AstrolDeluxe Chart Interpretation for EliteMate

The following pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete.  Astrology can reveal many things about a person's life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions.  The descriptions that follow will give you a "thumbnail" introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements.  It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other--and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction.  If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions.  Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages.  These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate.  The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals.  Also, bear in mind that every "bad" aspect of a chart also has a "good" side.  How it is expressed is really up to you.  We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared.  Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life.  They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A "Strength" number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Libra Ascendant

You believe in justice and peace, and are forever trying to bring these forces into play in your life.  When in balance, you are delightful to be with--gracious, good- natured and with a good sense of humor.  But like the scales after which the sign is named, Libra dips wildly from one side to the other before attaining that perfect balance, and this results in restlessness, stubbornness and confusion.

People with Libra rising are usually attractive, charming, refined and cheerful.  They enjoy socializing with friends in pleasant surroundings, and usually come to functions well- dressed.  They deplore rudeness or vulgarity and always have time to listen to the concerns of a friend.  You are an equally good conversationalist and are rarely at a loss for words.  It is likely that you are artistically talented, such as in music or art.

You enjoy physical beauty in your lover, and are a very romantic and sensual lover.  In your lovemaking you delight in all the trappings--incense, perfume, satin sheets.  Just be careful not to idealize love too much.  It is hard for someone to live up to such idealistic expectations.  They are normal people who sweat and get pimples, just like you.

Physically, you are generally attractive and wear a pleasant, warm expression.  You usually have dimples--if not in the chin or cheek, then in the knees.  Quite frequently you have a beautiful smile, perfect teeth and curly or wavy hair.  Your height is moderate to tall, and if you are not careful, you may be inclined to gain weight by indulging yourself. Your health is generally good, but be careful that you get enough liquids in your diet. Problem areas are the kidneys and skin diseases.

Sun in Virgo

"If seven maids with seven mops
Swept it for half a year,
Do you suppose," the Walrus said,
"That they could get it clear?"
"I doubt it," said the Carpenter,
And shed a bitter tear.

This little rhyme demonstrates the most common characteristic of Virgo: orderliness. There is some explanation for those who do not fit the bill; either other aspects in their chart outweigh this Virgo energy or they are so overloaded with it that they short circuit, rejecting it all.  Often those who are incredible neat-niks will deny it, protesting that "My house is always so dirty."  They are their own worst critic.

As a Virgo you are a great organizer and are particularly good at paying attention to details.  You are very methodical and fastidious in every project you undertake.  The only danger here is that you can overdo it by becoming too critical.  It is also possible for you to get so caught up in unnecessary details that you fail to see the larger picture. You tend to be shy and modest, and you age very gracefully; you often appear to be younger than you are.

Virgos are socially gracious and are repulsed by vulgar behavior.  Their eyes reflect their intelligence and clarity of thought.  They usually dress very meticulously and often conservatively.  Virgos have a healthy respect for personal hygiene and good health practices.  They reap a great deal of personal satisfaction from serving others, and many born under this sign become nurses.

While you are quick to point out the flaws in others, it is not so easy to admit those in yourself.  You are sincere and dependable in your relationships with others, and you appreciate practicality, punctuality, prudence and discrimination in others.  Pressure from hard work can affect your health, and you have a tendency to worry.

In relationships you go to great lengths to please your lover and value a mate who knows what pleases you.  You prefer a lover who is physically loyal to you and would be more comfortable in a stable, long-term relationship.  Be careful not to be too sensitive, though; what you perceive to be neglect may only be an oversight on your partner's part. Also be careful not to smother your mate with love; be sure to allow them the space they need apart from you.

Sun in the Eleventh House

An active social life is important to you, and you enjoy being with your many varied friends.  Others will often see you as a leader and will follow your example.  You work well in groups, especially those which are working for a good cause.  You are idealistic about the future and expect to achieve your highest goals in life.  You would be satisfied with nothing less.

You care a great deal for those closest to you.  Although you will have many friends, there will only be a select few in your inner circle.  You are sincere, loyal, and basically unselfish in your dealings with others.  Others like being around you because you are considerate of their feelings and needs.

In affairs of the heart it is relatively easy for you to find partners.  You tend to bring out the best in your lover, encouraging them to take better care of themselves.  This is also true in your surroundings -- you are always trying to improve the quality of life around you.  It is important that any lover you choose be able to keep up with your social pace. You would not be happy for long with a wallflower.

Moon in Scorpio

Your emotions are very intense, and you often fluctuate between extremes--love and hate, sadness and happiness, etc.  It is difficult for you to totally understand your own emotional make-up because of its depth and complexity.  As a matter of fact, those friends, lovers and family members who are closest to you probably know you better than you know yourself.

In your relationships with others you can be very possessive and jealous, and you can become very cruel and vindictive if you are hurt.  You never forget a wrong that someone has done to you, and you will plot and plan--for years or decades, if necessary--to seek your revenge.  You often carry many such memories from childhood, and your entire life can be devoted to avenging the scars on your psyche from the many wounds you suffered during your early years.

Although you are intensely emotional, you project a perfectly cool exterior at all times.  It is difficult, though not impossible, for you to undergo emotional growth with Moon in Scorpio.  The strength of your emotions is too overwhelming to you, so that you are afraid to face the intensity within you.  So you live a life of secrecy and mystery, which makes it hard to establish many meaningful relationships.

People with this Moon placement often achieve success in life, but often success brings more problems than failure.  The issue of power over others (or others' power over you) is a strong one in your life, and it is probably rooted in your relationship with your mother. Although you may realize your dreams in this lifetime, you will also lose everything unless you learn the proper use of power.  Do not use others to achieve your own selfish ends.  If you do, you will live to regret it.

In your personal life, you have an ability to see through others' pretenses and find the truth underneath.  You can use this talent in your relationships to identify and correct problems; just be sure to do it benevolently instead as a manipulation.  Sex is a very intense experience for you, and it is a valuable method of communication with your lover.  Just be sure your lover is looking for the same intensity that you are; some people may find it too much to handle.

Moon in the Second House

Good physical health and financial well-being are essential for your emotional security. You find nothing romantic about a love affair which requires you to live on a shoestring. You worry a lot about money and need to be able to express your concerns to your partner.  Otherwise, resentment and disappointment will build up and will explode at the most inappropriate times.

You enjoy being lavished with expensive presents and tokens of love.  This can be great if your partner can afford it.  Just be careful you are not burdening him or her with your demands and your expensive taste.  Material expressions of love are nice, but be sure you are not using them as a screen to avoid facing deep-rooted problems in the relationship.

You value honesty and integrity in a partner and have a strong set of fundamental values yourself.  You treasure loyalty and stability in others.  You need someone who can appreciate you and offer you a sense of direction through their stability.

This house placement often indicates a tendency toward financial fluctuations--ups and downs.  You must learn to budget your resources, no matter how distasteful the idea may be to you.  Your finances may have a "feast or famine" quality about them.  Prepare for the "famine" by conserving some of the excess at times of "feasting."

Mercury in Virgo

With your logical and practical mind, you have the ability to pay close attention to detail and to develop systems and methods which are very organized and efficient.  You like to keep your environment neat, tidy and well-organized.  You learn quickly, and with your excellent memory for details you can maintain a great deal of what you take in.

You have a quick analytical mind and can use it to perform tasks requiring great precision and skill.  With your natural talent for critical evaluation, you must avoid the temptation to criticize others.  Be patient with others who are not as organized or "together" as you are.  Remember that all humans, including yourself, have faults, and therefore you should allow others their imperfections just as you would want others to understand yours.

Since you are rather shy, you avoid idle conversation and usually only speak when you have something important to say.  You are work-oriented and are most satisfied with jobs in which you provide a service to others.  Mercury in Virgo also gives you a natural aptitude for science (especially the use of computers).  With your great speaking and writing abilities, you could be a great teacher.

With your need to categorize and organize everything, you can become detached from the natural flow of life.  The more you dissect something, the less you can experience it for itself.  Thus, by over-intellectualizing your life, you lose spontaneity and enthusiasm. It is good for you to remember that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Mercury in the Eleventh House

You enjoy associating with friends who are as clever and intellectually stimulating as you are.  You are a humanitarian thinker and recognize that society must consider the needs of all its members.  Since you work well with groups, you are a valuable team member. You try to get along with everyone and are probably well known and respected in your neighborhood.

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in Scorpio, you face the challenge of proper use of power in love.  It is usually an easy matter for you to manipulate and maneuver your partners.  Be careful not to fall prey to this temptation, however, because the controlling energies you use on others will only be used on you later (such is the law of karma).

You are an extremely devoted partner, and you will stop at nothing to protect or defend your loved ones.  At times your emotional response may be more intense than appropriate to the situation, but as you mature you will acquire more self-control and moderation.

You are seeking transformation through your love life.  A superficial romance does not stimulate you; you need intensity and passion.  You are a loyal and committed lover, but you can be possessive and jealous of your lover, and it sometimes seems that intensity is more important to you than comfort in your relationships.

You are aware of everyone and everything around you, and you can often "pick up" your partner's thoughts and feelings without the need for verbal communication.  Passionate sexual expression is very important for you, and you can be persistent in stalking someone who attracts you.  Your partner should be able to join you in fantasies and other bedroom games to further heighten the intensity of your sex life.

Venus in the First House

With your natural charm and magnetic personality, you have a way of winning people over to your arguments.  You are probably physically attractive and will maintain this quality well into your later years.  You have a deep appreciation for art and enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful objects.  Your love life is very important to you, and you feel a lack if you have no partner in your life.

Mars in Virgo

Your ability to assert yourself is often frustrated by your own incessant worrying and scrupulous attention to detail.  While it is good to be organized and to have a plan of operation, you also need to learn to be a little more spontaneous and carefree.

In your career you are an energetic worker.  Although you are ambitious, you find it hard to handle positions of high responsibility.  You tend to take on everyone's problems and end up with stomach upsets or skin rashes.  Although you are practical and diplomatic with others, you are not prone to taking risks or to participating in cutthroat competition.

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and will make sure that the surroundings and atmosphere are perfect for yourself and your partner.  Although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover, employing superior technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Personal cleanliness is important to you, and you probably enjoy taking showers with your lovers.  You can be somewhat picky and critical of your partner, although it is sincerely done with the intention of helping them.  Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous.

Mars in the Tenth House

You are highly ambitious and will aggressively pursue success in your chosen career. While material success is important, you also seek the respect of your family, friends and community.  Because you are practical and self-reliant, you are a natural for managerial or executive positions.  You would be more satisfied in a job which allows you to take the initiative.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You have a flair for finance and the management of the resources of others, as well as natural healing abilities.  People are attracted to you by your magnetic personality and deep inner strength.  Avoid using your power over others to manipulate and control them.  With Jupiter in Scorpio, you may benefit from inheritances.  You are hard-working, efficient and resourceful, and therefore you often attain your goals.  Sex is very important to you, and if Jupiter is afflicted you may become obsessed with sexual fantasies.

Jupiter in the First House

You are self-confident and optimistic, and you enjoy sports and travel.  You are caring and protective toward loved ones, and they know they can depend on you when in need. Since you have the ability to inspire others with your enthusiasm, you are a natural born leader.  Because you live life to the fullest, you should avoid over-indulgence, which can lead to weight problems.

Saturn in Taurus

Your caution, patience, concentration and willingness to work long and hard to achieve your goals have the potential to bring you great success.  You are careful with your money and may over-emphasize material possessions if you're not careful.  Those close to you may find you are sometimes hard to reach, since your feelings are usually controlled and your mood serious.  Although you believe your career is the highest priority in your life, a stable home life will bring you the greatest peace of mind.

Saturn in the Seventh House

You find it difficult to express your feelings, even to your most intimate loved ones, although you have a strong need to relate to others.  You are extremely cautious about marriage because you are looking for that perfect mate.  You may gain status and security through marriage.  Usually indicates at least one difficult break-up of a relationship or marriage.  You may marry late in life or choose a partner much older.

Uranus in Libra


You are charming and cooperative; you seek peace and harmony in your life.  Freedom is important to you, and is one of the few things you consider worth fighting for. Unexpected changes in your relationships will present you with challenges designed to make you more accepting of others' differences.  Your challenge is to become more flexible.

Uranus in the Twelfth House

You are highly intuitive and deeply interested in metaphysical matters.  With your extreme sensitivity, you may have psychic experiences which you will keep secret for fear of ridicule.  You are an eternal idealist and are constantly seeking the meaning of life and your role in the Universe.  Avoid a tendency to escape to your private fantasy world rather than dealing with the harsh realities of life.

Neptune in Scorpio


You are driven to uncover the deepest secrets within society, and you have a keen interest in metaphysical sciences.  With your strong desire for physical pleasures, you must avoid overindulging in food, drink, sex or drugs in an attempt to escape the tension of daily life.

Neptune in the Second House

You are extremely sensitive and will benefit from following your intuitive hunches. Because you have faith in the Universe to take care of you, you place little emphasis on money or other material possessions.  For this reason, you tend to be generous and share with those less fortunate.  If Neptune is afflicted, you may have a strong insecurity about money which results in desperate acts of fraud or deception.

Pluto in Virgo


Your generation saw the birth of social reforms, such as free medical clinics and food banks.  Chemicals also became popular, and many miracle drugs were discovered. There was also renewed interest in organic health foods, vitamins and herbal remedies. You have a strong desire to achieve perfection.  Avoid being too critical of yourself or others.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

You will attract strong and powerful friends who will have a powerful influence on you, and your greatest transformation in life will come through your friendships.  You are dedicated to principles which will benefit all mankind, and you will fight for humanitarian reform in society.  Choose your friends carefully and avoid those who require you to act against your will to gain their approval.

Leo Midheaven

You are willing to put energy, dedication, high ideals, and sustained effort into a career. The causes that you adopt will benefit from your understanding of promotion and publicity.  Often found in positions of authority, you like to deal with big causes and big people.  The image that you present in your career must be an image of which you are proud, which can make you either a charismatic leader to be admired or an authoritative tyrant to be resented.

Develop the confidence to allow your creative energies to flow.  You can be the leader with the exciting ideas on which others depend.  You are rarely found in a career situation in which someone else is dictating the hours.  You can bring much joy to others by giving generously of yourself.  But this will not be in an unassuming way, for you do like to stand out from the crowd.  If you have a weakness, it is to cling to your beliefs or an inflated self-image even in the face of obvious failure.  A wise gambler knows when to hold his hand of cards and when to fold them.

Occupations consistent with your dramatic style of work include actor, producer, executive, sports personality, politician, entertainer, fiction writer, leader, entrepreneur, minister, promoter, artist, or diplomat.  For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of the sun, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.

North Node in Pisces

You are highly organized and structured, with a keen eye for detail.  During past lifetimes you have formed rigid beliefs about what constituted "fact" and harshly criticized others who made claims they could not prove.  During this lifetime you will learn to understand forces beyond those which you can see, hear or measure.  Through your experiences in this life, you will learn to follow your intuition and to act on faith.  You will develop greater compassion for others and learn to "go with the flow."

North Node in the Fourth House

In past lives you had much power and prestige; in this lifetime your challenge is to become more domestic and nurturing; you may be forced to choose between your career and your family.  You may have had one domineering parent who convinced you that you were destined for greatness.  Unfortunately, this leaves you feeling disappointed when reality falls short of your expectations.

Chiron in Aries

You are very courageous, and you enjoy venturing "where no one has gone before."  In order to develop your strengths to their fullest, you tend to push yourself to go beyond what you know you can handle.  You love being physically active, and will become very restless if required to stand still for very long.

Chiron represents the deep wounds we've all suffered in life which seem nearly impossible to heal.  In the sign Aries, it indicates that for you this wound was connected to your early upbringing, which was probably filled with conflict.  This may have stifled your sense of self-confidence and spontaneity, so that you had to rebuild it as you matured.

Chiron in the Sixth House

Health is a major concern for you, and you may have unusual or unique physical problems.  Your overall level of satisfaction in life affects your body's health and vitality. You would enjoy a job that allows you to feel you are helping to make the world a better place.  As long as you feel good about what you do, you're perfectly happy to work behind the scenes.  It's not necessary for you to get all the credit for successful projects.

You'll work hard to perfect your techniques and refine your skills to be the best at whatever you do.  Your goal is absolute perfection, but it is of course impossible to achieve.  With your strong concerns for health, you may choose a career in the health care field.

Planets in Aspect

Venus square Midheaven  (Strength:  06.17)

You are highly creative and have a strong appreciation for beauty and harmony.  If other aspects in your chart agree, you could excel in an artistic career.  If this is the case, you must learn to follow your own heart, no matter what others may say.

You have an active social life, and you enjoy spending time with your friends and loved ones.  The approval of others is important to you, and you are willing to compromise a great deal in order to avoid conflict.  This is an admirable trait, as long as you don't give up more than you want to in the name of peace.

Since early in life, you've had a talent for attracting others who can take care of you. Please don't get the mistaken impression that the world in general owes you any favors. Remember, God helps those who help themselves.  Instead of relying on your charm and good looks alone to get by in life, back it up with some old-fashioned hard work. You'll respect yourself more in the morning.

Moon conjunct Neptune  (Strength:  05.82)

You are highly romantic and tend to see the world through "rose-colored glasses," especially when it comes to love relationships.  Sometimes reality may be a bit harsh for you so that you retreat into the world of imagination.  You can receive repeated disappointments in your life as a result--in the end you will have to face up to things, and people, as they really are.

Others can always depend on you to help when they need it.  Just be careful about this--don't let yourself be blamed for the results if things don't work out.  Sometimes it's better to let others solve their own problems.

You have quite an active imagination and at times are given to daydreaming.  You are highly understanding of others' depressions and display great sympathy for your friends in times of need.

The best jobs for you would allow you to use your creativity and sensitivity constructively.  Avoid occupations that involve boring or repetitive tasks.  You would derive great satisfaction from jobs dealing with the public, such as: welfare programs, nursing, helping the handicapped, etc.  You could also excel in creative occupations such as: art, designing, music, poetry, singing, etc.

Be careful not to set unrealistic standards for your lovers and friends.  You can be too idealistic at times.  You can seem distant and aloof in your relationships, and can carry on platonic friendships for long periods of time without the need for physical involvement with your partner.  At times you would prefer to communicate with them on a spiritual level rather than a sexual one.  Sex for its own sake leaves you feeling empty, although you may go along with the idea in order to please a loved one.

Moon trine Midheaven  (Strength:  05.09)

You are extremely sensitive emotionally and have a highly-developed sense of intuition. Because others know that you will not intentionally hurt them, they trust you and share their innermost feelings.  Animals also have confidence in you, and you've probably brought home your share of strays (especially as a child).

Because you feel so deeply, you can become very emotionally attached to the people (and things) you love most.  This is a wonderful trait, as long as you don't allow yourself to be overly protective or possessive (even if you think it's for their own good).  Instead of endearing them to you, such behavior could literally drive your loved ones away in self-defense.

Because of your sentimental attachment to the past, it is difficult for you to let go of possessions that remind you of fond times.  The more history there is connected to an object, the more you value it.  Just be careful not to clutter up your life by saving everything.  Use your appreciation for the past to your advantage in a profession involving history, antiques, or remodeling older homes.

Mercury trine Saturn  (Strength:  04.06)

You are mentally alert and organized and are not shy about voicing your opinion.  With your abundant creative talents, you can express yourself in a wide variety of ways.  You have a natural talent for "turning lemons into lemonade" and can create opportunities for yourself if none present themselves.  This creativity allows you to solve problems rather easily which would stump others.

You are very efficient in expending your energy and resources to the fullest advantage. You are self-confident and are often willing to take on tasks which others feel unable to perform.  In times of pressure you are able to maintain a patient and calm attitude.  You learn well from your life experiences and have a wonderful memory.

In a career you would do well in education, politics, architecture, management, science and research, archeology or writing.  You have the enthusiasm and the intellectual power to handle the demands of these professions and will enjoy the creative opportunities they provide.  You would also do well working with languages or in deciphering symbols and codes.  Whatever work you undertake, you will certainly find fulfillment and deep meaning in your experiences.

You know your abilities and your limitations and are able to work within them.  You pride yourself on your integrity and honesty and will go to great lengths to defend yourself if accused of indiscretion.  Although you can tolerate a great deal in your friends, deceit is one thing which is not acceptable to you.  You must be able to trust your friends and loved ones in order to have happy relationships.

Others will often come to you with their problems and will benefit from your good judgment and wisdom.  Your later years will be very rewarding and you may find that you are drawn to writing at that time.

Jupiter square Midheaven  (Strength:  03.83)

With this aspect, there is the danger of an overly large ego, which can result in a rather self-centered attitude toward others.  Your own success is your highest priority, and at times you may have to remind yourself to consider the needs of others as well.  Unless you are able to do so, others will consider you boastful and arrogant, and they won't be inclined to help you if you need it.

You have very strong beliefs, and it is sometimes difficult for you to accept the fact that not everyone agrees with you.  In order to coerce their agreement, you will argue your point even more strenuously.  But this only convinces others that you are pushy and opinionated.  Again, try practicing a little more tact and diplomacy.  It's a much better way to win friends and influence people.

Since childhood, you've had problems with authority figures.  They can see the very large chip on your shoulder, and they can't resist the temptation to just knock it off. Usually, your smart mouth gives them all the reason they need to harass you.

Mercury conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  03.79)

Your mind is very intense, and you are constantly researching everything (and everyone) in life.  You seek a deeper meaning behind everything and have a keen eye for details.  Your intense curiosity can lead you to go to extremes in gathering data in order to solve your problems.

Mysterious and occult matters have a special fascination for you.  You love a good intellectual challenge and would therefore do well in such positions as: detective, analyst, chemist, researcher, surgeon or pathologist.  Other possible areas of satisfaction for you would be exploration and financial advising.

It is not difficult for you to win people over to your position by gentle but firm persuasion. Once you set a goal for yourself, nothing or no one should try to stand in your way.  It is hard for you to take advice at times like this, although it would be advisable for you to develop such listening skills.

In your dealings with others you can be quite vindictive and vengeful.  One of your pet peeves is social injustice, and you have no patience for public officials who allow unjust social conditions to prevail.  You may be tempted to work for the underdog yourself as lobbyist or spokesman.  This would be a positive channel for your pent-up anger over social inequities.

You are a demanding lover and can sometimes be lacking in compassion when asked to accept your lover's faults.  You try to dominate your partner and then lose respect for him or her when they allow you to do so.  You require a strong mate who can hold firmly to his or her own position and work with you so that you both can grow from the association.  A common goal or ideal will form a strong bond between you.

Venus conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  03.78)

You are very sociable and congenial, and those around you find you charming and pleasant to be around.  You understand the value of compromise in obtaining what you want and are willing to cooperate in order to get your way.  With Venus on your Ascendant, you attract others to you who share your taste for the finer things in life.

One extreme of this aspect is that you become "spoiled" as a result of others constantly giving you what you want and can be prone to temper tantrums when things don't go your way.  This may even be unconscious on your part.

To make the most of this part of your chart, you must resist the temptation to use your charm and grace to control others.  Learn to be genuine about the good wishes you extend to others, and you will find that they are returned ten-fold.

Moon square Mars  (Strength:  03.75)

Your greatest liability is your quick temper.  Because of your difficulty in controlling your feelings and making adjustments to others, you encounter problems in your personal relationships.  You are afraid of being too vulnerable and allowing others to take advantage of you.  In truth, you are only trying to protect your very sensitive feelings; but be careful not to become paranoid and suspicious of everyone who tries to get close to you.

You become irritated when someone challenges your opinion and are a sore loser in competition.  It is possible that you even throw temper tantrums or exhibit similar immature behavior when things don't go your way.  Until you develop more self-discipline, you will alienate others with your outbursts.

Learn to compromise with others and to work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Your extreme defensiveness is really a side-effect of your own low self-esteem.  Build up your image of yourself rather than living in fear of recrimination by others.  This is especially true in your domestic and professional life.  Be careful not to bring the frustrations of your job home with you.  This can lead to problems in your domestic affairs.

As you mature you will learn to restrain your strong emotions.  As a matter of fact, it is imperative for good health that you accept this challenge.  Otherwise, you will find yourself suffering from stomach and intestinal disorders as well as very uptight nerves.

Become less demanding of others and more responsible about meeting the demands of your loved ones.  This will help you achieve a healthy emotional balance between giving and receiving love.

Venus conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  03.51)

This aspect indicates that you are generous, kind, and sympathetic to the needs of others.  You are very indulgent with loved ones, even with those who don't appreciate or deserve your generosity.  You always manage to see a person's brighter side, no matter how many times they disappoint you.  Of course, this allows some people to take advantage of your good nature, and you will have to learn to set limits so that this does not become a habit.

As a child, your parents were loving and understanding, and they helped you build a healthy attitude toward relationships.  You were not deprived of necessities in your early life, and you developed a belief that you deserve the best.  You are self-confident and optimistic, and for this reason others enjoy being around you.  You prefer to spend your time having fun and socializing rather than working hard at a boring job that does not allow for self-expression.

It is essential that you choose a career which you enjoy.  Your vivacious personality could be a real asset in a job such as public relations, social director, teacher, counselor for kids, or travel.  Since you are so optimistic and excited about learning, you are a wonderful role model for children and inspire them to express themselves creatively. They will also appreciate your sense of humor.

You have a positive attitude about sex and find it to be a major source of happiness for you.  You are self-confident enough to experiment with your partner, and playful enough to not take embarrassing moments too seriously.  With this aspect in your chart, you have no shortage of potential partners.  You will have to be discriminating enough to choose those who are right for you.

Mars sextile Jupiter  (Strength:  03.18)

You have tremendous personal resources with which to achieve your goals.  Although the goals you set for yourself are likely to be somewhat ambitious, you are willing to work hard to see that they are achieved.  Ever since you were a child and learned to invent indoor games to amuse yourself, you have steadily worked at developing your intellectual skills.  This prepared you to deal well with competitive situations in your adult life.

Communication is important to you, and you could be an effective public speaker.  Your dramatic delivery and flair for using the right words make you a formidable opponent in any debate.  It is particularly difficult to win a debate with you because you only present information that is well documented and convincing.  You also use this skill to come to the aid of others who cannot defend themselves intellectually.

You could excel in such fields as law, government work, teaching, writing, drama or the media.  Although you wouldn't mind receiving recognition in your chosen career, it is not as important as the sense of satisfaction you experience when you have a chance to use your talents to their fullest potential.

Others admire your confidence and straightforwardness.  Children are particularly drawn to you and may see you as a mentor.  They appreciate your honesty and know that you will deal with them as equals.  You respect others who stand firm on their convictions and have high ambitions.  It is important that everyone who deals with you does so with honesty and integrity.

In your love life, you appreciate a partner who is intellectually strong.  You have a strong sex drive, but without the mental component, no relationship will last very long.  You also seek a partner with a spiritual consciousness.

Neptune trine Midheaven  (Strength:  02.91)

You are very sensitive emotionally, and you are usually shy until you're gotten to know and trust someone.  Others are surprised to find that it's easy to hurt your feelings with no more than a few harsh words (at least until you learn to trust them).  Quite often, you put your needs aside in order to help someone who is less fortunate.  You do your best to live your spiritual ideals, and could excel in fields such as health care, religion, social work or public relations.

Material success is not nearly as important to you as achieving your spiritual and humanitarian goals. In fact, you avoid accumulating excessive belongings, because the responsibility of caring for such stuff restricts your freedom.  You are very caring and generous toward others (especially family and loved ones).

Even as a young child, you had a strong interest in metaphysical sciences and the supernatural.  You are highly intuitive and may have natural psychic abilities.  Once you learn to trust this "sixth sense," you'll find it to be more reliable than depending on your intellect and reason alone to guide you.

Neptune sextile Pluto  (Strength:  02.40)

This is the only aspect Neptune has made to Pluto during this century, and the planets will remain in sextile to each other for another hundred years, although the signs the planets occupy will continue to change as time passes.

For those born between 1942 and 1956, Neptune was in Libra and Pluto in Leo.  These people were born at a time of global war.  Governments rose and fell; kings were ousted from their castles.  There were breakthroughs in air power (Neptune in Libra) which helped establish the balance of power between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.  This time was filled with meetings and peace conferences between global leaders.  Those born during this time know that compromise is not enough to achieve peace; you are naturally suspicious of your leaders, and this will help to promote greater honesty and accountability on the part of political figures.

If you were born between 1957 and 1970, Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. There were new advances in health and medicine, as well as rapid spread of illegal drugs.  Our long- held conservative attitude about sex began to dissolve, and we began to realize that marriage was not essential to maintain a committed relationship.  Those born during this time seek to serve and improve society.  You are also angry about the current state of our environment and natural resources.

If you were born between 1971 and 1983, Neptune was in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra. Your attitudes about religion, education and human interactions are most likely different from those of your parents.  Your religious beliefs, or spiritual practices, are important to you, and you are deeply concerned for the fate of your planet and the race of man.  You will insist that your leaders be straight with you and will not accept excuses or manipulation.  You are also interested in occult sciences, and many advances in this area will be made by members of your generation.

If you were born between 1984 and 1998, Neptune was in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio.  You are part of a generation which will make great progress in dealing with power responsibly, both in terms of interpersonal relationships and as protectors of our Mother Earth.  You will seek to transform society and replace rampant injustice with compassionate guidance.

Venus sextile Mars  (Strength:  02.27)

You are a very affectionate person, but you don't manifest this quality with anyone other than those you know well.  You understand that each relationship has to involve a mutual give and take arrangement and are therefore fairly easy to get along with.  You try to develop yourself to your fullest potential and admire the same quality in others.

Your favorite friendships are those which have lasted for years.  This does not mean you are in constant touch with these people, but they know you are their friend nonetheless. You can sometimes wax nostalgic and seem to remember the good memories more than the bad.

You enjoy surrounding yourself with beauty and art and appreciate good music, books and social contacts.  You would do quite well in a job that brings you in contact with people on a personal level (such as public relations).  You have a ready smile and a positive outlook on life that is infectious.

You could find a life-mate who will work with you to achieve much material success in life.  Your relationships always teach you something, whether they are "successful" or not.

Be careful in spending money and don't live "beyond your means."  You want to surround yourself with beauty, but be sure you can afford it.  Learn to conserve what you have and make do when necessary.

Moon sextile Pluto  (Strength:  02.21)

Love is a very important element in your life, and your emotions are quite powerful.  You are very understanding in your dealings with others and can clearly see their motives. You readily profess your love for those close to you and desire the same from your loved ones.  Although your emotional response is a strong one, you also have an intellectual understanding of love that keeps you rational.

You are a steady source of love and warmth for your children and close friends as well as an ardent lover to your mate.  You can't stand to see others suffer and will offer your assistance when you can.  You change rather easily as situations require and are therefore able to accept life's "crises" more positively.  Your social consciousness is strong and you are concerned with the well-being of society and the environment.

Since you communicate so well with young people, you could do well in a position as teacher or counselor to youths.  Youngsters open up to you and trust you because they know that you sincerely care about their problems.  This provides the young people around you with the stability they require in order to properly mature.

In business you are well-organized and efficient.  For this reason you could easily gain material success.  Others respect your talents and skills and will respect you as their supervisor or leader.  You are best suited to occupations which require dealing with the public, such as public relations, finance, rehabilitation or physical therapy.

Saturn trine Pluto  (Strength:  01.85)

You have the ability to succeed in whatever you undertake because of your persistence, determination and talent for self-discipline.  At the very least you will give it your best shot, and you are very thorough in your work.  You would be a very good supervisor; you take everyone's feelings and needs into consideration when making important decisions.  You would be especially adept at handling the resources of a large organization.

Your powers of concentration enable you to manage your affairs quite well.  Your thinking is very organized and practical, and you have a strong sense of duty.  You accept responsibilities well, knowing that what you do contributes to the good (or bad) of all of society.  In order to be in a position to bring about positive change, you may seek employment in government.  In such a job you could help to reduce waste and improve efficiency, and somehow still manage to work within the rigid governmental structure to bring about positive changes for the benefit of the less fortunate among us.

Your determination and self-confidence can be contagious; children especially benefit from your influence.  You have no patience for anyone (at any age) who will give up, saying "I can't do it" without really trying, and you will not accept such an attitude from your children.  Young people are inspired by your social consciousness and may even be encouraged to get more involved in what's going on in the world around them.

This aspect gives you a talent for getting to the bottom of problems; you would be especially good at projects involving extensive research.  You have much to offer to humankind -- you can see what's right and what's wrong with society without being overly critical and can work toward constructive change.

Mars square Neptune  (Strength:  01.57)

Your attempts to assert yourself often result in turmoil for you and/or for others. Therefore, you swing from one extreme to the other--asserting your needs powerfully at times and at others slipping into a state of total apathy.

It would be best if you could be self-employed or at least manage to work alone in your occupation.  Because of your need to serve others, you would do well in the field of medicine and healing or social services.  This way you can assert yourself and serve others at the same time.  Also, if you work alone you will have no one but yourself to blame when things go wrong, which may be difficult for you since you tend to point fingers at others.

You lead a somewhat sexually repressed life although your sexual needs are significant. You suffer from anxieties regarding your sexuality (probably carried over from parental conditioning around sex) and therefore find it difficult to find satisfaction in this area.

Also, you may be attracted to persons who are unavailable, perhaps because they are already married.  And then you languish in guilt over fulfilling your desires with someone who does not belong to you.  Sometimes you find it more convenient to see your lover as you wish them to be rather than as they really are.  You tend to lower your standards when choosing a lover and end up with someone who is interested in you primarily for sex.  You may feel bitter when you are disappointed in love, but you really have only yourself to blame for setting it up that way.

You can be accident-prone at times, and you should avoid occupations which require the use of heavy machinery and other mechanical devices.  You are also more subject than most to infections and disease, so you should be very careful with your health. Watch your diet and hygienic practices.

Saturn opposite Neptune  (Strength:  00.24)

Although you are quite ambitious, you are also extremely fearful of failure and therefore shy away from competition.  If someone challenges you, you often become critical and distrustful of them.  Others react to this by becoming suspicious and distrustful of you, and this leads to continued conflicts.  It is difficult for you to understand the concept of friendly competition.

You seem to draw people to you who are deceitful and untrustworthy, and then you point them out as examples of how nobody can be trusted in an attempt to justify your own questionable motives.  Although you want to be idealistic and give people the benefit of the doubt, you always seem to pick those who will rip you off.  Then you complain about being victimized.

It is difficult for you to tell when someone is lying to you because you always want so badly to believe the best.  This is like an engraved invitation to those who would take advantage of you.  It is common for people with this aspect to be generous with a loved one and then later find that they've been taken, emotionally and financially.  The lesson here is not that nobody can be trusted, but rather that you should be more careful about who you trust.

You will continue to suffer disappointments in life until you are able to see things more realistically.  Some people with this aspect retreat into themselves and become loners in self-defense.  You should be careful not to get caught up in a depressed mood; you could develop psychosomatic illnesses as a result.

Mercury sextile Neptune  (Strength:  00.18)

You have a highly active imagination, which comes in handy solving the daily problems of life.  Your intuition allows you to see difficulties in a larger perspective, which enhances ease of solution.  You have a strong respect for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity.  In addition, you have a natural ability to learn from your experiences and to see the hidden truth in all situations.

In a career you would do well as a writer, journalist, teacher, healer, artist or social worker.  You are naturally artistic and sensitive to the needs of others.  No matter what field you choose, you will do well in any job which requires good communication skills. You deal well with people on a day-to-day basis.

Getting an education is important in order for you to take full advantage of your many talents and creative abilities.  If you are properly trained in the use of these natural skills, you will surely succeed.  It will help if you set concrete goals early in life and work slowly toward them, avoiding distraction along the way.

In your personal life you are warm and loving and see your relations with others in a philosophical way.  You are idealistic in that you want the world to be the best possible place, but you don't expect individuals in your life to live up to an unrealistic ideal.  You highly respect those who are at least trying for self-betterment.

Moon opposite Saturn  (Strength:  00.06)

You are a deep person and tend to develop fear and anxiety around people and events in your life.  In other words, you take life too seriously and what involvements you have are merely casual or superficial.  As a child you were expected to live up to rather rigid responsibilities.  You were not prepared to emotionally deal with this pressure, and you felt unloved and rejected.

Throughout your life you may find that you relate more easily to persons who are older than you, especially during your youth.  This can cause you to become a loner when those who are older than you reject you as not being part of their group.  You may develop a pessimistic and depressed viewpoint toward life, feeling that you are fated to suffer emotionally.

Professionally, you would do well in scientific research, medicine, education, law, government work, or as a social worker.  You accept your responsibilities well, although you may not be very happy doing so.  Find a career which is emotionally satisfying--one which helps others and which you enjoy.  Be willing to continually learn from others rather than pretend you know all there is to know on a particular subject.

In your love life you will seek a strong and self-disciplined partner.  Truthfully, a more ideal partner for you would be one who didn't take life as seriously as you do yet who could be patient with your moodiness and stuffiness.  A more liberal-minded mate would force you to look at potentials you hadn't known you possessed.

Allow your children more freedom and flexibility than your parents granted you.  This will enable them to grow to be secure, independent adults.  Watch your health, particularly digestive problems, which could result from emotional stress and tension.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  00.02)

An eternal optimist, you are a delight to be around.  You are open and honest and expect others to treat you similarly.  Since you are not worried about tomorrow (and even less about yesterday), you live life with gusto and do nothing in moderation.  Even when you are troubled, you always put on a cheerful front so that you don't cause others to become concerned.  You enjoy learning about foreign lands and cultures; you will travel to far lands when you have the opportunity.  You also have a high respect for education, and if you have the resources to donate to worthy causes you will probably choose education as one of them.

You are generous and kind with those you love, although you may sometimes make promises you find it impossible to keep.  In pursuing your ambitions, be sure that you don't over- estimate your own abilities.  You can become so sure of yourself that you overlook danger signs, believing everything will somehow work out.  You enjoy more than your share of luck, and you are always pleased to share the bounty with others. Just remember that luck is not always there when you need it.  A little more caution and careful planning would help.

Jupiter on your Ascendant brings with it a desire to continually grow and expand. Unfortunately, this can also mean expansion of the waistline.  You may have to curb your appetite to keep your weight down, especially as you get older.  In your relationships you are a constant source of joy and inspiration.  You require a partner who will allow you to be physically affectionate, for such contact is very important to you.

Moon sextile Mercury  (Strength:  00.00)

This aspect indicates cooperation between your intellect and your emotions; they are rarely in conflict.  You are sensitive and thoughtful of others, and you are willing to make compromises in your relationships.  In your relationships with others you constantly want to be helpful.

You drink in information at an amazing rate and have a very well developed memory. Your delicate balance of mind and emotions allows you to deal with problems you encounter without acting rashly or becoming panicky.  You have a strong sense of curiosity and will go to great lengths to satisfy it.  Because you are well read, you are wonderful to converse with and can delicately mix humor and charm with intellectual content to delight your audience.

Since you are so extremely sensitive, you can see through false pretenses and recognize insincerity.  Through it all you maintain a cheerful disposition which tends to infect those around you.  You are drawn to others who are intelligent, educated, optimistic and ambitious.  In your relationships you seek open communication and enjoy planning a future with your mate.

In terms of a career, you would do well in any field requiring good communication skills, such as: public relations, public speaking, diplomacy and writing.  You have a talent for making others feel at ease with your genuine interest in them.  You are tactful and sincere, and even your competitors will respect you.

Balance of Elements and Modalities

Abundant Earth

You are in touch with the real world.  More than others, you know where the rubber meets the road; persistent study has shown you how to make things happen in a practical sort of way.  Your nature is well-suited to the adult world of responsibilities, which you master at a young age.  Not impulsive with your resources, you would only start a business after careful study, but you would manage it well.  You enjoy the satisfaction that comes not just from starting projects, but from finishing them.  Your steady, organized approach is actually more productive in the long-run than is that of the quick, flashy types.  You know how to establish a pace and keep it.

Do not let your awareness of the material world make you unappreciative of the spiritual plane that underpins our life here -- to which others may be more sensitive than you. Practicality is fine, but try to understand that dreams, feelings, and enthusiasms are also important and should not be squelched.  Others might surprise you with what their optimistic risk-taking is able to achieve.  You can be so cautious and reserved that some people find you conservative and dull.  If you yourself become bored or depressed, admit that security isn't everything and try to be more spontaneous.  Open up to the new and follow your bliss (in a careful sort of way).

Abundant Water

In your case, the heart rules the head.  Your emotional drives are strong and you act primarily on the basis of your feelings.  Whether your feelings are purely personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal is up to you, but generally you are a life-oriented person who feels keenly and who acts to support your family, friends, and community.  You are happiest when you are in a caring relationship with a significant other.  That person should be comfortable with the emotional closeness that you bring to relationships, while providing the structure or inspiration that you need.  Some of your friends will not be as comfortable with emotional closeness as you are, and you will have to respect their boundaries.  You have probably learned over the years how to keep your sensitive nature from being hurt.  Don't permanently withdraw, but find the people with whom and the environment in which you can be yourself.

Because of your sensitivity, you easily pick up others' thoughts and feelings.  You can anticipate others' needs before they have expressed them.  You can usually rely on your intuition when it comes to forecasting the outcome of personal and career decisions.  If you decide to use your psychic abilities for healing, learn to let go of the negative feelings that you process from others.  Since you are so sensitive, find quiet moments for private introspection in which you can reconnect with what you feel instead of what others feel.  You also find it revitalizing to be around large bodies of water.

You do have a need to stop and think things through before acting.  Make the effort to communicate with others who may have a more objective viewpoint or who could see solutions that elude you.  You can sometimes be criticized for acting from a purely personal perspective, which you could avoid by learning and respecting society's larger viewpoint.  You can be very creative in finding paths to your personal goals.  Keep the larger viewpoint in mind and later you will not have to try to rationalize to others why you chose those paths.

Lack of Fire

You are willing to let flashier individuals take center-stage and lead the way.  You are probably unenthusiastic about change and are passive when it comes to creating change through leadership.  You may be aggressive in a defensive way, but lack the self-confidence to take the offensive.  Lacking the impulsiveness of Fire, you are more likely to be a careful worker and a reliable mate, though you could stand to be less detached and more personally involved with your spouse and family.

A lack of planets in Fire signs can be offset by a Fire sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Life.

Lack of Air

Expressing yourself does not come easily to you.  You distrust people who are fast, smooth talkers.  It may be easier for you to express yourself nonverbally or in writing than it is through speaking.  If you also lack planets in the houses of Relationships, you will find the normal avenues of communication and social learning blocked.  Your thinking will be personal instead of detached or rational.  With the mind's normal communication channels blocked, you learn primarily from experience.  Lacking in the ability to view yourself objectively, you gain self-understanding primarily through feedback from others.

Try to see life less personally, in a more objective way.  Take classes and never stop educating yourself.

A lack of planets in Air signs can be offset by an Air sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Relationships.

Abundant Relationships

With abundant planets in these houses, relationships and communications with others are likely to be central to your life.  You can help others by exchanging ideas and making connections between people.  You will probably maintain active contact with a wide circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances.  You keep abreast of new information via various media and your friends.

Abundant Substance

With abundant planets in the houses of substance, you know your place in the material world.  You know how to extract value and give value via your business, work, and career activities.  The rules of the world come easily to you.  Others admire and depend on your hard work and practical nature.  If you get depressed, make time for recreation and family.

Lack of Endings

You live on the surface of things, afraid to look within at what you really feel and want. Perhaps your position is too precarious or the obligations too great to allow yourself this luxury.  You feel forced to maintain your personal status quo.  You come across to others as unfeeling.  Because personal feelings do not distract you, you might make a good scientist, though be aware that the greatest scientists let intuitive feelings be their guide.

A lack of planets in the houses of Endings can be offset by abundant planets in Water signs.

Lack of Life

You could have difficulty envisioning or planning for the future.  You are likely to accept the status quo, living in the past and present, but not actively striving to create the future.  Lacking your own passionate goals, you are more likely to be a follower than a leader.

A lack of planets in the houses of Life can be offset by abundant planets in Fire signs.

Abundant Mutable

With an abundance of planets in Mutable signs, you adapt easily to changing circumstances.  Mentally quick, you adapt like a chameleon to give each what they want, until you are on to the next friend or interest.  Life offers a succession of roles to play. Skilled at diplomacy and compromise, you make a good negotiator and appear to be everyone's friend.  You actually are other-oriented, rather than self-oriented, and can be so busy meeting others' needs that you lack direction in your own life.  Concentrate on finding friends of true worth and value.  Be discriminating in your associations, in whom you choose to help.  The endless flow from your mind, tongue, and hands will then work to return real value to you, which is what you deserve.  You can probably only follow this advice just so far, though, because more than others the Universe sends you people in need, people for whom you are able to make a real difference.  The assistance that you provide to the powerless may actually be remembered long after your facile mental output is forgotten.  Your activities can also bring an end to institutions that have outlived their usefulness.

Lack of Cardinal

With a lack of planets in Cardinal signs, you may have trouble starting things.  You may be timid about developing and carrying out plans.  You would prefer to let others break the first ground of a new venture, so that you can pitch in and help once the outlines of the venture are clear.  You probably lack confidence in your mastery of the real world and survival in it.  You may substitute a rich inner life for your lack of action in the outer world.  In its highest form, you may be unusually creative or spiritually committed.  Ideas filter up as you focus on 'being' instead of 'doing'.  Watch out for the lower manifestations, which are delegating tasks to others and pitying yourself over the lot that befalls you in life as a result of your lack of direction and initiative.  Your different perspective on life gives you valuable insights that let you make real contributions wherever you are.
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A lack of planets in the Cardinal signs can be offset by a Cardinal sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the Angular houses.

Abundant Succedent

An abundance of planets in the succedent houses increases your ability to enjoy life.  In turn, you can give others pleasure.  You are a basically stable person with strong values, feelings, and attachments.  You enoy working to build the structure of your life. As you gain confidence in your self, you bind others to you with love.  You have a strong physical presence.

Lack of Cadent

A lack of planets in the cadent houses tends to reduce the time that you have to yourself.  You may feel that you are always in the limelight or somehow involved with others.  This leaves you little time for solitary reflection.  The life of a spiritual recluse is not for you.  You don't change quickly, but must gradually grow into changes.

A lack of planets in the Cadent houses can be offset by abundant planets in the Mutable signs.

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