1. Now when ever you log-in (with your username and password) to your profile on searches will come up as a priority (it will be sorted by date of last log-in) so our most active clients have a greater chance of meeting equally active ones.

2. Flirt A Bit... Actively add people you find attractive to your Elite Friends List when you do searches. Those people will be notified that you added them.  This is a great way to flirt with someone that interests you without making such a drastic move.  

Whenever that person is online you will see them in the My Online Friends list on the left hand side of the site.  If you see a user in My Online Friends that interests you, double-click on their username and you will initiate an instant message session with them.  This new feature cuts the chase with very little risk. 

3. Upload a photo and completely fill in your profile.

Completely fill out your profile from top to bottom. Why? When a member does a search, all he or she sees is what you write. Think about it, would you email or instant message someone YOU are looking to meet or communicate with, if you don't know what he/she is all about. If you want to attract your Elite Mate then its best to follow these common sense guidelines...

Interests, About Myself and About My Ideal Mate are sections of the EliteMate profile where you have the greatest opportunity to fully express yourself and describe the type of person you like. Filling out a complete profile yields many more responses than leaving it blank. To complete your EliteMate profile, go to, log in with your username and password, go to My Profile, press the Edit button and fill in all the blank areas and then press the Submit button on the bottom of the page to finalize the changes.

People on receive so many emails per day.  Just so you can understand how most people open their email on EliteMate go back and forth to your mail box area of EliteMate while you read this email.  Look at the way the mailbox is constructed, profiles on the left and messages on the right.  A person usually looks from left to right as if they were reading something.  They will click on your profile (left) before they click on the message (right).  If your profile is missing pictures, video or text a user who is on a search will not even open your message.  You can view your Sent Items in your mailbox to see if members opened your email and greeting card messages.  Seekers want specifics and most likely multiple pictures displayed.


1. Log in at everyday.

2. Do searches and add people to your Elite Friends List actively.

3. Have your profile up to date thoroughly filled out with multiple photos and a nice video that enables people to know about who you are.


When you get the results you're after, that's great. When the results fall short of your expectations, that's great too because you gain valuable knowledge and experience.

If you're going through a difficult stretch, keep going and you'll get yourself beyond it. If you're getting unsatisfactory results, keep making the effort, keep getting results and as you grow more effective with each attempt, you'll eventually get it just right.

With each action you take, you make a difference. The more experience you have at making a difference, the more skillful you become at making that difference exactly what you want it to be.

Look back at how far you've come since you started. See and understand how even the disappointing results have helped you to find your way forward.

With every effort, regardless of the outcome, you've made a step in the direction of the results you seek. Always expect the best, no matter what has happened before, for your results will move steadily toward your expectations.

Keep going, keep making the effort, keep making a difference and keep getting results. Each day, each action brings you ever closer to the goal.

Ralph Marston

Have fun!
EliteMate Support Team

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