How To "Stop" A Woman On The Street

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Hello, I just bought your book today and I have

to admit it was the best choice ever. Before I

bought your book I was the shy "nice" guy who

would always try to cling on girls and hardly ever

talk to any and was always wondering why I

couldn't get any phone #'s or dates. I have been

dateless for 19 years and I just finished reading

your book tonight.

Well I went out and tried some of the techniques

and I have to admit it worked like a charm. I saw

this girl (looked like a model) I went up to her

and said hi, (never done before) and she was like

hi and kept walking. Then I threw in this remark

"what did my good looks really scare you that

badly? (I am an average looking guy and I knew

this)" This stopped her in her tracks and she

actually came back and was like "What did you say

"I was like "Did my good looks really scare you

away" and she said "I guess that was it, do you

want to grab a table and talk a bit?"

Then we talked for around 20 minutes then I

looked at my watch and said look at the time I

have to get going. She said "already but we just

started". Then I said well how about you give me

your e-mail address and I can contact you when I

have some time. She told me she didn't have an e-

mail address so I asked for her phone number and

told her I would only call her about 3 times every

day. She laughed and gave it to me and I said will

I be able to get a hold of you on this number? She

said yes and even showed me her cell phone number.

It matched so I was like I will call you sometime

towards the end of the week and maybe we can meet

up and develop our "Friendship" a little more. I

walked away leaving her speechless.


OK, first of all, you get a GOLD STAR for being


With this little story, you've shown me that

you UNDERSTAND what you're learning... and you

possess an important quality: Willingness to TRY


I thought that it would be interesting to talk

about the psychology of approaching and meeting


Your email was a great introduction to this

topic, as it includes several subtle twists and

turns that make for interesting observation and


Listen to me talking about "observation and

analysis"... I sound like some kind of freakin'

smart guy.



First you walked over and just said,

"Hi"...then, when she kept walking, you said

something that was both Cocky & Funny, and


You said, "What did my good looks really scare

you that badly?"

Now, the fact that you're an average-looking

guy REALLY makes something like this work.

With one comment you actually communicated more

than most guys communicate in HOURS.

You effectively said, "I'm not intimidated by

you, and, in fact, I'm so comfortable around

beautiful women, that I can make funny comments

like this one...".

Beautiful women walk around in the world

surrounded by BORING, needy, approval-seeking

guys. These guys are NOT appealing to women.

When someone shows up and actually demonstrates

some HUMOR and some PERSONALITY and some STRENGTH,

it really stands out.

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and Funny skills, then you need to go and look

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After chatting with her for a little while, you

said, "I have to get going".

What would most guys do in a situation like

this one?

Of course... they'd cling to this girl like

peanut butter sticks to the roof of a dog's mouth.

And what would she do?

Right... she'd RUN.

By breaking off the interaction yourself when

it was on an UP NOTE, you made yourself FAR more

attractive to her.


After you got her number, you said, "I'll call

you at the end of the week and maybe we can meet

up to develop our friendship a little more".


What would most guys have done?

Right... they would have said, "Hey, maybe I

can take you out on a date this week... how does

that sound?".

In other words, they would have basically

communicated that they were needy Wussbags instead

of communicating that they understood the

situation and what they were dealing with.

And, of course, they probably wouldn't have had

a chance of seeing that woman ever again (except

in their one-handed fantasies).


Love it!

I'm proud of you, man.

Someone come over here and give me a hug before

I start crying.

Again, you get a gold star.

One more thought...

I think that most guys would read a story like

this one and say "That sounds like B.S... that

would never work".

Well, I'll tell you something... I've seen

things like this happen so many times that I can't

even COUNT them anymore.

It's hard for most guys to believe that it's

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time... and he got those 25 phone numbers during

breaks and evenings.

And I'd say that it took him an AVERAGE of

about 5 or 7 minutes to get each one.

It blew my mind.

Is this guy rich? Does he look like Brad Pitt?


You wouldn't even notice him if he walked in

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Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

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