. But they do care about whether the children are safe, and having a good time. So they make sure the yard is safe, and, if the children get hurt and call out for help, the parents are right there, running out to the yard to see what's up, and to make everything better.

It is not so very different with God. She gives us the toys with which to fashion the most wonderful "games" (read that, life) and a safe place in which to play. Then, He leaves us alone to have our experience, and has absolutely no preference whether we play Tag, or Hide-'n-Seek. But if we call for help, God is there - right there - to make everything better.
That is not someone who "doesn't care" about our daily experience - that is someone who loves us enough to give us our freedom to do as we wish, and promises to be there for us whenever we need Him. Sounds like a pretty neat God to me.

So now, call on God to answer you. Ask God to show you a sign, give you some help, and provide you with some special insight that might help you now. But be on the lookout. Her response may come in a form other than the one you are expecting. It could by the lyrics of the next song you hear, the story line of the next movie you see, the text of the next book that falls into your hands. It could be the chance utterance of a friend on the street, or a thought that comes to you in the middle of the night.

So watch! Look! Listen! For you do not know the Hour, nor the Form, in which God will come with your word of encouragement. For all you know, it could be something you read in a book somewhere...

by Best Selling Author,
Neale Donald Walsch
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