EliteMate.com's Unique Astrological Compatibility Feature, Online Dating For Astrologers


Experience EliteMate's unique way of measuring your compatibility with other members. Any member can compare himself or herself with another member astrologically in a manner that is very easy, understandable, and practical. How? By comparing your astrological information (date, time and place of birth) with that of another person who has caught your interest. 

So, even before you email or instant message a member you can get another perspective about your compatibility. This is done with seven bar graphs each with a score ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) respectively measuring the compatibility of 1. Romance; 2. Money; 3. Career Support; 4. Long Term Compatibility; 5. Communication; 6. Home & Family and 7. Average of the six prior categories.

Sample Chart

Comparison: nicegirl and scorpio2


This unique astrological compatibility feature has been created and brought to you by www.mindbody-soul.com  and www.astrograph.com.

How did you figure this comparison out?

This bar graph read out chart is an astrological comparison between two real elitemate members. elitemate is comparing the placement of planets and stars in our solar system at the time of birth of one elitemate member with that of another elitemate member. This will give you a very quick, precise and comprehensive astrological comparison. The Astrology program elitemate uses was designed by a veteran team of astrologers.

Have fun!


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This is a very unique astrological compatibility feature programmed to simplify the understanding of astrology and add another dimension of feeling to the relationship selection process.  Have fun!