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Join our social network supporting mothers that just gave birth and moms to soon be. We created a site to help women that are pregnant and women that already have children find awesome deals on all baby related necessities. You'll find great buys from diapers to furniture and compare services like day care and caterers. Share ideas, get advice and shop for all baby related products and services. Simplify creating children by having a support group of new moms. Get the inside story on all the latest moms-to-be trends and gain access to unbelievable mother's sample sale shopping and events. Elite New Moms helps its members discover ways to better prepare for children. It's a place to get to know each other, make motherly plans and connect with women who are also preparing to give birth.

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Thanks Elite New Moms for helping me meet other pregnant women. I was able to make friends that pushed me become a confident and economically conscious mother. H Leia Renaldo