No one does anything wrong given his or her own model of the world. This means that everyone believes that they are doing the right thing given their personal point of view. Trying to solve differences in points of view through fighting with the other person gets the relationship nowhere and usually leads to future quarrels.

Remember that we live in a relative world, where two opposites can co-exist at the same time in the same space. Looking at a scenario from many different points of view can cool anger and enlighten consciousness.

Remember that trying to control another person only results in anger. On the other hand, if you need nothing from another, the relationship can fully flourish and be completely expressed.

Remember that you create your experience of another person though your beliefs about her or him. The aspects that you put your attention on will be made real in your life. However, if you look at others through clean lenses, you give them a clean slate and don’t bring the past into the future. Keep your attention deeply in the present moment and the past will not affect your future.

Whatever you put your attention on you make more real in your life. Dwell on happy things and extraordinary events and that will be your reality. Discipline your attention so that in each moment of your life you can dwell and focus on what you truly desire. So, if you want a truly loving relationship, focus on the other person with feelings of love and joy, not impatience or lack.

The Law of Attraction - The world you experience is a reflection of your own feelings and beliefs about it. Your beliefs and feelings about relationships will attract experiences that reflect those beliefs and feelings. So, deliberately create and focus on the beliefs that will bring you the most joy in relationships and that will be your experience.

The Law of Allowing - Allowing another to be what they want to be liberates you. On the other hand, constantly keeping one’s controlling attention on another person will actually tie up your attention and render you its slave. Place your attention on the things you personally want and allow others to put their attention on the things they want. It truly breeds honesty. Grant others the freedom which you would like to be given.

The Law of Deliberate Creation- Whatever you put your focus on with great feeling and emotion will be made manifest in your life. So create the relationships you truly want to experience by putting your attention on the beliefs and feelings that will get you there. A belief that “all the men I meet turn out to be cheats” will not attract a faithful person into one’s life. The experiences in your past relationships do not have to reflect your beliefs about your future relationships. Create ideal beliefs about relationships, beliefs about the qualities that will bring you the most joy. Then focus on those beliefs with great feeling and emotion and those beliefs will be made manifest in your life as experience.

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