EliteMate.com now has a very unique Personality Match Feature activated on it's site. EliteMate.com members are now able to search for a specific type of personality and match themselves with it in a very unique way!

Please fill out a quick questionnaire using automatic intuitive responses. Log in at www.elitemate.com and go to My Personality. It will list a wide diversified selection of 20 attributes.

You will first rate these attributes about yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 meaning very little of that attribute and 5 being totally that attribute) on all 20 selected attributes by clicking quickly with your mouse on what number applies to each.

Then using the same scale rate the 20 selected attributes from 1 to 5 again but now on the type of personality you would like to connect with.

When you press the new View Personality Match icon on the search results list you will get a scale from ranging from 1% to 100% compatibility ratio with any personality match enabled members.

This feature is NOW ACTIVATED on www.elitemate.com. Log in now and go to MY Personality To enable it. Fill out the questionnaire and press the submit button on the bottom of the page to activate this feature. The New Personality Match feature along with the Astrological Comparison feature allows you to cover all of your bases before meeting someone.

Finding the Elite One has never been easier! EliteMate has just added thousands of hot, sexy and incredibly insatiable singles to its site and we are inviting you to do a SEARCH and SEE!

To Flirt With Someone On EliteMate.com log-in to www.elitemate.com and go to Search For Mates on the upper left hand side in the My Menu area. Then fill in the criteria you are searching for in a mate. For example...I am a Male searching for a Female between the ages of 18 and 35 in the New York State area with photos only...then press Search and you will be on your way. New opportunities are a click away. Add the attractive, interesting ones to your Elite Friends list. A little flirting is worth its weight in dates.

Safety Tips...
EliteMate has a great Email Feature that allows you to send emails to another with pictures of yourself (accepted in bmap, jpeg, jpg and gif images). Now you don't have to give out your personal email address too soon. Take your time and screen people wisely. Use EliteMate to send pictures of yourself with privacy.

To make changes to your profile...
(i.e. change your password, edit your height, weight, age, address etc..), go to Edit My Profile after you log-in, look at the area you wish to make changes to, press the Edit button next to that area, make your changes and then press the Submit button on the bottom of the page to finalize them.

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