Here's a few tips to make EliteMate work better on your computer system.

You must review and utilize these instructions below to use EliteMate and all it's advanced features.

1. Disable your pop up blocker in Firefox, AOL, Internet Explorer or any pop up blocking program you are using to enable instant messaging, chat and other features on

2. Set your firewall and email filters to fully accept if you are getting knocked off the site or if your browser is timing out.

3. Upgrade your browser to meet's  requirements // if some of's features are not working properly on your computer system.

4. Delete the cache memory in your browser. // if your browser is timing out or you are having issues accessing fully privileged areas of the site. 

5. Have Java downloaded. //  to use the chat and instant message features.

Set your browser to view the newest versions of each website page with each visit (do not reference EliteMate with cache memory). // if you are a fully privileged member and having issues getting into member areas.

7. Have flash downloaded. // to view all special effects and graphics of 

8. Download Quick Time to view  commercials. //

9. Open up FireFox, Internet Explorer, AOL or any other browser press the Tools tab (Little Different on some browsers but you need to search security and trusted sites and then enter the IP and Web address in this paragraph) on the top menu, then press internet options tab, then press the security tab on the top, then highlight trusted sites logo and then click on the Sites tab and add this website to your trusted sites // and the IP address of the chat server and uncheck the server verification tab in this area for (https).  This will allow your browser to fully accept and not boot you off or time your browser out. 
You must have a high speed connection (DSL, CABLE, T1 or T3) to truly experience EliteMate at its best.

We hope these tips empower you to have a great time on is so much more than an online matchmaking company, We Simplify Life!

Have At Your Finger Tips right now with everything at once glance.

Have a great day! 

Sincerely, Support Team
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