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To Whom It May Concern,
I feel that is a refreshing new approach to online dating! They have an excellent web-design, they offer plenty of extra features, such as members-chat and video-profiles, and they seem to attract real, honest people to their site!

One of their best features for new members is allowing full privileges the first time you log-on to your free account. I've never seen that before! They also have reasonable full-member rates and excellent lifetime member discount rates!

I plan to do all of my on-line dating at from now on!

Signed, A Very Satisfied Member,
Kevin E Cookson
Phoenix AZ

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As an added value to your upgraded membership, is throwing in a $30.00 anti-spyware application free of charge. This software ( is the leading anti-spyware and anti-adware application on the market today, and it'll locate and remove any and all spyware and adware that is on your PC's hard drive totally free.

9 out of 10 PCs are infected with adware and spyware, so this means that there's a 90% chance that your PCs infected. Become a paid member of today and you'll receive the 30 day Nuker package that will allow you to clean your PC and rid it from harmful spyware and adware. Email after you upgrade your membership and they will send you a free anti-spyware application. is the Elite Online Matchmaker has been diligently put together by three visionaries, each with the goal to reinvent the common practice of creating relationships. is an extraordinary picture personal website whose objective is to provide people with a user-friendly environment for top quality, fun, and efficient online matchmaking.

Did you ever go out to a restaurant, bar, library, supermarket or nightclub, and see someone you really were attracted to—but you didn’t say or do anything to make that connection? Was it from shyness, fear of rejection, a too-good-to-be-true attitude, or low self-esteem? You are not alone.  Have you felt like you paid too much for an overrated club or spent too much money on a dinner date that went nowhere?  This has happened to almost all of us at one time or another. Those days are over when you become a member of… is the total “icebreaker.” No more what-ifs: “What if she embarrasses me in front of all these people if she’s not interested?”;  “What if he has a girlfriend?”; or “What if I don’t really feel very attractive today?” lets you put your best foot forward every time. This is how it works: You simply select a photograph that best represents you. You then fill out an easy Online Profile form that best describes who you are, as well as what type of person and relationship you are looking for. Once you’ve done this, you are set to effortlessly surf one of the most extraordinary Picture Personal Websites on the Net.

Your Payment Helps Us Grow To Help You Find Your EliteMate is in business to help people make an ELITE connection with others to find their perfect match. We ask for a very small monthly membership fee to help you connect with thousands of other users world wide. When you go to a bar, nightclub or social event you spend much more money trying to make that connection (admission, drinks, Food, gifts, etc...). 

Historically, technologies not associated with profit are shorted lived. Running an online matchmaking service requires that somebody do something more than say, "Here you go. Take it for free. Somebody has to ensure that the service grows to help the user. Somebody has to manage the hundreds of variables and decision points that inevitably arise in cooperative acts of this size. Somebody has to think ahead. Somebody has to settle disputes and keep everything on track. Somebody has to pay the bills that come with owning an online matchmaking service (hosting, insurance, employees, licenses, advertising, affiliates, etc)." We want to keep growing to make this service the best it can be and ensure you find your true love.  Your payment ensures we grow and expand to make it easier and more effortless for you to find your EliteMate.

Become a paid member at today and we will throw in a 25 page Astrological Compatibility chart between you and a person of your choice. (email after you pay for's monthly membership fee, please include your username, your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth.  Also include, the name and birth data for the other person as well. We will email your astrological text charts the same day.)

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EliteMate Support Team

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