Date With Style Services
  • Wardrobe Consultation (basics for women and men)
  • Closet Organizing (deciding what to keep, fix, and get rid of)
  • How To Put Together Outfits
  • Choosing The Right Make Up, Hairstyle And Colors
  • Tips On Accessorizing
  • Wardrobe Shopping Tips
  • Choosing The Right Place For A Date (restaurants, bars, movies, etc)
  • Personal Shopper (gift ideas for special occasions)
  • We personally shop busy professionals who have no time
Jo-Ann Burgos
Fashion Image Consultant
Empowering Your Fashion Sense
You are about to go on your first date with someone extremely attractive but don't know what to wear, or where to go?
Let us deal with all of that! We are going to choose a lovely outfit to make you look sophisticated, polished and of course we are going to choose a chic place to go, so you can create a memorable first date.

Fashion Image Consultant, Jo-Ann Burgos will help you look and feel Elite on your next hot date! All Date With Style members who register get FREE email fashion support Date With Style. Upgraded paying Date With Style members get telephone support directly from one of our Elite Fashion Image Consultants.

Elite Upgraded members will be visited by one of fashion stylists personally to shop and enhance their fashion image. helps you create your own elite STYLE!
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