These are's full membership features that allow you to easily and effortlessly find your Elite Mate using the most sophisticated technology!  Upgrade to experience what this Elite Online Singles Community has to offer. 

This feature allows you to compare your personality to other personality enabled members of Get a in depth perspective of how your personality compares to others that is comprehensive and very easy to understand. Now you can search for the type of personality you would like to connect with!

This feature enables you to post a video profile of yourself, view video profiles of other video enabled members and send video emails to others.'s video feature is the future of online matchmaking.

On becoming a member, you are given your own email address. No other member has access to your private email. EliteMate Members can come to to check their private email and send email from EliteMate's site. This feature allows our members the total privacy, freedom, and comfort to communicate with other members without giving out their regular email address. EliteMate members also have the option of blocking a person's email as well. Our site entirely supports the sovereignty of its members.


My Online Friends gives an EliteMate member the ability to view the people he/she has added to their friends list that are currently online. By double clicking on their friends user name in the My Online Friends section automatically initiates an instant message with that user.

This feature allows members to speak one-on-one with other members. This feature resides on so that no other member will have your Instant Message handle. All instant messaging is done privately on EliteMate's site.

Experience our unique way of measuring your compatibility with other members. Any member can compare himself or herself with another member astrologically in a manner that is very easy, understandable, and practical. How? By comparing your astrological information (date, time and place of birth) with that of another person who has caught your interest. So, even before you email or instant message a member you can get another perspective about your compatibility. This is done with six bar graphs each with a score ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) respectively measuring the compatibility of 1. Sex; 2. Finances; 3. Career Support; 4. Long Term Compatibility; 5. Communication; 6. Home Life; and 7. Average of the six prior categories.

Chat with Elite Members in public chat rooms with various different interest categories to select from, for example: romance, friendship, marriage, gay, straight, lesbian, etc.

This feature allows you to select and bookmark friends on a list that is easily accessible

This streamlined search tool uses the following criteria: gender, sexuality, age range, state, profile with photo or without photo, and profile creation date.

This tool for in-depth searches scans the database of Elite Members using the following criteria: gender, age, state, hair color, eye color, body type, height, ethnicity, languages, education, income level, drinking and smoking habits, marital status, children, profile creation date, and saving option for search criteria. The saving option allows you to refine the criteria you are looking for in an EliteMate.

You can send an electronic greeting card to any member, selecting from many different greetings. This feature lets you to send a special, personalized greeting to any Elite Member of your choice.

Allows you to view all the members that are currently online. This feature lets you know who is around so that you can initiate an instant message session to chat with members who are currently online if you so choose.



I feel that is a refreshing new approach to online dating! They have an excellent web-design, they offer plenty of extra features, such as members-chat and video-profiles, and they seem to attract real, honest people to their site!

One of their best features for new members is allowing full privileges the first time you log-on to your free account. I've never seen that before! They also have reasonable full-member rates and excellent lifetime member discount rates and awesome chat rooms!

I plan to do all of my on-line dating at from now on!

Signed, A Very Satisfied Member,

Kevin E Cookson
Phoenix AZ


Daphenie, Aruba
EliteMate Testimonial
Dear EliteMate Associates,
First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Elitemate for existing and most of all every time I go to the site you cut my loneliness in half. It's like you're saying "It's o.k., we know what you're going thru and we're here to help!"
The upgrading of your site is magnificent - the colors, contrast and background are so eye-catching. It's the best site that I have seen up till now.
Keep-up the good work and thank you for bringing people together from around the world!