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EliteMate.com is totally dedicated to expanding human potential to no limits.  We believe that a human can create any experience they choose.  Disciplined attention coupled with faith can create anything, including your EliteMate.  There is nothing outside of you that is not already inside of you.  Your will is the source of your experiences and your mind has the capacity to shape shift your life into anything!

Daily Meditation Exercise
Feel Whole And Attract Your EliteMate

This is a clearing your mind, relaxing your being and feeling your body meditation exercise.  Sit or lay down in any comfortable position.  This exercise should be done for 15 minutes-30 minutes, 2 times a day. 

First, place all of your attention on your hands.  Feel your hands fully and completely, meaning keep all your attention only on your hands.  If your attention wanders off or thinks about something else redirect it back to feeling your hands completely again.  Feel your hands inside and out, really get into it until all of attention is on your hands.  Feel the flesh, bones, blood, etc...  place all your attention on your hands in everyway until all your attention is completely on your hands.  Placing and holding your attention on this body part eventually creates a tingling sensation after a while and makes you feel invigorated.  Once you feel the tingling sensation in your hands it is time to feel another body part.

Now spread your attention to feeling both your arms completely and thoroughly.  Anytime your attention wanders bring it back to feeling your arms completely. Totally feel your arms until you feel a tingling sensation throughout them.  Do this attention holding exercise slowly with each body part from head to toe until you can feel your entire body thoroughly and completely at once. 
This holding of constant devoted attention to the body drowns the 'mind noise' into a happy silence.  You are now in the present moment with no attention on the past or future (thinking) and all of your attention is on the here and now (your body)...

If you are not thinking about anything then nothing is the matter.  This means nothing is consuming or draining your attention and all your attention is deliberately on your entire body inside and out.  When you feel your whole self thoroughly and completely for periods of time throughout the day it will get you away from all things you are thinking about. 

Doing this exercise makes you realize the truth that you are whole and complete and you need nothing.  When you are feeling whole and complete the universe reflects back to you whole and complete experiences.  Whatever you place your attention on you make real.  So make your life's only focus on how you are BEING while you are doing what you are doing.  Your world is a reflection of how you are being and feeling.  Then as you feel whole and complete throughout your day you will attract whole and complete experiences into your life.

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Self-Hypnosis Mini-Exercise
Emotionally Attract Your EliteMate

The ideal love relationship can be experienced only when it is the dominant belief system in your consciousness.  This should be the sponsoring thought that fuels your creation of an ideal love relationship.  It starts with thinking about your ideal mate for just a second, then a little longer each time, gradually filling your mind, heart and body with thoughts, feelings, words, and actions towards your Elite Mate. 

Do not waste one attention particle with what you do not want in an individual.  What ever you place your attention you make real so keep your attention on  the qualities you WANT in your ideal mate.  All issues and problems really breaks down to where one's attention has been focused on. Life changes when one redirects their attention on what they want rather than what they don't want. Whatever you place your attention on will be made real in your life, so disciplining your attention and placing it on what you truly desire magnetically changes the direction of your life!

Pretend you are at the gym and this is your first time working out.  You start off slowly and deliberately.  You do 4 sets of 1 minute exercises each time placing your attention exclusively on thinking, feeling and talking about your ideal mate.  Get very emotional about it!  Emotions are powerfully creative magnetic energy sources that attract your experiences. 

Anytime your attention wanders off the concept of your ideal mate, redirect it back on the concept of your ideal mate for the entire duration of the 1 minute set.  Do this one minute discipline attention exercise 4 times focusing deeper each time.  Rest, relax and quiet your mind for 2 minutes between each 1 minute exercise.  You can use the quieting your mind exercise above during this 2 minute interval.

The universe reflects back to you exactly how you feel, so the more excited you get on the inside the more excited the world around you will be on the outside.

While you discipline your attention and faith daily, incrementally increase the duration of time you place your attention on your ideal mate from 1 minute up to 15 minutes still resting 2 minutes between sets.  Keep your belief on the idea that your EliteMate can come from anywhere, at any time and it is all happening NOW in the space time continuum.  The source from where your idea mate manifests is from the unlimited spiritual realm where all experiences originate. 

The key is to shift from placing your attention on materialism (outside) to placing it on spiritualism (inside).  This will open you up to creating new possibilities non-existent currently in your physical experience (outer world).

Everything you see right now in front of you was once a thought.  The thought was supplied with enough attention and emotion until it manifested into physicality.  That is the process of all creation.  Now take any thought you really want to bring to life and place all your attention on it faithfully and make it REAL!

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