Astrology of January 2020

by Henry Seltzer
editor Victor Daniel

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The Astrology of January is quite intense, featuring a lunar eclipse as well as Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. All these powerful planetary archetypes have come together for January of 2020 either as part of a large Capricorn stellium that is active right from the very beginning of the month, in alignment with the current lunations, or, in the case of Eris, in square with Saturn-Pluto. Of course, the biggest headline news for the month is the perfection of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which has been forming for many weeks, and which symbolizes an empowerment of the limitations of Saturn as well as the massive structural transformations implied by a greatly emphasized Pluto in combination, affecting us all both individually and collectively. This anticipated event is exact on January 12th, and active for the days surrounding this moment of time, beginning with the January 10th Cancer Full Moon eclipse at 20 + degrees of Cancer-Capricorn. This is a mere two degrees from the 22-degree mark of Saturn-Pluto. Because we remain in the midst of the Capricorn lunation cycle begun late on Christmas Day with the solar eclipse and New Moon that took place early in the sign, conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus in Taurus, that trickster energy of surprise and brilliant observation is very much in the picture of this month’s energy as well. Powerful Uranus, that wants freedom of expression above all else, and is always more than willing to jump the tracks of existing habit patterns, must contend, in the timing of the mid-month lunar eclipse, with an extra-potent dose of Saturn, that wants above all to put a clamp on things, holding them down from too experimental an approach. We see this being acted out in the current zeitgeist by the powerfully progressive voices being raised running up against conservative forces absolutely holding the line. The lunar eclipse also has Mercury appearing in partile or same-degree conjunction with the eclipse Sun, further strengthening its impact. With Mercury so closely involved, this brings the important issue of consciousness of what we are up to directly to the table.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also emphasized in this month’s astrological configurations. Chiron was squared by the New Moon lunation of December 25th, a solar eclipse, that began this current 30-day cycle, and will be aspected as well by the January 24th New Moon. The potent January 10th lunar eclipse in Cancer highlights Chiron also, by means of a close quintile from Sun and Mercury. Perched at very nearly the beginning degree of Aries, like Uranus in his occupancy of a similar degree of Taurus, Chiron thus participates in an ongoing significant semi-sextile with the cosmic Trickster. We will be intuitionally aware of our own inner wounding and coming to new realizations concerning the way this interior factor, most times the residue from early childhood trauma, continues to influence our lives and our choices. We must pause here to note that the objective facts in this matter of our inner wounding are few. We are what we think we are. Similarly, when that subjective attitude changes, we change. Becoming aware of what is going on in the dark places within you, where inner wounding has been buried away, is the first and most significant step in beginning to move beyond these sometimes quite debilitating complexes deep inside. After recognition comes compassion for the hurt child that remains within us, and an ability to comfort these walled off parts of ourselves. This activity is extremely important as we move forward in the surge of evolutionary development that is presaged by strong Pluto for this new month, year, and decade.

Prominent Uranus is also quite an important factor in January’s astrology, as indicated above. In addition to being aspected by the December 25th New Moon eclipse, Uranus is squared by the Sun and Moon in the January 24th New Moon, and stations to direct motion on the same day as the January 10th Full Moon eclipse, so we currently have a lot of his trickster energy in the picture! This month also represents the swan song of the Uranus-Pluto square that was the hallmark of the previous decade, as the 10-degree orb of their interaction becomes transcended. This world transit, the next stage of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that defined the volatile 1960s, represents testing the validity of new ways of thinking and being in the world, attempting to determine whether they are viable as mainstream elements. With climate change bearing down upon us like an express train, we will have to embody a more positive model of social interaction and veneration for Nature if we are to survive, so the stakes are extremely high right now.

Finally, and also directly relating to the above, we have Eris, Feminine Warrior in support of soul intention, quite prominently involved in the powerful Saturn-Pluto square that perfects mid-month. Saturn and Pluto are at 22 + of Capricorn, while Eris currently occupies the 23-degree mark of Aries, a nearly perfect square alignment. This energy is all about digging down deep inside ourselves in order to determine our most sincere values, and then proceeding with courage to act upon these, and only these, as we take ourselves forward into our next evolutionary stage. In order to do this, we must recognize only that which we incontrovertibly believe, independent of consensus thought or the reactivity of others. Greta Thunberg is a perfect example of this, of course. Blessed with powerful Eris in her own natal chart, she has electrified environmentalists all over the world with her dedication to her own inner truth, to the absolute exclusion of what others might think, or social convention might dictate. If we can follow her example, each in our own individual way, we will have come a long way toward tackling the extreme problems we and the earth face as a society and as Nature symbiosis. Noted 20th century anthropologist Margaret Mead, herself with Eris closely square the Sun, perhaps articulated this principle best when she said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

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We live in perilous times, not only for the threatened individual, but for the threatened democracy that we cherish. All we can do at the moment is to keep our heads up and our eyes open and pitch in where we can. We also serve the eventual and inevitable evolution of our society by staying as alert as possible to the deeper meaning of events as they unfold.

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Please note: dates given in this column for astrological events are based on U.S. Pacific Time Zone (UTC +8), for other locations dates may need to be adjusted depending on the number of hours of separation.

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This is yet another rather intense month, Aries; philosophically active and introspectively alive, as you navigate a dark passage. Yet, this is also the time that you have been preparing for, with the availability of sudden breakthrough. Saturn closely aligned with Pluto in Capricorn, mid-month, corresponds to outer reputation, career, and professional life. Can these align with your profound sense of mission for this lifetime? You might get a few more gray hairs, but this is your chance to shine. Nothing so powerfully significant ever comes easy, and yet when the dust settles you may find that you are greatly enriched by what you have gone through. It is also important to note that inner wounding could come up for you in early January, for the beneficial purpose of becoming more conscious of what is going on below the surface layers of your psyche. You are advancing in maturity and wisdom, with a strong degree of trickster energy also in the mix, just for fun.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Aries! 2020 kicks off with the First Quarter Moon in Aries on January 2nd, and your ruler Mars moving into Sagittarius on January 3rd. These two aspects alone should help you shake off the holiday haze, and get the year started with some propulsion power. Mars entering the Fire sign of Sagittarius will be an excellent and supportive force for Aries in the coming weeks, and you could already be feel the restlessness and desire to get moving. Mars transiting in Sagittarius until February 16th is your cue to dream big, and envision what you want 2020 to look like; set your gaze on the distant horizon. If you have been dreaming about traveling, January might be your opportunity. However, with the stellium of planets currently transiting in Capricorn, responsibilities abound for Aries folks like you, and you might feel burdened by a heavy work load and too many responsibilities. The current astrological weather calls for pragmatism and the ability to carry your burdens gracefully while also getting rid of what has run its course in your life. It’s a fine balancing act to accept your realities while simultaneously working to accomplish bigger goals you have envisioned for yourself.

You might need to discriminate between what you want versus what you feel obligated to do and ask yourself why certain structures are in your life to begin with. Change can be very difficult especially when you feel burdened, and therefore it might be harder to differentiate what you want versus to what you feel obligated. For Aries, this back and forth questioning is happening mostly in regards to career and vocational path, and this soul-searching will continue in 2020. The silver lining is that 2020 begins with Mars in Sagittarius, which helps fuel and expand the vision you have for yourself; you might not get quick results right away, but you can definitely brain-storm for the future.

A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place on January 10th in your home sector, highlighting your roots, family, ancestors, and what at the end of the day allows you to feel connected and grounded. These themes are well underway and the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer reinforces how much of a support system your home and/or your family is in your life right at the moment. Acknowledge your roots and don’t underestimate the importance of your current setup. This is a powerful transit that includes a ton of transformational energy ready for you to make use of.

From January 10th to the 14th, the much talked-about Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in the sign of Capricorn in your career and vocational sector. Issues around your current direction, your role at work, and your aspirations are highlighted. You could be feeling powerless or confuse as to what step to take next. Dissatisfactions surrounding your aspirations could come to the forefront now and you can see this as a necessary passage towards clarifying your objectives. Sensitivities surrounding these themes have been on the radar in the recent months, and will continue to be. Unearthing your own motivations and desires around your career goals and what has grown stale will pay off tremendously but you must be willing to look at these complex issues honestly. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn symbolically represents a culmination of this long period of reflection concerning your career and overall direction. With Mercury entering the heart of the Sun at this time, and Uranus turning direct in your money sector on the same day, it could finally start to feel like you are able to surrender to a process you had been resisting until now. Pay attention to clues, synchronicities, new ideas, revelations or omens around this date as they could help you towards the next step of your journey.

Venus enters Pisces on January 13th, encouraging you to find some time for a contemplative practice in order to regroup. You might be feeling restless and ready to keep going, but a necessary period of reflection will better support your on-going process. It is to your advantage to find outlets for anxiety or stress as Venus in Pisces from January 13th to February 7th is a great opportunity for finding calm, peace and to reconnect with yourself. A trip or a retreat would be an excellent way to utilize the current astrology.

The Last Quarter Moon in Libra on January 16th emphasizes your relationships, and challenges you to find a compromise between your needs and the needs of close partners. With the Sun entering Aquarius on January 20th your attention will start to shift from career to friends, alliances, and your participation within a community. The New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th is an excellent time to set goals in connections to your aspirations, and look for opportunities to participate more actively in your social settings. A certain group of people might appear that can even more quickly take you to your goals. Also, the next lunar cycle extending into February could reveal to you just how much your alliances can give you right now.

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This is another fascinating month for you Taurus, when the seismic shift that has been taking place in your belief systems comes to a something of a head. This also involves educational and travel initiatives, as well as evolving worldview, and your higher mind consciousness, all in flux. You have always been cautious and practical in your approval of new ways to conceptualize this life, and yet there has lately been loads of inspiration upon you to take a flyer and allow yourself to dream into novel approaches to seeing the world around you. You might need to be able to go beyond either-or as you reconceptualize your universe. A peak of intensity in this internal drama will arise in the timing of the Cancer Full Moon eclipse of January 10th and the days immediately following. You might find a way forward where you escape previous limitations to your point of view, through compromise, and will want to be asking yourself whether it might just be only your fears that are holding you back.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Welcome to 2020, Taurus! The New Year arrives and with this new beginning, a new way of being arises also. It has become apparent that you have shed a tremendous weight, if only psychological, in 2019, and you are feeling extremely ready to embrace some new found perspectives in the year ahead. Quite a lot of the astrological action right now is happening in Capricorn and Taurus. The New Year begins with a stellium in Capricorn challenging you to align with newfound philosophies and realizations. The work within you also continues regarding long-held assumptions about what life is and what it all means. Fundamentally, Taurus seeks peace, ease, and the ability to feel deeply rooted and connected in her experience of life. Complicated philosophies and theories about the meaning of existence is not where you find your joy. It is often in the application of simple rules to live in accordance with nature that your strength in found. Happiness is the sensual experience and beauty of living fully embodied in the present tense; you are such a natural when it comes to that. With disrupting and revolutionary Uranus transiting in your sign in the last year you have however started to question long held habits and patterns in your life. A tremendous urge for more spaciousness, movement and experiences has been informing many of your recent decisions and it will continue to be that way throughout much if not all of 2020.

On January 3rd, Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius until February 16th. This implies that negotiations around shared assets, debts or funding that have been taking place since last October might come to the forefront. Also, with your ruler Venus transiting in Aquarius until January 13th, much of your attention is on career and work. You could be busy envisioning new possibilities for yourself in regards to your work, and there are plenty of opportunities to innovate. You might be one of the only signs, along with Virgo, which can truly benefit from all the heavy planetary action happening in Capricorn. It doesn’t mean that life is easy for you now, but it means that with proper planning and realistic goal-setting, you can get a lot accomplished this year, especially if you are willing to take a few calculated risks.

A Lunar Eclipse takes place in the sign of Cancer on January 10th bringing attention to the way you communicate and also interact with your surroundings. With Cancer being a Water sign, this eclipse highlights the importance of having a gentle and caring approach in your dealings with others. You can benefit from adopting a compassionate and understanding tone in your relationship connections. This eclipse also highlights the logistics of your everyday life and how supportive your neighborhood and immediate surroundings actually are for you. Take stock of all the small joys that are found in your everyday happenings, including even your commute, and how these contribute on a regular basis to your feeling of belonging.

On January 13th, your ruler Venus enters her exalted home of Pisces and this is good news for you Taurus folks. It should be easier to find common ground and to be in good accord in your dealings with others; its a good time to mend the frazzled wires. Social gatherings and activities are also highlighted in the second half of the month and you might find yourself getting busier with socializing, and events taking place in your community. If you have been considering getting some bodywork, modifying your appearance, or revamping your image, now would be a great time to do so while Venus is in Pisces. Venus transiting here until February 7th, represents an excellent period for all artistic and pleasurable things. However, you might find your motivation for long strenuous efforts decreasing which is a small side-effect of being ruled by Venus, planet of ease and comfort.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th, highlighting career, vocations and your public image. A New Moon takes place in Aquarius a few days later on January 24th bringing forth and inspiring resets in the part of your life connected to career. There is so much space for innovative ideas in your life right now and your skills and experience could be in high demand. It’s only a matter of choosing wisely what it is that you want to be doing as you might be presented with many options to choose from. The New Moon in Aquarius could also bring new opportunities to extend your reach and impact.

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January is another of these intensely transformative months, Gemini, as you slide into 2020 with its accompanying societal evolution, contributing to your own. You have quite a lot of energy for exploring interpersonal intimacy, and, as well, for diving down into your own depths for a better connection with the hidden parts of your personality. Your friendships and the group affiliations that you favor are extremely valuable to you over this ending and new beginning, and yet also provide examples of the way that inner wounding can present barriers as you attempt more authentic interaction. There is tremendous intuitional guidance available to you now within the deeper reaches of your psyche, and you might be able to take advantage of this unusual resource to acknowledge the residue of early childhood trauma and forge better integration within you for all your parts. When you can acknowledge every facet of yourself and make friends with them, warts and all, you will have taken an important step forward into wholeness.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Gemini! January arrives and you continue to be busy with a variety of tasks, including your own work but also your responsibilities as a torchbearer for other people’s projects and ideas. This will also be big theme in January with a pile up of planets in Capricorn in your 8th house, which highlights what is shared between you and others. Collaborations and partnerships will also get a boost thanks to Mars entering your opposite sign of Sagittarius on January 3rd. However with this martial power thus firing up your house of relationships, finding common ground could become increasingly tricky.

On January 10th, a quite powerful Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place while your ruler Mercury moves into the heart of the Sun. You could finally start to see the light in regards to a collaboration, a project, an expected funding or an issue around shared finances. Either way, some information or resolve could be coming your way around the second weekend of January that will help you decide on the next step of a significant project. This is an extremely transformational time as well for issues of inner work and intimacy.

From January 10th to the 14th, the much talked about Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in Capricorn. There is ample power in this aspect to be realistic, grounded but also push the limits of your resolve with a certain goal or situation. Whatever setback you have been experiencing, the second weekend of January will bring clarifications. It might not be what you want to hear, or you might be required to give up something to make necessary gains. If you have experienced recent misunderstanding with others, you should now be able to untie the knot or at least begin to.

Venus transiting in Aquarius until January 13th is supporting an even and detached approach in your dealings, and you should be able to tackle difficult relational dynamics with a rational mindset. The famous line from Jean-Paul Sartre ‘’Hell is other people’’ might ring truer than usual for you this month. Thankfully you are endowed with social charm and enough wit to defuse any tangles you might be involved in.

On January 16th, your ruler Mercury enters Aquarius bringing attention on your role as a mentor, teacher, or your own learning journey. The mood will start to lighten up considerably in the second half of the month. You can start to see the purpose of a recent dilemma more clearly. Mercury in Aquarius will be supportive for you Gemini folks, although when Mercury squares Uranus on January 17th it could bring up an unforeseen or surprising element. It’s important that you be clear about your own motivation at this time. You might feel mentally restless or agitated but this transit can also bring you the benefit of a different perspective on a recurring problem. When handled mindfully, this aspect supports innovative vision and novel ideas, and is therefore an excellent time to bring a small revolution to your thinking, or to open up your perspectives. Exploring modalities or philosophies that are out of the norm could also be really stimulating for you now. If you feel restless or agitated, this would also be an excellent timing to explore the source of your irritation. You could get significant clues in regard to your own unconscious process during this period of time.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th and a New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th. Tensions will start to ease as your gaze turns toward the future, perhaps encouraging some big ideas you have in the works for 2020. The New Moon in Aquarius will bring a surge of new ideas and far reaching visions as your mind wonders beyond the confines of your daily routines. A powerful reset and an excellent time to set intentions for the year ahead, this New Moon takes place in your 9th house of long distance travel, higher education, knowledge and mind expansion. The seeds planted at this time could also bear fruit later this year at the height of summer.

Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius are more or less squaring each other for the last few days of January and this aspect will bring a focus on your interpersonal relationships. There could be tension between what you think you should do versus what you feel like doing. Thankfully, Venus in Pisces carries enough social grace to see you through any dilemmas that might arise at this time. In these last few days of January, you benefit when you can favor a compassionate approach over an assertive stance whenever possible.

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This month is another intensely transformational cycle for you, Cancer, focusing on important Others in your life. There has been in this area, for many months now, an ongoing metamorphosis, providing major life lessons. As you deal with issues involving specific partners, or with how in general to characterize your relationship dynamic, you are reaching for a culmination to this inner journey, when your basic patterning is brought to greater conscious awareness. The December 10th Full Moon eclipse in your sign is quite potent in this regard. It is also likely that ancient and neglected dark places within you, the residue of early childhood trauma, will play a role in these inner investigations. This all takes place in a monthly cycle which features not only strong Saturn, but also trickster Uranus shining brightly in your sector of societal interaction. This indicates that, under the exciting stimulus of the New Year, you are shooting off in many different directions, and yet simultaneously seeking to limit yourself to what is ultimately practical.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Welcome to 2020 dear Cancer! This is a special time of the year for you as the Sun travels in the sign of Capricorn, opposite to Cancer in the Zodiac. The sign of Cancer is associated with the creative flow and lush fertility at the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn on the other hand, is associated with the cold and restrictive nature of Winter. This is an important dynamic for you since we currently have a stellium (four or more) planets transiting in Capricorn and you could be feeling the restrictive and maturity-inducing nature of Capricorn. It’s an excellent time to pay attention to the stories being weaved and unweaved at this time especially in the realm of your relationships. The New Year arrives as we travel the bridge between a solar eclipse that took place in Capricorn, late on December 25th, and a lunar eclipse that will occur in the sign of Cancer on January 10th. This means that we currently find ourselves in a liminal place; between one existing reality and another reality that is yet to be born. It’s a good idea not to draw any hard conclusions on your current situations as the cards are still being shuffled and situations are not set in stone. Your relationships are certainly on the radar as you enter the New Year and you could be wondering what to do in matters of the heart. Partnerships might not be flowing as smoothly as you would like, and you could feel polarized between the needs of a partner and your own. This time period represents a learning curve in your journey, especially regarding your own needs, dreams, and the vision you have for yourself versus the needs of a partner, or a potential partner. You are learning what it means to prioritize your well-being and this might not always be compatible with the way important people in your life see things. Relationships are a constant a work in progress, with periods of ease and periods of adjustments; it’s totally natural to have to adjust your sail. What is less natural is the reflexive impulse you sometimes might have to accommodate a friend or a partner to your own detriment. With five planets currently transiting in Capricorn, you are pulled to the other side; you could be tempted to think that someone else’s dreams are your own, or that it’s ok to make abstractions of your needs simply for the sake of the relationship. However, in order to begin the year on a good path, I urge you to assess the current structural integrity of your agreements and start considering making the proper renovations. This is about you, about what feels nurturing and supportive FOR YOU, and you want and need that foundation to be solid whether someone is willing to help you with that or not. Like I said earlier, it might be hard to see the shape of things to come at the moment, as everything fluctuates.

On January 10th, Mercury in Capricorn conjuncts the Sun, Uranus turns direct in Taurus, and a powerful lunar eclipse in occurs in your own sign of Cancer. Information and dialogues are likely to come to light that can help you see a situation more clearly. Also, you can expect tensions to ease in the third week of the month, after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction from January 10th to the 14th. The good news is that lessons are being learned and the teachings are starting to sink in.

Venus enters her exalted placement in the sign of Pisces on January 13th, bringing much needed perspective and ease. For you, Cancer, the transit of Venus in Pisces until February 7th is an invitation to move your gaze to the vast future horizon and envision new possibilities that await you this year. The second half of the month will be an excellent time to get into a creative flow and see where it takes you.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16th and the Last Quarter Moon in Libra occurs on January 17th, highlighting current tensions but also bolstering resolve around domestic or partnership dilemmas. Decisions must be made, but the Last Quarter Moon might highlight polarizing situations, as is typical, so that this is a good time to practice patience.

The New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th. This New Moon is in a close square with Uranus in Taurus encouraging innovation and thinking outside of the box. If you are looking for assets to fund a project, now would be a good time to start researching your options. You have a lot of ideas and projects in the works for the upcoming year and this New Moon is a huge green light for you to get moving.

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This is one more amazing month for you, Leo, with unexpected opportunities constantly knocking. This applies to your professional or career activities and to the way that you are attempting to align these more completely with inner priorities. You are shooting off in all directions and encountering occasional wild impulses to jump the tracks of existing responsibilities, and yet more often than not you feel constrained to rein these in, especially in the days following the intense December 10th Full Moon eclipse in Cancer. This is an entirely transformational time when lessons are in store and when you are likely as well to refine your understanding of your own inner world. This is especially so in the timing of the potent Full Moon. All through the month you are focused on your mission of service to others and to the collective at large. As you make your way forward into your next evolutionary stage, optimistic assessments that you are tempted to make must ultimately yield to limitation and greater practicality.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Leo! 2020 arrives carrying a grounding impulse that will help set your best intentions for the year ahead. You begin the year between two very potent eclipses, and with five planets in the Earth sign of Capricorn you have the opportunity to start 2020 on the right foot. Although Capricorn season, for you, can feel like ease and pleasures are in short supply while you are busy planning the next summit to climb but this is what the beginning of the year is all about in any case. With Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, Saturn and Pluto all currently transiting in Capricorn, it’s an excellent opportunity to sort out the superfluous in our lives, and get clear about the next leg of our journey. January is a time of assessments. The impulse resides in getting clear about the current structures in your life and how these structures support or impede your growth regarding your goals.

With Venus still transiting in your opposite sign of Aquarius until January 13th, there could also be many opportunities to relate, create, socialize and have fun which offers a nice counter- balance to the pragmatic impetus of Capricorn. A healthy dose of relaxation or downtime is a also a productive way to achieve your goals in the long term. A calm mind offers clarity, which in turn allows you to make better decisions.

On January 3rd, Mars enters your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius and this will support and fuel your own engine. You should start to feel some ease and inspiration returning as the focus shifts from family and home life to more creative endeavors. Mars in Sagittarius until February 16th will be in a supportive trine to your home sign and should ignite passion, drive and ambition if you can actively participate.

On January 10th, a Lunar Eclipse takes place in the sign of Cancer bringing to the surface hidden processes or things that have been stuffed in the closet. Themes around vulnerability, safety, nurturing and support surrounding this powerful lunation could surface. For you Leo folks, this eclipse cycle has brought to the forefront the mind-body connection; something you to which have been paying increasing attention. You start off knowing that whatever objective around physical health you set yourself, must involve a good dose of mindfulness, calm and honest observations, if you are to truly feel embodied and comfortable in your skin. Being human means this process is

never truly over of course, but in any case this eclipse cycle is an excellent time to pay attention to both your body and your mind and to nurture these two very important aspects of life. From January 10th to the 14th, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in Capricorn bringing all of these reflections to the forefront and urging you to get clear on all this, and get serious about having your support systems at the ready.

Venus enters the sign of her exaltation in Pisces on January 13th, lasting until February 16th, softening considerably the impact of recent tectonic shifts and bringing support from unlikely places. If you are looking for subvention for a project, looking into grants or funding, Venus in Pisces would be a good time to send your applications.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16th bringing focus on partnerships and emphasizing communication and exchange. January 16th to the 17th is a particularly favorable time for generating out-of-the-box ideas related to your career or vocational field. Others could bring interesting contributions; you benefit when you can stay open to teaming up.

The second half of January emphasizes your collaborations. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th and a New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th. This New Moon is a relational one for you Leo, with a powerful opportunity to upgrade your interpersonal dynamics. This time could also represent a period of readjustment within your agreements and it’s an excellent time to set clear intentions in connection to your relationships and the space needed within them. The sign of Aquarius being opposite to Leo means that Aquarius season highlights your partnership dynamics and also your need for connection. With Mars in Sagittarius also transiting in your fifth house of romance and creativity, this time period is ripped for connecting and experimenting in your collaborations. If the first part of the month requires you to find some grounding in your work life and routine, the second half of January will require you to adjust to other people but also highlights your desire for connection.

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This is another in the significant series of transformational months for you, Virgo, and one in which many of your simultaneous arcs of development seem to be coming to a head. Your creativity is greatly stimulated by the entrance of your ruler, Mercury, into your sector of artistic self-expression. You have also for many weeks been concerned with relationship dynamics and alterations, with communicating your needs more directly to another, and as well attempting to see how these adjustments might enhance your own self-development. There is a way that you are letting go of past dysfunctional habits or restrictions to forward-going progress, a process that is also one of new birth. In the aftermath of the powerful Cancer Full Moon eclipse, Venus moving into your opposite sign signals a renewed focus on partnership themes and as well a move toward resolution. You are also finding your way forward through recognition of internal wounding, stemming from early trauma. It takes courage to face your dark places and yet that is the way to move forward.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Virgo! 2020 arrives for you with an intense focus on personal projects, and also your contribution within your community. The five planets currently transiting in the Earth sign of Capricorn are urging you to get your priorities straight; it may be easier said then done. You could feel overwhelmed by the many responsibilities calling your name at this time. However, since most of the action is taking place in Earth signs to begin the year, you should be able to find some supportive and grounding solutions for your current dilemmas if you deal with one thing at a time.

Uranus in Taurus is currently opening up perspectives regarding what you thought was possible. A whole new landscape is emerging and it’s requiring you to stay open to novelty and ideas that might seem a bit ‘’crazy’’ right now. Uranus is a planet in astrology often associated with breaking free from stifling framework, thinking outside of the box, innovations, and revolutions. Since Uranus will be in a supportive trine to your sign until 2026, it could indicate a period of time when you can start integrating some really exciting new perspectives into your life and what you thought life was all about. I encourage you to start exploring beyond the comfortable, especially in connection to philosophy, religion, foreign ideas and mind-expanding experiences. It’s an excellent time to reflect on what feels restrictive and explore different modes of thinking and beliefs that could help broaden your ideas of what is possible.

The stellium of planets currently transiting in Capricorn is calling attention to your personal project, your creativity or your literal and metaphorical children. Projects in the work could require some attention and re-organization to begin the year. You might feel the urge to discard some heavy elements of a project that are draining time and resources. Either way you look at it, the beginning of 2020 requires that you weed out the superfluous and streamline your attention.

Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3rd bringing focus on your home, comfort zone, your family life, and where you anchor down at the end of the day. Mars transiting here until February 16th, could prompt or challenge you to put some energy at home or deal with a conflicting situation. You could also feel more pent up than usual with the need to find outlets for inner tension you are experiencing.

January 10th brings a lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer and once again, the tides carry supportive change for Virgos or at least something to work with. In your case, the support is available from friends and acquaintances or through groups you are part of in your community. This particular lunar eclipse is sending powerful clues in regards to where you belong, and who can offer you nourishing experiences at this time. You can find comfort amidst your friendships; your participation within a group could reveal to be more enriching than anticipated.

From January 10th to the 14th, the much talked about conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn occurs, representing a turning point, revealing insights about our limits and what must be relinquished. Since messenger planet Mercury will be part of this conjunction, we should get clear signals and insights into the decaying elements in our lives and what must be surrendered if we are to evolve outside of unsustainable circumstances. We might have to contend with some painful realizations. However the pressure contained in the current astrological weather indicates that we have to continue moving with what wants to happen whatever this might mean for you. Tectonic shifts are occurring and there is much to be excited about for you, since Capricorn is trine to your sign indicating supportive changes brought through hard work and a sober outlook.

Venus enters her exalted home of Pisces on January 13th and will transit there until February 7th bringing purifying waters to your relationships. Venus in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus on January 15th, indicating an exciting or foreign element being brought to the table. There could be a new piece currently needing to be integrated in a partnership. After her ingress into Pisces, Venus will be applying to a square with Mars in Sagittarius for the rest of the month. Since both Pisces and Sagittarius are mutable signs like Virgo, this square will have some influence on your partnerships this month and might require that you find positive ways to express building frustrations.

On January 16th, Mercury enters Aquarius followed by the Sun on January 20th. The New Moon in Aquarius takes place a few days later on January 24th indicating a reset and new growth in regards to your health and daily habits. Exploring new health modalities could be a great way to participate with this particular lunar cycle.

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January 2020 continues and elevates the current train of transformational monthly cycles, Libra. With a huge Capricorn lineup taking place in your sector of home and family, to include your psychological depths, the month presents further challenges to your self-concept, which you are learning must include due deference to the relatively unknown dark places within you. When you look more deeply, you may find that inner wounding is significant, and must be faced and reckoned with, as you also deal with partnership issues that could well come up. The Full Moon eclipse of January 10th is extremely powerful, bringing all these matters to a head. As you contemplate who you truly are, and where headed, only the studied combination of conscious and unconscious forces within you is of true validity. Once you accept this, your surface social fluttering makes ultimate sense as part of your intended mission, which is nothing less than discovering and acting upon your deepest and most sincere values, as you are coming to know them.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Libra! We begin 2020 between two very potent eclipses and much churning currently creating fluctuating narratives. For you, this motion is taking place between your roots, your home, and your family, versus your career, your vocational path, public image and your place in the world. Many opportunities to shine are currently presenting themselves even though you might be required to attend to some heavier responsibilities on the home front or with family members. Navigating the push and pull of two very different narratives is what the eclipse on the Capricorn-Cancer axis is all about. Luckily, you are a master at juggling paradoxical and often opposing needs. There is something extremely nourishing happening via the connections in your social sphere, and the acknowledgement of your accomplishments.

On January 3rd, Mars enters Sagittarius bringing much needed heat for communication of all kinds and written projects. Mars will be transiting here until February 16th, and it’s an excellent opportunity to tackle work that requires you to speak and write with enthusiasm. You might find yourself being more engaged with what interests you at this time making you more convincing in return; this is an excellent time for public speaking, teaching or simply exchanging ideas with close friends.

A lunar eclipse in Cancer takes place on January 10th, bringing major focus on your place in the world and your contribution. You could find support for your ideas out in the public arena or through your connections with people who can support your work. This is a time of recognition. However with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn also in the works, roughly form January 10th to the 14th, it shows that tremendous discipline and hard work is also required. You might have to priorities and manage your time in order to fulfill all of your responsibilities. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your fourth house could bring some difficult realizations or compromise needed. You win some, you lose some, as they say, but through it all you progress.

Since the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses are taking place in Cardinal signs just like yours, it can create tension and you could feel like you are being pulled in many directions simultaneously. On one hand, much of your attention could be on private matters and the need to discard some stale components there, while on the other also having to fulfill career and work obligations. Either way you look at it, the first half of January promises to be a busy time for you.

Uranus in Taurus turns direct on the same day as the lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10th. Uranus stationing direct could bring surprising developments in regards to funding or moneys coming from other people. If you are waiting on funding, you could get an answer or a clue by the time Venus in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus mid-month, on January 15th.

Your ruling planet Venus enters her exalted home of Pisces on January 13th until February 7th emphasizing health and routine. Prioritizing downtime for pleasure and relaxation might be required if you are to get away from your busy schedule. The second half of January would be an excellent time to revise your daily habits and make adjustment that allows you to have maximum vitality. With Venus in Pisces applying to Mars in Sagittarius for most of the second half of the month, relationships of all kinds are highlighted. Inspiration and creativity can be gained from your connections although you might have to move beyond a certain level of tension. Partnerships could play a supportive role, offering exciting developments, especially if you find ways to combine work and pleasure.

Messenger planet Mercury enters Aquarius on January 17th, bringing some relief from recent challenges and shifting focus towards creative projects, romance and pleasure. Mercury squares Uranus in Taurus upon its ingress into Aquarius, and this could bring exciting revelations and insights regarding your projects. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th and the New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th in a close square with Uranus in Taurus. Since Aquarius is an Air sign like yours, this particular New Moon carries a supportive momentum and impetus for growth in connection to a creative project or an original idea.

Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius on January 26, at nearly the end of the month, indicates some relational tension or difference of opinions. You could feel more excitable and not willing to compromise so that it’s a good idea to leave yourself plenty of room for explorations of all kinds.

The astrologically unusual and potent months continue, Scorpio, and even accelerate with this terrible and beauteous January of 2020! This month is when Pluto and Saturn come together in Capricorn along with the recent Christmas Day New Moon eclipse and several other planets. Communication (and learning) is the name of your game these days, as you inevitably turn to sorting out what lies beneath and beyond the surface areas of your life. This is a familiar theme for you, the depths within, and yet it needs a more conscious understanding to take fullest advantage. Cosmically inspired and yet surprising events and realizations surrounding partnership are also on the menu, and the trick is to accept the requisite illogic that allows you to make strange sense out of it all, and to benefit. It helps immeasurably to recall that in spite of the difficulties of what might come down, the Universe is on your side. Its mission, along with yours, is that you evolve into who, at base, you really are.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Scorpio! 2020 arrives with much to think about, while you move between two very powerful eclipses affecting communication and learning. The first one took place late on December 25th and the second one, a lunar eclipse Full Moon, will occur on January 10th. For Scorpios, this eclipse cycle represent a time when you are becoming increasingly aware of the need to broaden your horizons while also managing you schedule more efficiently.

On January 3rd, your ruler Mars leaves your sign and enters the sign of Sagittarius until February 16th. Mars will be transiting here prompting you to pay special attention to the way you handle money matters. A great way to use the time would be to revise your finances and come up with a realistic budget for yourself. Much of your focus to begin the year could be on your revenue and assets and how to generate income to fuel a vision.

With five planets currently transiting in Capricorn you could feel an urgent need to manage your time more efficiently. You could find yourself very busy with written projects, studies, and back and forth communications. There could be a need to regroup and gather your thoughts; laying off social media or finding smarter ways to utilize these platforms could be an excellent way to do just that. Either way you look at it, there is a need to find more focused determination to accomplish all that you are setting out to do in 2020. This will require a major clean up in regards to the way you organize yourself. Focusing on efficiency while discarding time-wasting habits might just be what you need to gain some discipline to accomplish your goals.

On January 10th, a lunar eclipse takes place in the sign of Cancer sending powerful tides towards new horizons. An exciting world of possibilities is currently burgeoning in connection to knowledge, education, mind expansion, and your overall developmental journey. You are experiencing a sort of rebirth in regards to your belief systems and many insights are flowing in via strange means and synchronicities. The desire to get out of the beaten path will continue to grow in the next several months. This is why it is so important that you put your attention on what you want to see grow this year and discard what has become burdensome and limiting. Of course this is easier said then done but the planets currently transiting in Capricorn support this reform. Uranus stations direct in Taurus on the same day as the lunar eclipse, while Mercury will meet the Sun in Capricorn, allowing for clarity and insights to flow in. Uranus turning direct could also bring up conversations around relationships that were left on hold for the last few months.

From January 10th to the 14th, the much talked-about Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in Capricorn. Your communication is a tremendous focus now, and you are seeking to transform your energies there. Once again, this could also bring up issues of time management in regards to your daily coming and goings.

Venus enters Pisces on January 13th and will transit in your fellow water sign until February 7th signaling the beginning of a fertile and creative time for Scorpios. Use this time to explore your recent revelations and inspirations. Your ruler Mars transiting in your second house of money and applying to square Venus in Pisces could mean that creative projects and income are major focus for the second half of January. Since Venus is the ruler of your 7th house of partnerships, issues around shared assets or complications around a partnership could come up. The square between Mars and Venus will be building until January 26th. You benefit from find positive ways to release building tension and learning to bide your time.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16th shifting your attention to home and family matters. The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th and the New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th carrying a cleansing light. This particular New Moon in the fixed sign of Aquarius is an important one for Scorpios. It creates a T-square between Uranus in Taurus and your sign, which indicates some inherent tension that could feel hard to reconcile. You might feel pulled in many opposing directions and with changing priorities, so that finding a compromising attitude could require negotiations. However, this New Moon also offers a powerful reset within your private life and the opportunity to move beyond a stale situation.


This is an historic January month for you, Sagittarius, with an accompanying high degree of energy as you slip into 2020. You will most distinctly feel the shift of this New Year, in which your ruler, Jupiter, has moved into Capricorn, where it is joined by a strong lineup of planets. There is plenty of intuitional inspiration available to you in your yearning for a new way to go and to grow, and yet your optimism must also give way to limitation. Especially at the mid-month Cancer Full Moon eclipse, your values and your resources are the subject of intense focus, with major structural change over the coming year and this month in particular. The material, while there to serve you as you advance your highest principles, nevertheless has its limitations; where these restrain your unfettered imagination will now be revealed. Your inherent idealism must bend to the practicality of its concrete embodiment in the unforgiving physical world. All this need not be dire although it does require your fullest attention.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Sagittarius! 2020 begins for you with a major grounding momentum. With Jupiter your ruler newly ingressing into the earth sign of Capricorn, you should start to feel practical perspectives flowing in that support your ideas and visions in tangible ways. The year arrives between two powerful eclipses, the next one occurring on January 10th. For Sagittarian folks, these eclipses trigger powerful churning in the realm of your resources and finances and the way you manage these.

Mars enters your sign on January 3rd endowing you with lasting power and the desire to get things done. Mars will be transiting in Sagittarius until February 16th, giving you vitality and renewed energy. You could feel bolder and more confrontational than usual; it would be an excellent time to find positive outlets for any building tension or get back to a more rigorous physical exercise routine.

A lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer takes place on January 10th, bringing focus on your partnerships and more specifically your financial associations and obligations with others. This has been an ongoing focal point for the last year and a half. Expansion and progress has been made possible thanks to the support of collaborators, which perhaps could not have been possible otherwise. Uranus in Taurus stations direct on the same day as the eclipse, while messenger planet Mercury meets the Sun in Capricorn offering much clarity. This is especially in connection to how your financial situation and your health are interwoven. A good way to utilize the momentum found at the beginning of the year would be to organize your finances more clearly so that you know exactly what you have to work with. Stress and tension will also need to be addressed; cleaning up your budget and managing your priorities for the year ahead could relieve some of the anxiety you are experiencing.

From January 10th to the 14th, these themes continue to be at the forefront with the activation of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This conjunction takes place in your second house, ruling your finances and assets, and also what you value. You will want to take stock of what comes in and what goes out, because a realistic appraisal is needed at this time. An opportunity is there to also discard old concepts around money and the time it takes to generate it.

Venus enters her exalted home of Pisces on January 13th, carrying with her a softening influence that will lighten the mood. Venus can express herself freely in the sign of Pisces and for you Sagittarius folks this influence will be most felt at home. You could feel the need to retire into the privacy of your dwelling space and share special moments with your loved ones. Venus in Pisces supports a peaceful atmosphere in your home, however you might find it hard to relax while Mars is still in your sign, extending through mid-February. A good solution would be to use this time to work around your house, doing renovation or decoration projects that beautifies your home.

On January 16th, messenger planet Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius and will square Uranus in Taurus the very next day; once again questions of time management and schedule could be on your mind. You might be prompt to evaluate your routine and ask yourself if it is truly efficient. How much unnecessary stress is added by time-wasting habits? The second half of January would be a good time to find concrete solutions and start implementing habits that actually free up your time.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th and a New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th in a close square with Uranus in Taurus. There is an ongoing focus on health, routine, daily habits and the way you manage time and stress, with further surprise revelations in store. Uranus in Taurus transiting in your 6th house of health and daily habits for many years to come is your cue to revolutionize that sector of your life. You might have to break away from the constant need to be all the things for everyone or to overextend yourself. Your ruler Jupiter being in Capricorn for the next year indicates an excellent time to conquer any tendency you might have to expand beyond your means, instead focusing on the practical and tangible applications of your dreams.

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This is a dynamically powerful entrance into 2020 for you, Capricorn! A big juju storm surge that you can surf so long as you remain calm and collected. The storied collision of planets in your sign, both now and in mid-November, presage a year of change like no other. This is a good time to remember not to fear it, but to embrace it, that stasis is an illusion, and that life itself is change. As Bob Dylan famously put it, way back, whoever is “not busy being born is busy dying.” Your ongoing identity crisis that has been active all last year comes to a head with the extremely potent Cancer Full Moon eclipse of January 10th, when many questions seek their answer, including partnership considerations, in part as significant reflections on your own evolutionary journey. Your artistic inspiration is strong, and your yearning for freedom of expression, which must yet be tempered by the practical considerations of your basic nature enhanced by the strong Saturn in your current astrology.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

This is your time of the year, Capricorn, and you will probably find yourself busier than usual or at least busy envisioning new challenges and projects you want to accomplish in 2020. With the current line-up of planets in your sign, there is no lack of ambition to start the New Year. You might be feeling determined and ready to make some powerful reforms in order to bring desired upgrades into your reality in the coming months. The First Quarter Moon takes place in Aries on January 2nd, and could challenge you to find a more compromising attitude with family members or important people in your life. Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in Capricorn on the same day and this should support progressive and optimistic dialogues and exchange with other. The ongoing eclipse cycle on the Capricorn/Cancer axis is pushing you to find greater acceptance, and teaching you to soften your hard edges. The first half of January is your opportunity to practice what you have learned in regard to relating, receptivity, and the importance of open and tolerant communication with others.

Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3rd and will be working behind the scenes for you this month. Mars represents the way we tend to process anger, assert ourselves, and experience conflicts. With Mars traveling in your soul sector this month, it would be an excellent time to get clear about your motivations and the way you express anger. Getting clear and honest about old wounds and frustrations that are still simmering will help you move forward. Be willing to clear the space, and cleanse yourself of old resentment. Connect honestly with your motivations as to not let them control you unconsciously. That way you can direct all of your energy on moving ahead instead of fighting old demons.

A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place on January 10th, which brings an important reset in these matters of relating and receptivity. Relationships could be shifting as you adjust to demands being made by others at this time. You could feel polarized between your need for sovereignty, and a real desire to find common ground within partnerships and collaborations. Uranus in Taurus turns direct on the same day demanding innovative approaches to old conundrums.

January 10th to 14th serves up the ‘pièce de résistance’ of the month: the much talked-about Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The last time these two planets were together was in 1982 just to give you an idea of its relative rarity. For you, Capricorn, this is your impetuous to get really serious about the current structures in your life and pay attention to what terrain you are building on to begin the year. Saturn is often associated with maturity, responsibilities, discipline and the wisdom that comes from time and from limitations. Then, Pluto is often linked to powerful transformational periods, a time when what is obsolete in your life must be composted, and this includes what has grown stale, and must be surrendered, as past habit patterns fade away to make a place for new growth. Some things in your life may have run their course; the beginning of the year is an excellent time to acknowledge this and recognize the new territory you are heading into.

On January 13th, Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. For Capricorns, this ingress will serve as a gentle balm on your communications, softening your exchange and supporting sound agreements with others. If there were challenges within your partnerships in the last month, Venus in Pisces will help sooth and restore peace.

On January 16th, communication planet Mercury leaves your sign and enters Aquarius. A few days later on January 20th the Sun follows suit. For Capricorns this signals a time when your attention is on money matters, assets, your worth, and also signals a period of assessments in regards to your financial situation. A New Moon in Aquarius takes place on January 24th, which is the perfect opportunity for you to plant seeds of intentions in regards to your finances. With the spurt in momentum of the New Year, and the growing realizations around your true assets, the time is ripe to find more autonomy and agency. You could be feeling an incredible urge to gain more autonomy financially so that the New Moon in Aquarius is your cue to delineate what that looks like for you.

With Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the eclipses happening in with the Sun in your sign, it’s an incredible time to be a Capricorn. You have a lot of power at your disposal but it has to be allocated wisely. Any stale paradigm you are enduring for the sake of habit will be very obvious at this time. You need a certain dose of courage to move through what wants to happen in your life, and you are very well aware that nothing is free in this world. Your stoicism is your ally; as a Capricorn you do not shy away from efforts and discipline. However, you will also require a good dose of faith and courage in 2020 if you are to birth to the relentless visions arising in your heart.

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This is shaping up to be a month and a year of extreme self-development for you, Aquarius, so fasten your seat belt. This must inevitably involve the hidden places within you, and, sure enough, your sector of interior work and unconscious process is strongly affected. The January 10th Full Moon eclipse, taking place with the Sun and Mercury there, conjunct Saturn and Pluto, is quite powerful in this regard, implying significant metamorphosis. Also, through Chiron, you may well encounter inner wounding, the residue of early childhood trauma, that is attempting to get in closer communication with your more conscious manifestation. There is also an ongoing focus on home and family matters such as your family of origin or your current dwelling space, contributing to your closing the gap between you and the deep psychological roots of your being. Fluctuations there can lead to new realizations. Your unconscious seems alien to you, and yet can actually be your friend. Great transformation is possible now in your understanding of this important area.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Dear Aquarius, welcome to 2020. You are now entering a totally foreign land where everything you thought you knew about life is rapidly shifting. The year opens its curtains on a scene that looks different and changing. You might not be able to see the horizon or grasp the shapes of things to come. The sooner you let go of the old paradigm falling away behind you, the quicker you will be able to intuit the future and enter this new path. A necessary period of reflection is upon you to begin the year. You must be willing to let go for the moment and get into a more contemplative mode. Solitude and quiet are your allies right now, and the more willing you are to face yourself and your inner worlds, the clearer the current picture will get. Something totally new is gestating within you, but you must be patient and accept that things are not born overnight. Of course there is always work to do, new projects and missions to accomplish, but Venus still transiting in your sign to begin the year is urging you to soften your hard edges and find some time for grace, pleasure, love and beauty.

Mars enters Sagittarius on January 3rd, and this will be a nice change from Mars transiting in Scorpio for the last few months. Mars in Sagittarius is an invitation to acknowledge your collaborators and to actively seek the support of your friends and community to help you achieve your goals this month. Know who your allies are, and remember that you are not totally alone. You have loads of supporters and fans, so don’t be afraid to seek them out right now if you need support and counsel.

A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place on January 10th, which brings attention to your health and routine. The body - mind connection is very present for you, as you begin the year, and it’s a good time to acknowledge the importance of keeping your vehicle in shape. If you have been contemplating a new health regimen, the year begins with the impetus to do so. No time spent on your body is ever wasted, and health is truly your wealth. Creating time for physical well being in 2020 will pay off more than you can imagine. This strong astrology as you begin the year supports the implementation of new habits.

The much talked about Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn takes place from January 10th to the 14th, in your soul sector. Issues around authority, your own or people who have power over you are highlighted. It’s a good idea to get clear about your need for control versus where you might be feeling powerless. Sensitivities surrounding these themes have been on the radar in the recent months, and will continue to be. Unearthing your own motivations and desires surrounding authority, power and control will pay off tremendously but you must be willing to look at these complex issues honestly. Mid-month is to a certain extent the culmination of this long process. It could finally start to feel like you are able to surrender to a process you had been resisting until now.

Mercury enters your sign on January 16th which will help dissipate the fog and a certain level of confusion you could of been feeling in the last month. Your mind will start to feel clearer and your ability to express yourself and clarify your intentions will increase. Mercury in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus on January 18th, bringing a wave of fresh inspiration for you. Pay attention to dialogues and ideas around these dates as they may contain the seeds of future projects.

The Sun enters your sign on January 20th signaling the beginning of a new cycle for Aquarius. You can think of the first two weeks of January as a necessary house clearing, the end of a cycle of growth, and the necessary relinquishing of old outdated furniture. The Sun entering Aquarius should shine its light on the new sprouts coming up, and infuse you with much needed warmth. The old ways must be shed in order to make space for the new that wants to move in; a necessary albeit difficult passage considering you are a Fixed sign. Even though you adore novelty, change might not be as easy as you would hope.

On January 24th, a New Moon takes place in the early degrees of Aquarius in a close square with Uranus in Taurus. This is a promise that things are not going back to the way they were. We are moving toward a totally new paradigm, and change has an important role to play in your life right now. Whether you are envisioning or embodying this change, your ability to move and adapt with what is happening will define the next several months. Set your gaze on the path ahead, and let this new inspiration bubble up inside you until it becomes your new reality.

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This is for you an important month of self-development, Pisces, with good progress and benefits assured; although you will have to learn to gauge this by what your heart tells you, rather than by merely logical means. Your intuition is powerful now, and reveals itself to the extent that you can trust yourself to lean on it. Inner wounding stemming from early trauma might also arise, if so, for the purpose of moving beyond it. The powerful Capricorn lineup in your sector of societal involvement and future plans implies a huge focus in this area – especially in the timing of the utterly climactic lunar eclipse of January 10th – with visible alteration in your friendships, groups you favor, and your general attitude toward what you are actually up to in this life. The resources that you require, both physical and non-physical, are lining up to your advantage, with the implication that only your truest internal values will prove valid as your guiding lights.

The following was written by our new resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge-Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

Happy New Year Pisces! 2020 arrives while you are very busy socializing and gallivanting around various social gatherings fulfilling obligations and making public appearances. The first half of January will continue to have a relatively fast tempo as you make your rounds. Mars entering Sagittarius on January 3rd brings focus on your career, vocation and public persona and perhaps challenging you to take on more work while also giving you more stamina to get it done. The stellium of planets currently transiting in Capricorn are all in a supportive sextile to your sign, enabling you to find traction and grounding. Event though Capricorn season has been relatively demanding for folks, it is an excellent time to put some of your dreams down on paper and delineate practical steps to get there. This is such an excellent period of pragmatic upgrades for Pisces. Discipline and progress are available to you, and it’s only a matter of being honest and realistic about what you can and cannot do.

A Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place on January 10th bringing a powerful focus on your creative goals, self-expression, children, romance and everything that brings you pleasure through a creative act. Even though you are fully invested within various groups, there is something urging you to re-appropriate some of the energy you are investing in the community and redirect it towards more personal and creative projects. With your traditional ruler Jupiter in Capricorn, you must assume a certain level of responsibility in associations that are already well-established. However, the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is your cue to get clear about some personal creative projects of yours and get the ball rolling. Uranus turning direct in Taurus on the same day brings insights into new modes of self-expression and innovative ways around communications. Your ability to say no and to delineate clear boundaries with others will be your key to gaining more time for personal projects this year. It is in your nature to sacrifice some of your time to ensure the well being of others but you will not be able to accomplish your goals if you are working on someone else’s dreams. It is always a work in progress for you, finding the perfect balance between give and take. Being very clear on where and to whom you are allocating your time right now will be helpful in accomplishing more this year.

From January 10th to the 14th, Saturn and Pluto meet in the sign of Capricorn and for Pisces this highlights your role as a teacher and a mentor. Something that has become perhaps a little bit burdensome is in need of restructuring, or at least honest appraisal. This reality is also a silver lining as it will help you implement some of the innovations and ideas you have been dreaming of.

On January 13th, Venus, planet of pleasure and love, enters your sign where she is considered exalted or extremely comfortable. Venus transiting in your sign until February 7th will help bond and tie back together anything that has become frayed. If you were thinking of beautifying your space or your body, it’s an excellent time to do so while Venus is traveling in Pisces. The only thing that might get in the way of pleasurable things and leisure in January, is your workload. With Mars in Sagittarius applying to a square with Venus in the second half of the month, you might feel torn between investing more of your energy in career and goals versus finding down time to create, play music, relax and enjoy the present moment.

Mercury, planet of communication enters Aquarius on January 16th and for you it’s your cue to start sorting out your assumptions, desires and needs. Mercury squares Uranus in Taurus on January 18 and highlights the difficult task of aligning your thoughts with the way you express yourself. There could be some adjustment required between your internal reality versus how you present in the world. You could feel a greater need to align your speech with some deeper realizations.

The New Moon in Aquarius comes along on January 24th, representing an excellent time to honor this truth, and to create space for a contemplative practice. An honest and mindful gaze into your internal dialogues to begin the year will support external changes. I know you are already well aware of how your thoughts shape your experience of reality. The New Moon in Aquarius is your cue to acknowledge the process you have been undergoing in connection with getting clearer about internal, emotional, psychological dialogues and how this is transforming your relationships with others. With Uranus in Taurus for many years to come, you are bent on finding new channels and modalities to express yourself.

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