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1. You are assigned a personal relationship coach you can ask questions to get specialized personal assistance from anytime.

2. We hand select singles in your area that meet your specific needs and preferences as long as you stay upgraded.

3. We offer continued guidance to help each client throughout their search process until they find their EliteMate.

4. You can search for mates and use our state of the art Personality

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6. You get a specialist look over your profile thoroughly to make
suggestions to optimize your personal so you receive the very best response.

7. EliteMate will send you a link to a receive totally free unlimited long
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8. We will send you a awesome set of relationship tips to get your
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9. Chat room hosts will welcome you and make it easier for you to meet people on the site.

Some Of EliteMate's
Unique Features:
  • full search
  • private e-mail
  • accelerated instant messenger
  • advanced astrological compatibility
  • diverse hosted chat rooms
  • greeting cards
  • singles events and parties
  • video profiles
  • personality matcher
  • who's online
  • friend's list
  • mobile phone texting
  • anonymous telephone communication

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Jo-Ann Burgos

Date With Style Image Consultant has a large portfolio of clients who utilize her telephone consultations to look and feel Elite for any occasion.

Date With Style
Price Plans

1 hour fashion image consultation
30 minute fashion image consultation
15 minute image consultation

* Wardrobe Consultation (basics for women and men)
* Closet Organizing (deciding what to keep, fix, and get rid of)
* How To Put Together Outfits
* Choosing The Right Make Up, Hairstyle And Colors
* Tips On Accessorizing
* Wardrobe Shopping Tips
* Choosing The Right Place For A Date (restaurants, bars, movies, etc)
* Personal Shopper (gift ideas for special occasions)
* We personally shop busy professionals who have no time



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Experience our unique way of measuring your compatibility with other members. Any member can compare himself or herself with another member astrologically in a manner that is very easy, understandable, and practical. How? By comparing your astrological information (date, time and place of birth) with that of another person who has caught your interest. So, even before you email or instant message a member you can get another perspective about your compatibility. This is done with six bar graphs each with a score ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) respectively measuring the compatibility of 1. Sex; 2. Finances; 3. Career Support; 4. Long Term Compatibility; 5. Communication; 6. Home Life; and 7. Average of the six prior categories.

   Step 7: Co-Reg Offers

Automatically register to other premium dating sites and offers
with a simple yes or no response without having to fill out any additional information.  This process saves you so much time if you are serious about meeting someone special.  Right now we have all your information secured so you can submit it to which ever popular singles site or offer that interests you.

This will save you so much time in the long run and allow you to see what every site has to offer before you make any decisions.
All these sites below will send you a log in after you say yes and you will be able to use them immediately. 

We make it easy to find your EliteMate
no matter what site you find them on!

Thanks so much for joining EliteMate.
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Star222, Elmhurst, NY

 Daphenie, ARUBA

Dear EliteMate Associates,

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Elitemate for existing and most of all every time I go to the site you cut my loneliness in half. It's like you're saying "It's o.k., we know what you're going thru and we're here to help"!
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Keep-up the good work and thank you for bringing people together from around the world!