“An Open Letter To Every Man Who Has Ever Been Afraid To Approach An Attractive Woman...”

Dear EliteMater,

       I would like to admit something to you.

       And I do mean that I want to “admit” something… because I kept this a secret for many years of my life… and I couldn't bring myself to admit it to ANYONE.

       I have an automatic, deep, gut level FEAR of approaching women.

       This fear didn't come from “rejection” from women.

       It's not because I approached a woman and had something bad happen.

       In fact, one of the reasons I found it so hard to admit this problem to anyone was the simple fact that I COULDN'T EXPLAIN IT.

       I can remember a time in my life where I'd see a woman that I wanted to meet… and it felt as if there was a foot-thick wall of glass between me and her. It was as if there was a PHYSICAL BARRIER preventing me from walking over and talking to her.

       At one point in my life, I started to wonder if I was CRAZY.

       I could be standing there, looking at the girl I wanted to talk to… and be READY TO DO IT… but when I “started” to move in that direction, I felt something stop me.

       I guess it just seemed so DAMN STRANGE… I thought other people would think that I was mentally disturbed if I talked about it.

       Who ever heard of someone feeling like something was PHYSICALLY stopping them from simply walking up and talking to another person?

       Well, if you're reading this right now, then I'm guessing that you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about here.

       And the REASON you know is because you have had a SIMILAR experience.

       At least there are TWO of us that are crazy. That's comforting, huh?

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The “Moment Of Truth”

       As you already know, I spent a few years of my life REALLY educating myself… working on this problem… and figuring out how to overcome it.

       The more time I've spent working on this particular “approaching women” problem, the more I've come to realize an important insight:

       This moment… the moment when you see a woman that you'd like to meet… and you consider it… and then what you do RIGHT THEN… is actually a “Moment Of Truth”.

       It's a Moment Of Truth in terms of WHO YOU ARE.

       This moment tells a story.

       It tells the story of how well you understand yourself… how well you understand women… how well you understand the “mating process”…

       It also largely impacts and even DETERMINES THE OUTCOME of the potential relationship you're going to have with that woman.

       So much is condensed into these very short moments in your life. And so much is impacted by these moments.

       If you really have this particular “moment” mastered, it has a massive impact on your overall life.

       Think for a minute… think about how your life would be DIFFERENT if you were a MASTER of this moment…

       How would you FEEL? What would be different about your ability to control your emotions?

       How would you ACT? What would be different about the way you'd behave… and what would be different about how other people PERCEIVED you?

       How would your success with women be different? And how would that affect other areas of your life?

       The bottom line is that if you invest the time and effort to master this “Moment Of Truth”, it will change your life. It MUST change your life.

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“The Most Dangerous Mistakes
Men Make When It Comes To
Approaching Women”

       I have spent literally YEARS learning how to overcome my own fear and shyness... and learning how to approach women in different situation. I have also spent YEARS teaching other men how to overcome THEIR fear and shyness… and teaching them how to successful approach women, start conversations, and create ATTRACTION with women.

       I would like to “boil down” the top mistakes that men make when it comes to approaching women… and then I'd like to teach you STEP BY STEP how to overcome ALL of these mistakes… and create MASSIVE success for yourself with women.

       Here are the biggest mistakes when it comes to approaching women:

“An Open Letter To Every Man Who Has Ever Been Afraid To Approach An Attractive Woman...”


MISTAKE #1: Not Knowing How To Deal
With Fear And Shyness

       We are ALL afraid.

       That's right. ALL of us are afraid.

       In life, we all have fears… and it's up to each of us as individuals to either choose to overcome those fears… or choose to let those fears run our lives.

       For most of us guys, we experience intense fear and shyness when it comes to APPROACHING women that we don't know.

       Here's the part that's a “pain in the ass”: When you're experiencing fear and shyness, it feels like you're the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who has EVER felt this way.

       The feeling can be SO intense, that it seems IMPOSSIBLE that anyone else could POSSIBLY have a “case” as bad as you. Know what I mean?

       I laugh when I think about it, actually.

       I have spent many, many hours in situations… looking at a woman that I'd like to approach… but just not being able to do it.

       Then, later… after it's all over… I think BACK to the situation… and shake my head because I just couldn't figure out how to overcome my own FEAR… and just TALK TO HER.

       The desperation that resulted from these situations was intense. It was embarrassing. It was demoralizing . It sucked.

       As a man, one of the worst feelings you can have is that something is making you feel like LESS than a man. And this was one of those situations for me.

       I'm kind of hard-headed sometimes. Maybe I like punishment more than others… or maybe I just like to beat my head against the wall longer than most.

       In any event… I didn't give up.

       Even though I was going through this experience over and over… of seeing a woman I wanted to meet… feeling fear and apprehension… not being able to get up the nerve to go talk to her… then thinking about it for hours (or days) after it happened… I just wouldn't let go.

       I became determined to “crack the code” on this one.

       Well, one of the big “ah ha!” moments I had was the SIMPLE act of learning that I WASN'T ALONE.

       Just like it takes some “nerve” to approach a woman, it ALSO takes nerve to ADMIT when you're having challenges in life.

       And one of the things I learned about my “fear of approaching women” was that instead of being “abnormal”, I was actually TYPICAL.

       Imagine that.

       Here I was thinking that I was emotionally retarded… and then I find out that MOST guys have this same issue… and it's just as intense for THEM as it is FOR ME!

       Misery loves company… as they say. I guess that just learning I wasn't alone was enough to really encourage me.

       But then I learned something even MORE important while I was learning how to overcome my own fears: I learned that MANY OTHER GUYS had figured out how to OVERCOME this “fear and shyness issue”… which led me to my next “ah ha!” moment:


       And I'll tell you something right now: SO CAN YOU. And if you're open-minded and willing to do a little work on your part, then I'd like to show YOU how to do it…

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MISTAKE #2: Expecting The Worst

       I have spent a lot of years reading Psychology and “Self Help” books… and listening to audio programs… and going to seminars…

       I've also spent a tremendous amount of time “testing out” the ideas that I've learned in these various books and programs.

       As a result of all this “trying stuff out”, I've come to the realization that EXPECTATIONS play a very important part in RESULTS in life.

       People who always expect bad things to happen… wind up having a lot of bad things happen to them.

       People who only expect good things… wind up having a lot of good things happen.

       Is this Voodoo? Am I talking about freaky New Age ideas that have no basis in reality of any kind?


       I've never tried Voodoo, by the way… but if you have, and it works, let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas that WORK!

       OK, back to the point…

       I believe that the REASON why expectations are so powerful has to do with the part of your mind that psychologists refer to as the “unconscious mind”. Some call it the “subconscious mind”.

       This is the part of your mind that's “always on”… but it's working “behind the scenes”.

       Have you ever been walking along… or driving… and you sensed danger out of the corner of your eye… and before you knew it, you INSTANTLY responded to avoid the danger?

       Things like this happen to us all the time… but we don't really THINK about what's happening in moments like these.

       The reality is that when we go through an experience like this, there are “miracles” happening inside of us.

       In an instant, before we have time to “think” about what's happening, our entire mind and body have “taken over” and moved us out of the way of harm.

       If you take just one aspect of one of these situations, the PHYSICAL MOVEMENTS, and examine it… you'll find that more is going on than “meets the eye”.

       In order for your mind to perceive the danger, realize that it IS danger, figure out how to respond, then get the body to actually MOVE in away that gets you out of the path of danger… requires a MASSIVE amount of “computing power”.

       Fortunately for you, all of the “computations” are being done outside of your “conscious” awareness.

       But WHERE is it all being done? How is it that you “know” what to do… and you even DO it… before you “realize” what's going on?

       It's all being done in this part of your mind that I'm talking about. It's all happening on the UNCONSCIOUS level.

       Now, think about THIS for a minute:

       Most men who have problems approaching women have one peculiar thing in common: They are all EXPECTING negative outcomes from the approach.

       And they also have a SECOND thing in common: They don't CONSCIOUSLY REALIZE that all of their expectations are negative.

       If you take time to ask, or you stop to think about how it happens for YOU, I think you'll realize that when you think about approaching a woman, your UNCONSCIOUS mind starts to INSTANTLY think about all the NEGATIVE things that might happen.

       In fact, for most guys, this “negative expectation program” literally TAKES OVER… and they CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE a positive outcome.

       This “negative expectation” thing is kind of a bitch, by the way.

       It's painful… and it's not easy to change…

       UNLESS, that is… you know HOW.

       You've learned one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for changing: AWARENESS.

       Now that you KNOW about it, you can start to AFFECT IT…

       Now you need to learn some specific techniques to REVERSE this thinking… and begin to expect POSITIVE things to happen when you approach women…

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MISTAKE #3: Making The WRONG First Impression

       Another important think I learned about approaching women is actually something pretty OBVIOUS, when you think about it:

       Attractive women are “approached”… one way or another… CONSTANTLY.

       Women who are attractive are approached in a hundred different ways every day.

       Sometimes it's a co-worker walking by her desk and smiling “too many times” a day…

       Sometimes it's a guy holding a door open a little too long, just hoping to start a conversation…

       Sometimes it's a random email from a guy she doesn't know telling her that he saw her picture online and thinks she's beautiful…

       Sometimes it's a friend who keeps sharing his “feelings” for her…

       And the more she's approached (both subtly and not so subtly), the more she develops a powerful “radar system” that alerts her to a man's intentions.

       Most men don't realize that their lame attempts to get a woman's attention are HURTING them. They don't realize that the things they're doing are actually giving her a NEGATIVE impression… and making it so that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE for her to be attracted.

       You've probably heard me say that “Women aren't attracted to Wussies!”.

       It's true, by the way.

       Let me ask you a couple of questions:

       1) How many chances do you get to make a first impression on a woman?

       2) What impression do most men give off when they approach a woman?

       Right, the WUSSY impression.

       And women have such a finely-tuned “Wussy Radar” system, that's I've actually given it a NAME… I call it WUSS-DAR.

       If the impression you make on a woman is that you're a WUSSY, then it really doesn't MATTER if you've learned to overcome your fear of approaching her… because she's not going to feel any ATTRACTION for you ANYWAY.

       You can train for ten years and become the fastest runner in the world… but if you start off the race running in the WRONG DIRECTION it's going to be pretty hard to WIN.

       So remember: When you approach a woman, make sure the IMPRESSION she's getting is one that triggers ATTRACTION.

       There are a lot of specific ways to create this impression, and I'll tell you some of them right now…


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MISTAKE #4: Seeking Her Approval Or Acceptance

       If I could go around the world, and take ALL of the situations that happened today where a man approached a woman that he was interested in dating… and then summarize and “condense” them into ONE “scene”, it would have an easy-to-recognize theme…

       It would be a man who's nervous and shy… who is trying to FIRST get the woman to LIKE AND ACCEPT HIM.

       For most guys, they have it in their mind that they need to get what psychologists call “approval”.

       They think that the most important thing is that she LIKE him.

       Here's what it looks like to the woman…

       It's like a guy is walking up with a big sign on his forehead that reads: “I want you to think that I'm a nice, sweet, caring, considerate man… and I would do almost anything to make you like and accept me”.

       And guess what?


       It never works.

       Well, let me correct myself…

       You will never win the lottery.

       You MIGHT actually win the lottery… but you probably won't.

       And you MIGHT get a woman to feel attracted to her by working to get her attention and approval…

       But you probably won't.

       I think I've made my point.

       Using the “kiss her ass and hope she likes me” strategy is a loser. It does not trigger attraction. It never will.

       Hugh Hefner and Brad Pitt will probably write to me to disagree… and then I'll stand corrected.

       But for regular guys like you and me, it ain't gonna happen.

       ATTRACTION is triggered by a TOTALLY DIFFERENT message.

       It's created by a man who knows how to TRIGGER the attraction when he approaches… not by the man who HOPES it will happen if he's a NICE, SWEET, WONDERFUL GUY.


       She'll smell the Inner Wuss coming out, and she'll shut you down faster than you can say “I touch myself”.

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MISTAKE #5: Thinking You Need To Be
“Original And Creative”

       Answer this question:

       When you see an attractive woman that you'd like to meet… and you start thinking about how to approach her and start a conversation… what's the FIRST thing you think of to SAY to her?

       As you know, it can be TORTURE to try to come up with what to say.

       This torture, of course, is SELF-INFLICTED.

       And there's a common “theme” at the root of this “self torture”.

       This theme is that when we see a woman that we'd like to meet, we tend to think to ourselves, “I need to come up with something ORIGINAL and CREATIVE to say to her”.

       Why do we do this?

       Because we DON'T want to come across as insincere… or even CHEESY.

       So we look at her… try to notice something about her… maybe try to come up with some kind of original compliment… or creative humor.

       Here's the problem:

       That attractive woman has men looking at her ALL DAY… EVERY DAY.

       And they're all thinking the SAME THING.

       From HER perspective, every guy is walking up to her and saying one of the SAME FEW THINGS.

       The irony is that in our desire and attempt to be ORIGINAL…we wind up saying essentially the SAME THING as the last hundred guys…

       And TO HER, it comes across in EXACTLY THE WRONG WAY.

       The “original, sincere, real” compliment we give her is just like the last bazillion she got…

       And you just become one more “link” in the “mental sausage chain” in her mind.


       So what's the solution?

       The solution is to LEARN what to say when you start a conversation with women. Learn how the PROS do it… so you can get an UNDERSTANDING of what actually WORKS.

       Only after you've learned from several experts… and then used their methods in the REAL WORLD… should you try to be “creative and original”.

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Of Techniques “At The Ready”

       You may have noticed that the mistakes I've been talking about have little or nothing to do with “pick up lines” and “techniques”.

       Why is this?

       It's pretty simple, really…

       If you have all these other issues handled, then good “pick up lines” and other techniques are like GUNPOWDER. They're INCREDIBLY powerful.

       If you DON'T have these other issues handled, the best techniques in the world can't help you.

       So, STEP ONE is to get these other issues handled.

       Step TWO is to then learn the very best opening lines and other techniques… so you have “proven systems” for approaching women and starting conversations in ANY situation.

       Until now, there's been nowhere to go for the solutions to ANY of these problems.

       Now there's a place where you can learn to overcome and CONQUER all of these different problems… PLUS get an intensive training on all of the best step-by-step techniques and “pick up lines” for every possible situation…

Now YOU Can Learn To
Approach A Woman In Any Situation...
And Never Worry About
What COULD Have Been...
Ever Again...


       If you're ready to finally kiss your fears of walking up to women goodbye---and give yourself the priceless skill of being able to approach any woman in any situation... spark her attraction for you INSTANTLY... and leave with her wanting you... I have some exciting news for you...

       I've spent the last few months putting together a brand new, one-of-a-kind program on “Approaching Women And Starting Conversations”... and it's finally ready to rock.

      This program is NOT designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of approaching women... and it's NOT just going to give you a few great lines and techniques...

       What this program IS designed to do is completely IMPLANT the skill of approaching women into your game, brain, and personality... and make it a PERMANENT part of you.

       We start with the INNER game...

       In the beginning, I'll show you WHY men have such a hard time approaching women... why your adrenaline starts pumping when you see an attractive women you want to meet... why your brain is trained to create excuses NOT to approach... and why you can't ever think of the right thing to say “when it counts”...

       We'll tackle each one of these problems HEAD ON... and permanently eliminate each one of them from your system... one by one.

       From there... we move on to the TACTICS...

       Did you know that one simple change to the angle of your body when you approach a woman will TRIPLE the chances of her giving you a chance?

     You'll learn this in the program (in only 30 seconds, in fact...) along with DOZENS of other little tricks that---when applied---practically FORCE a woman to respond positively to you...

       I'll also show you how to stand out from every other man that has ever walked up to her... even if you DON'T have something “original” to say... and how to read a woman's signals FAST so you know when she WANTS you to approach... the exact time when you SHOULD approach... and when you shouldn't waste your time.

       And that's just the beginning...

       From there... we move on to the WORDS.

       In this program you're going to learn literally hundreds of KILLER, word-for-word opening lines to start conversations with women...

       You'll learn ways to approach women in EVERY situation... from the bar to the beach to the bank... and of course... easy ways to approach bartenders, cashiers, waitresses, exotic dancers... woman who are “on the job”, and women who are on the go and wouldn't usually stop to talk to ANYBODY.

       I'm also going to share with you some of my “universal” lines that work in practically ANY situation. I'm talking about my “secret weapons” that I've never shared anywhere else... for a selfish reason:

       They are just TOO GOOD... and I wanted to keep them for myself!

       But what the heck... I'm going to share them with you here (so long as you promise not to use them in or around the city of Los Angeles... I'm only half joking here!)

       I'm also going to show you what to say NEXT.

       The approach is only the beginning... and it's important that you know how to transistion into an interesting conversation smoothly... have a woman EXCITED about giving you her primary phone number and email address... or get her to drop whatever she's doing to hang out with you right then and there.

       All of this is covered in the program... and a whole lot more.

       Here is just a few of the other things you'll learn:

  • The one word to say at the very beginning of your approach that DOUBLES your chances of being successful

  • How to INSTANTLY stand out from every other man that has ever approached her… so a woman knows you are an opportunity she shouldn't DARE pass up…

  • The 10 things that PREVENT you from approaching women – broken down and explained (I had to deal with each one of these 10 things personally… if you're having problems starting conversations with women I GUARANTEE one of them is on this list… AND that I can show you a quick and easy way to ELIMINATE IT.)

  • A surefire way to completely eliminate that sinking feeling you get when you see a woman you want to approach (Use this one “in the field” to get yourself back on track FAST.)

  • A lesson from early humanity that will help you completely destroy your fears of approaching women FOR GOOD

  • The real “genetic” reasons we are afraid of approaching women (When you know what they are, it is almost too easy to dispel these fears FOR GOOD.)

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  • How to completely reprogram your subconscious and turn yourself into a “machine” that approaches any woman… anytime… in ANY situation… without even thinking about it

  • Why approaching TOO MANY women is a bad thing… and how to double your chances of success by picking and choosing

  • A hilarious, never-fail way to start up a conversation with a woman in an elevator

  • A fun and easy exercise that increases your ability to start interesting conversations with women tenfold in just 7 days…

  • The 8 different “attitudes” that work when approaching women (I'll also show you how to pick the best one for you… and the best one for each situation. This alone can TRIPLE your chances of getting a positive response.)

  • A silly way to tease a waitress that makes her see you as an attractive “mystery man” instead of just a customer

  • An awesome way to meet an airline stewardess that gets HER doing the talking!

  • The specific steps “naturals” take when approaching women… and why they almost NEVER fail (I'll show you how to use their natural “success formula” and come off as a guy women know they SHOULDN'T pass up… )

  • The “universal mating signal” ALL women give off when they want a man to approach them (a surefire way to know when it's “ON”)

  • The special signal nearly all women give you that tells you exactly when you should ask for her phone number and email address

  • 6 of my “secret spots” around town where women actually outnumber the men!

  • How to identify the places in your town where hot women hang out… and… 3 clever ways to set it up so women approach YOU at these spots

  • An easy way to meet women who are standing next to you in line… whether you're at the supermarket… bank… or anywhere else!

  • Eye Contact Explained – Exactly what it means when she looks at you… when she looks away… and everything in between (I'll show you what these signals mean… how to read them FAST… and what to do when you see one…)

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  • How to “negate” a woman's powers of beauty and so she sees YOU as the one she should impress… and not the other way around

  • The “trump cards” women use to test and quickly disqualify men (the sad thing is that most men have NO IDEA these tests even EXIST… and if you don't know how to react to them you'll lose every time.)

  • 12 BIG No No's that KILL any approach instantly (even “naturals” make one of these mistakes every once in awhile… so listen up)

  • Why a memorized approach actually sounds MORE original to a woman than the CRAP most guys say to her (When you hear this you're going to be relieved and EXCITED… because you'll know how to separate yourself from the other clowns with almost ZERO effort on your part…)

  • A funny way to bust on a cashier when she's charging your credit card that sets up a smooth phone number/email exchange

The World's BEST Reveal Their
Secret Lines And Field-Tested Tactics
For Starting Conversations
With Women Easily...

        To ensure that this program was the very best in the world... I brought in some of the WORLD'S BEST to help me out...

       You'll hear from a psychiatrist who will show you how to rid yourself of the negative beliefs that are sabotaging your success... as well as two “wingwomen”---ladies who introduce men to women for a living---who will spill the beans on how you can use OTHER women to meet the ones you want.

       You'll also hear from several guys who have over 1000 approaches under their belts... and they'll practically HAND YOU all of the secrets they've worked so hard to discover...

       What you learn from these guys will shave YEARS off of your learning curve... so listen up...

        Here are a few of the other awesome secrets you'll learn from my guests:

  • Why some women WANT you to fail when you first approach them (Here's how to get around this, prove them wrong... and make them feel sorry for ever doubting you...)

  • The 5 secrets of successfully approaching women that go AGAINST common sense---discovered by two women who pick up on OTHER women for a living

  • A surefire sign that you should NOT approach a woman (Most guys miss this and get rejected every time)

  • How to tell if a woman needs to be “saved”… and be the knight in shining armor that saves her from a clingy wuss-bag

  • Specific questions to ask a woman in the first 5 minutes to get her talking… and also make her curious about YOU

  • How to create an aire of mystery and build powerful SEXUAL TENSION by engaging and disengaging a woman in conversation

  • We all know that men want beautiful women… but women don't want beautiful men… what they really want is a man with beautiful women. Here's how to leverage this competitive “catfight nature” and attract more than one woman at once

  • Why the best way to avoid rejection is to BE THE ONE DOING THE REJECTING. Here's a magical concept that opens the doors to having stimulating, funny conversations that ignite attraction and make women chase YOU…

  • How to meet women when you are out with other women

  • How to use your female friends to help you meet women and have a great time doing it

  • A step-by-step method to have women you meet bring you other women… creating a “snowball” effect that will literally FORCE you to turn women down because you simply CANNOT handle them all! (This is one of the “hidden secrets” of dating masters—and how they make it look so easy…)

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  • The Booty Call Agreement – How a “true player” lines up one one-night-stand after another…

  • The 5 things you should NEVER say when approaching a woman… that almost all men THINK will work

  • A hilarious way to meet a woman at a bus stop or a train station

  • “The Stare Down” – An eye-contact-only approach that is more powerful than a “pickup line”… because it shows her how confident you are right at the beginning

  • What to do to let a woman know you are “relationship material” and get her WORKING to keep your attention

  • How to increase the effectiveness of your “rehearsed” opening lines by making them appear to be spontaneous

  • What to say to attract a woman who is “high maintenance”

  • A simple but powerful story you can tell to a woman to get her turned on FAST…

  • Why telling a woman YOUR NAME can kill your chances with her (Yes, it's true. Here's what to say instead to avoid looking “boring”…)

  • The awesome answering machine message that practically FORCES a woman to return your call the minute she hears it…

  • What you must do differently when talking to a REALLY attractive woman so that she sees you as someone who is “in her league”

  • A LIVE DEMO of how to successfully approach women in a way that generates ATTRACION (Watch as my friend takes 3 volunteers “through the motions” and shows them how to use vocal tonality, body language, and words to grab a woman's attention and keep it)

  • How “regular” guys actually make things EASIER for the “naturals” (Here's how to get on the right side of the coin so you are a benefactor of most men's mistakes…)

  • The 90/10 Rule – How to maintain an interesting conversation with a woman even when she isn't giving you any “material” to work with

  • Cold-reading – How to make a woman think you are a super-psychic by telling her amazing things about herself that even her best friends don't know

  • Why it is actually better if you are NOT super funny when you are talking to a woman (If you've ever wondered how some “silent types” do so well with women, here it is…)

  • How to use simple stories to strike up conversations with women who are normally “hard-to-get”

  • Role-playing – A fun and effective way to get a woman to picture spending time with you in the future

  • “Dis-Representation” – How to make it appear to everyone in the club that SHE is hitting on YOU (This is a great way to set yourself up for success with the other women in the place)

  • My friend's step-by-step action plan---developed for his private coaching clients---that allows them to master this skill in just 7 days

  • Why a man with over 10,000 approaches under his belt is SCARED TO DEATH of the approach… here's how he overcomes it in the field and why he always gets the girl…

  • The deadly mistake that prevents some men from EVER succeeding with women (luckily it can be changed fairly easily… IF you know what it is…)

  • A simple body language trick that makes a woman worry she is LOSING YOU and gets HER doing the pursuing!

  • How to easily thwart the efforts of another man who is trying to move in on a woman you want

  • The 3 reasons why fear of the approach is pre-programming inside of the human brain… and how to dissect and DEFEAT each of them one by one

  • 3 things to say to a woman that lower her value and make her work to try to impress you

  • A simple 12 word sentence to say in the first 3 minutes of an approach that GUARANTEES a woman will listen to what you have to say (This one is PURE GENIUS… and you'll use it in every approach you do from now on)

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  • The 4 things you MUST do in the first 15 seconds to guarantee your approach goes well

  • 2 easy-to-adopt characteristics that biologically FORCE a woman to choose YOU over other men

  • A VERY obvious indicator that a woman you haven't met yet is into you (When you see this sign, you can simply tap her on the shoulder and she'll be ready to go! )

  • A way to “modestly brag” about yourself that impresses a woman because you don't come off as arrogant

  • A body language tactic that tells women YOU are the leader of your group (Your friends won't be able to figure out why the women keep choosing YOU… and I suggest you don't tell them!)

  • How to make every woman in a nightclub see you as the most desirable man in the place

  • A question to ask a woman you want that gets her to PROVE to you that she is someone worth wasting your time on

  • The “3 Second Rule” - a surefire way to FORCE yourself to approach groups of women fast

  • How to naturally persuade a group of women to set you up with the HOTTEST one!

  • How to make the techniques you learn a part of your true self… and be the genuine man that women find MAGNETICALLY attractive

  • A simple exercise that increases the speed of your learning (Men who know this are able to master the art of starting conversations with women in DAYS not YEARS… and now you will too…)

  • A mistake 9 out of 10 “newbies” make that makes them come off as “creepy”

  • A proven method to build an impenetrable mental shield for yourself… so even the harshest rejection slides off your back (My friend is a psychiatrist… so he knows his stuff. This piece of knowledge ALONE is worth the price of the program…)

  • A “recipe-like” way to build your self-esteem while you are learning… so you become stronger and stronger as you get better and better

  • A psychological trick that gives you the ability to completely eliminate anxiety and stress from your life

  • The 4 Personality Types Of Women – An easy way to detect which one she is instantly … and use this information to figure out the very BEST way to approach her

  • The single biggest thing that holds people back from REALLY succeeding in life

  • A simple exercise that will allow you to SKIP THROUGH the frustration of learning how to approach women and start seeing yourself as a master of meeting women TODAY

  • How to create a powerful sense of fulfillment in yourself that powers you towards achieving your goals

  • How to finally get off of your ass and start living life in the best and most fulfilling way possible

  • How to identify and CRUSH the big excuses you are making for yourself with women and in life and become your PERFECT self

  • A great line to open up a large group of women that will have every woman around you busting up laughing…

  • How to use your surroundings to create instant, spontaneous conversation starters in any situation

  • A totally comfortable and natural way to meet a girl in a coffee shop (Mark my words - Starbucks will become your “home away from home” after you hear this one and just how well it works…)

       As you can see... my guests and I left no stone unturned.

        This program will give you ALL of the tools... but more importantly... by going through this intensive trainging, you'll gain the ACTUAL SKILLS you need to use them successfully.

       But don't get me wrong... this program is NOT for everybody...

How Can You Know If
This Program Is For You?

       The bottom line is that there are 3 types of men that will benefit from this program:

  1. Guys who have a hard time approaching women... have never approached a woman before or have approached very few women... and want a shortcut to success that will give them this skill without having to spend YEARS learning it on their own

  2. Guys who are already ok at approaching women... can approach a woman in some or most situations... but aren't always getting postive responses, and don't always turn the phone numbers and email addresses they get into dates, because they aren't generating enough ATTRACTION

  3. Guys who are already GOOD at approaching women, who simply want to load their arsenal with a TON of killer lines and advanced strategies (such as approaching women who are out with other men, how to approach “10's” and super-hot women, etc...)

       Of course for guys in groups #2 and #3 it's a no brainer... what what about guys in group #1?

       If you're a guy who has struggled with approaching women and starting conversations, there is a very good chance that this program contains exactly what you need to master this skill quickly and easily...

       But just to be SURE... here's what I want you to do:

       I want you take a moment right now and ask yourself WHY you can't naturally and comfortably approach women.

       Be HONEST.

       Is it because:

       ...you don't know what to expect when you actually do it?

       ...you care what other people think or might think?

       ...you don't want to get rejected?

       ...you don't know what to do or say... or don't believe what you do say will “work”?

       ...you think it's “unnatural” for a man to approach and start a conversation with a woman he's attracted to?

       ...because you have a poor self-image, low self-esteem, and little or no self-confidence?

       ... or do you make each situation too important... and feel that if you got rejected it would mean something bad about YOU as a person?

       Or is it because you can't control the fear that stops you? You want to, it's logical... but in the moment, something takes over and you can't control it?

      If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then I have some good news for you...

       We are going to battle and CONQUER every single one of these problems in the program.

       I came up with this list based on MY OWN personal experience---these are the problems that I had when I was trying to get this down.

       Since then... I've had to conquer each one of them for myself... and now, I'd like to show YOU how to do the same... without going through all of the pain, frustration, and rejection that I had to deal with... and especially without taking months or even years to do it.

       Point blank: This program will BRAINWASH you. The tools and exercises you learn from my guests and I are going to rid your mind of the fears that are holding you back, and unlock the confidence and power that you KNOW is inside of you.

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Why This Program Is
Very Different From
Everything Else Out There...

       Let's face it... “pickup lines” are easy to find.

       Of course... you'll have to dig for several years to find lines as good as the ones you'll hear in this program... but that's not the point.

       What I want to make clear to you is this:

        The lines by themselves are NOT ENOUGH.

       I don't care if you have the best line in the world... if you don't have “the rest”, chances are it WILL NOT work for you. And even if it does, it won't be nearly as effective.

       If you've ever learned what you thought was a fantastic line... only to have it BOMB when you actually tried it out... then you know what I mean.

       But... when you DO have a mastery of the REAL things that make an approach go well... it almost doesn't matter WHAT you say.

       Almost ANYTHING will work. I'm serious.

       And here's the best part ... when you have the knowledge of what REALLY makes an approach go well... AND a great “line” to boot... you become practically UNSTOPPABLE.

       Women who have rejected a dozen men in a row open up to YOU, and are GRATEFUL to you for brightening up their night...

       Very attractive women are so shocked to finally meet a guy who appears to be “in their league” that you are “in” within minutes of approaching them... no additional effort or “proving yourself” required...

       This program is different because it teaches you the “other stuff”... the stuff that is MORE IMPORTANT than the actual lines themselves... in addition to teaching you lines that are so good they could almost “stand alone” in the hands of a fresh beginner.

       Put all of this together, and it almost feels like cheating.

       Here are the things you will learn in this program that you simply CANNOT find anywhere else... and the reasons why this program is completely different than anything else that has ever been done before:

1. A Total Mental Reprogramming

       Of course all tactics are USELESS without the balls to actually approach a woman... and through the use of simple exercises and demonstrations, we are going to smash through each one of the things that are holding you back from approaching the women you want.

       We are going to turn you into a FEARLESS APPROACHING MACHINE.

       From the moment you finish the program, you'll feel new surges of confidence throughout your body. You'll wonder what happened to the the fear and nervousness you used to feel when you would see a woman you wanted to meet... because those feelings simply WON'T be there. Instead... the site of an attractive woman will bring a smile to your face... because you'll know EXACTLY what to say and do... and you won't even surprise yourself when you walk up to her with total confidence and ZERO hesitation... make her smile... and walk way with her phone number and email address. And you'll do this again and again and again. It's now a part of your life. And it FEELS GOOD.

2. Actual LIVE Presentations - So You Can SEE And HEAR How It's Done...

       Most men never realize that HOW you speak to a woman is even more important than the WORDS you say...

       This is the first ever AUDIO/VIDEO program dedicated to approaching women... and in it, you'll learn how to use your vocal tonality to trigger a woman's biological attraction “switches”--- the triggers that FORCE her to see you as a desirable man.

       Nearly all “naturals” do this instinctively... but most “regular” guys never even THINK that it would make a difference. Guess what... it does. And you'll learn this the very first time you go through the program... and start using this simple trick the same night to make woman feel ATTRACTION for you.

3. How To Use Body Language To SUPERCHARGE Your Approaches

       Another crucial aspect of approaching women is your BODY LANGUAGE.

       Women are about TEN TIMES better at picking up subtle body language cues than men... and if your body language even hints that you might not be “man enough” for her... a woman will often make the decision to reject you before you even open your mouth.

       In this program, you'll learn how to tweak your body language so women see you as DESIRABLE... and get excited when they see you walking over to talk to them.

       When you have this down, your work is half done. In this program, you'll learn how...

4. How To Handle EVERY Situation

       In this program, you're going to learn how to approach women ANYWHERE.

       But... the things you do to successfully approach a woman in one setting are often FAR different than you would do in the next.

       You're going to learn how to approach a woman who is alone... and what you should do differently when she is with friends.

       You'll also learn what you MUST do differently when she is with GUY friends.

       You're going to learn what you must do differently when approaching a woman in a bar or a nightclub... and how to stop a woman who is walking down the street.

       By the time you are finished going through the material, you are going to have a COMPLETE set of skills. The world will be your playground... you'll know how to analyze every situation with the skill of an NFL quarterback... and do exactly the right thing, everytime.

5. How To Master These Skills FAST

       But perhaps the most amazing thing is just how fast you will get this skill down.

       NONE of the guys you hear from are “naturals” when it comes to starting conversations with women... myself included.

       We had to learn this stuff the HARD WAY.

       We've already made all of the mistakes... and figured out what works.

       Because of this, we can show YOU how to master this skill in the fastest amount of time humanly possible.

       I actually think you'll be AMAZED at just how easy it is, once you know what you're doing. I'm really excited to share this stuff with you... because I KNOW it's going to change your life...

You'll Also Get Three FREE Live
“Interviews With Dating Gurus”
Just For Trying This Program ...

        As a very special one-time bonus, I'd also like to send you THREE FREE interviews from my Interviews With Dating Gurus monthly CD interview program.

        Here's how it works: Order now, and I'll throw in a one-month FREE subscription to my Interview Series - PLUS I'd like to send you my Interview Starter Kit starter kit that contains two DOUBLE interviews as a bonus for just trying this program.

        I'm so sure you're going to love these interviews that I'm even going to pay the additional priority SHIPPING cost to send them to you. If you love them (which you will), keep them and stay subscribed. Every month I'll send you another interview, and you'll automatically be charged only $19.95 (or $22.95 if you're outside of the U.S.). You can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles.

        If you get this starter kit and you DON'T love these interviews and get IMMEDIATE success with the material you learn, you can cancel and keep the starter kit AND the first month's interview FOR FREE just for TRYING it. In other words, you get to keep all three interviews for free either way... even if you cancel right after you get them.

       This bonus is worth at least $100.00 alone, and it's yours free just for trying this program - but this special free-interview offer is only available with your purchase right now .

       And of course, the starter kit and all the future interviews will be sent to you in plain packaging for your privacy.

       [Read all about my Interview Series by clicking HERE
 for a pop-up window that will explain the details. The pop up can be closed as soon as you're finished.]


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David DeAngelo

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