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  Zodiac Sign: Libra
  Age: 39
  Gender: M
  Location: Fontana, CA
  Sexuality: Straight
  Hair: Brown
  Eyes: Brown
  Body Type: Average
  Height: 5' 11"
  Weight 225 lbs.
  Smoking: Yes
  Drinking: No
  Status: Single
  Children: Yes
  Languages: English
  Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  Religion: Christian
  Education: High school
  Occupation: Self Employed Computer Technician
  Income: Under 15k

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Not much to brag about, (Not the bragging type), My true passion is Lead Guitar, Lyrical & Poetic Composition. I love flight of any type (especially helicopters), I also enjoy Technical stuff, (gotta stay on top of this, its a techs requirement)...

Hello Again! I'm not looking for a supermodel or beauty queen, just for someone affectionate, caring, and giving. Someone whose open to being a total goofball when time are right, Not into hello, goodbye, and never again (if you know what I mean), someone willing to take the time to get to know, Ya know...Non judgemental, even though beauty and appearence might be important to some, remember the trueness of so said does comes from with-in FIRST!!!........If you'd like to get more, as I said drop me a scribble.

Com'on ROCK MY WORLD. and I'LL ROCK YOURS TOO One can''t be too picky, Friendship Qualities, Hopefully somewhat affectionate, (But not to smother), She really doesn''t have to be a Beauty Queen, or a Supermodel, just not into games, or drama, because I don''t play them.

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