New Astrology Feature:

EliteMate now offers its members the ability to get astrological text charts (individual, compatibility and future forecast interpretations). Click on the link below to learn more about EliteMate new astrological expansion!!!  //

New Feature:

EliteMate now offers its upgraded members a free 1 year subscription to any one of 11 world renown magazines. Click on this link // to learn more about how you can receive your first month's subscription to any one of these awesome magazines.

New Feature:

Users will soon have the ability to block/unblock specific users, states, countries and sexualities proactively from all EliteMate means of communication (email, IM, greeting cards, browser winks, friends, pen pals) in the My Profile area of your account.

Safety Feature:

EliteMate has a brand new Safety Tips helpful hints page that is updated regularly with techniques, advice and a how to that helps create as safe and fun experience on //

New Feature:

A new telephone calling system will soon be operational on EliteMate soon. users will have the ability to anonymously call any member on the site from a personal (home, cell or work) phone using EliteMate's anonymous telephone communication relaying system. This is how it will work. EliteMate members will initially get messages from others via the EliteMate email system asking to be able to communicate through EliteMate's anonymous telephone calling system. Then the user decides via email if he/she will receive an anonymous telephone call from the user keeping the member's personal phone number private. This will be a useful safety tool to screen EliteMate members and will be available at pennies a minute.

New Feature:

EliteMate has it's picture personals available on your cell phone with over 8 Million singles // This feature allows you to text message, send a photo or video to any EliteMate Global Network member's personal cell phone. This feature is now available on most major cell phone service provider's networks. Works With Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile, AT&T, Boost, Dobson, ALLTell and Nextel Carriers.

New Feature:

EliteMate now offers its members 20 free gifts when they upgrade with a total value of over $1850. Click on this link // to start receiving all these wonderful gifts today!

Wink Feature:

Now whenever you click on someone's thumbnail picture to get a full profile view that user will be notified at their personal email address that you were browsing their profile. This is a great way to flirt with someone that interests you without making such a drastic move or paying a membership fee. Every couple of days you will get an email sent to your personal email address letting you know all the users that browsed your profile too. Then you can do a Search for Mates or a Username Search and see if that person who browsed your profile is worth paying for's membership fees. This new feature cuts the chase with very little risk and no payment required. We simplify your social life. //

New Feature:

EliteMate added all new chat room hosts that make our chat rooms the Elite Social Hot Spot! Don't miss a minute, get in the chat rooms today! // is creating new affiliate relations with the fun, inspiring, entertaining and enlightening companies that make EliteMate a resource that Simplifies Your Life. Take a look! // This link page will be updated regularly!

Nationwide Commercials:

New Feature:

Experience's easy to navigate directory called At Your Finger Tips. This will help you find anything you want offered on It also acts as a how to guide for a more user friendly experience.

New Feature:

EliteMate now posts an inspirational "Quote Of The Day" on the lower part of our home page. We invite you to visit our site daily to enjoy these well thought out statements. We guarantee they will help you start your day off with a great point of view. (i.e. Forgiveness is the acceptance of another person as they are. i.e. What ever you place your attention on you make real in your life. Keep your attention disciplined on what you want rather than on what you don't want.)


New Feature:

EliteMate has added Video Profiles and Video Email. Now send video emails and view video profiles on

New Feature: has a very unique personality match feature activated on it's site. members are able to search for a specific type of personality and match themselves with it. Check it out! // members need to fill out a quick questionnaire using automatic intuitive responses. It will list a wide diversified selection of 20 attributes. You first rate these attributes about yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 meaning very little of that attribute and 5 being totally that attribute) on all 20 selected attributes by clicking quickly with your mouse on what number applies to each.

Then using the same scale rate the 20 selected attributes from 1 to 5 again but now on the type of personality you would like to connect with.

When you press the new Compare Personality button on the search feature you will get a scale from ranging from 1% to 100% compatibility ratio with any personality match enabled members. This feature is now activated on The New Personality Match feature along with the Astrological Comparison feature allows you to cover all of your bases before meeting someone.

New Feature: has added Voice Messaging in their chat rooms and through their instant messaging system. You can use a microphone and chat with other members to hear each others' real live voices.

New Upcoming Feature: has added Video Instant Messaging so you can use your web cam on and communicate with any member online through the use of video.  Now you will be able to see and hear any member online you chose as if they where right in front of you. Wow!

Unique Astrological Compatibility Feature:

Now you can compare yourself to any EliteMate member astrologically scaling 7 different categories...1. Romantic Attraction; 2. Finances; 3. Communication; 4. Home and Family; 5. Career Support; 6. Long Term; and 7. Average of the six prior categories. It's in an easy to read bar graph with each category ranging from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)...

No other picture personal website in the world has this particular feature.  To activate this feature you must first log-in to with your user name and password, then go to My Profile, then press the top EDIT button there and scroll down to the place where you can fill in your proper astrological information...check off... 

Activate Astrology

If you choose to activate astrology, please fill in the information below.

then fill in your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (if it is known). If you do not know your time of birth, then leave it of birth and place of birth are sufficient...time of birth adds a little more submit to finalize the changes and then do a Search For Mates on the site for other astrologically enabled Compare Mate Astrologically to get you unique astrological compatibility comparison.

New Feature:

We just added a monthly astrological reading for each sign of the zodiac...get your future forecast now at the front page of

New Feature:

Now when ever you log-in with your username and password to your profile on searches will come up as a priority (it will be sorted by date of last log-in) so our most active clients have a greater chance of meeting equally active ones.

New Feature:

Now whenever you add someone to your Elite Friends List that person will be notified that you added him/her. This is a great way to flirt with someone that interests you without making such a drastic move. Every couple of days you will get an email sent to your personal email address letting you know all of the users that added you to their Elite Friends List. Then you can do a username search and see if that person who book marked you should be added to your Elite Friends list. And whenever that person is online you will see them in the My Online Friends list on the left hand side of the site. If you see a user in My Online Friends that interests you, double-click on their username and you will initiate an instant message session with them. This new feature cuts the chase with very little risk. We simplify your social life

New Feature:

EliteMate has added International Search Capabilities. Now you can search for your EliteMate any where in the world!

New Safety Feature:

EliteMate has a great Email Feature that allows you to send emails to another with pictures of yourself (accepted in bmap, jpeg, jpg and gif images). Now you don't have to give out your personal email address too soon. Take your time and screen people wisely. Use EliteMate to send pictures of yourself with privacy.

Finding the Elite One has never been easier! EliteMate has added these great new features and as an Elitemate member you will be able to enjoy them in the comfort of your own space. EliteMate has just added thousands of hot, sexy and incredibly insatiable singles to its site and we are inviting you to do a SEARCH and SEE!

To Search For Your Mate log-in to and go to Search For Mates on the upper left hand side in the My Menu area. Then fill in the criteria you are searching for in a mate. For example...I am a Male searching for a Female between the ages of 18 and 35 in the New York State area with photos only...then press Search and you will be on your way. New opportunities are a click away. Send someone you like an Elite Card. Make a great first impression, there's so many new Elite Cards to choose from.

2 Payment options:

1. By credit card: Click on the link below to make payment and automatically get upgraded. Pay right now Click here //

2. By check, cash or money order: Mail payment to, 105-10 62nd Road, Suite 1D, Forest Hills, NY 11375, USA. Please make sure your username is on your payment to ensure a prompt upgrade.

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