Cosmic Vibrations for Singles 2006 
By Graciaella Carri


America will continue to face tremendous financial burdens and this will not be the most auspicious or politically easy year at all. I see businesses closing and factories closing in Middle America and other large cities. The suburbs will gradually be flooded by people no longer able to afford housing in certain larger cities, particularly New York City.  New York City will gradually begin to resemble an engorged shopping mall with strips of conglomerate, business chains, distinguished only by its landmarks. Life in New York City and other big American cities will continue to cater to upper classes, out-pricing the dwindling middle class and the growing category of working-poor people.

    I see the middle class rapidly losing a foothold in America and a tremendous amount of financial debt for a majority of Americans. There will be a great deal of conflicts still in the middle east as The Iraq elections will create tremendous power struggles and this still promises to be a country of great unrest. There will be more intensity going on in Bagdad and much talk of American withdrawal. There will be much media attention exposing press leaks and political collusions between government contracts and the companies sent in to rebuild Iraq. The Bush administration will be facing a great deal of opposition as President Bush's ratings continue to plummet. More allegations will surface in the independent council investigating press leaks and top administrators. Unfortunately America will reflect a great deal of dissatisfaction both politically and economically. The economy and Iraq war will take is toll on the trust in our current administration. New difficulties will crop up with Iran.

    Bird flu and other new oddities are likely to pop up but I do not see the pandemic as it has been described. The new anti-viral drugs will help quell the effects of its spread, but I do see another type of virus popping up adding to the drama. It is important to be vigilant but not paranoid. It is essential for everyone to keep an optimistic attitude and visualize positive love light surrounding the country and the world.

    I also see Peru to be a place where there will be a great deal of social and political unrest though it will be quelled by its leader who will manage to miraculously unite his people. I do however see the president of Peru having a tense relationship with The Bush Administration.

    There will be continued global warming and Canada will be very involved in trade in the near future as it lays claim to water ways that unite Asia to the western world as the arctic continues to melt. This will put them into a very powerful position and lead America to court Canada as a country of enormous resources. Canada will distinguish its self politically by becoming a country of progressive and tolerant social values. Ireland will also boast a wonderful, growing economy and cultural Renaissance.

    Unfortunately, there will be various world conflicts breaking out. I am sensing that the winter of 2006 will bear at least two very intense Nor-Easter storms. I envision a floods and I see extreme weather effecting the mid West in America. I also see minor to intense earthquakes happening in areas of America where they are uncommon.  Globally, I see more earthquakes happening in the Far East, Japan and on America's West Coast. This will correspond with erratic weather patterns all over the globe. The 2006 hurricane season will bring multiple devastating storms that seem to follow the patterns of 2005's Rita and Katrina.

    There will be many miraculous new drug treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's disease and MS as well as some miraculous breakthroughs in stem cell treatments and spinal injuries. There is much hope on the horizon.

Brightest Blessings,

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