Conditional Love is an Oxymoron



Nearly every Holy Scripture of nearly every one of the world's exclusivist organized religions contains passages that describe a God of anger, of judgment, and of retribution.

Do you remember what happened to the Israelites who worshipped the golden calf? Were not 3,000 of them slaughtered by the Levites at God's command?   Did God not instruct you in Exodus   32:27 to "take every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother and every man his companion, and every man his neighbor?" And what about the 24,000 Israelites who worshipped Baal?   Did God not say unto Moses, as recorded in Numbers 25:4-9: "Take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord..."

To expand on our lesson from Conversations with God-Book 1 , let us turn to a newer CwG dialogue text, The New Revelations. Here is a direct quote from that extraordinary book:  

"The Bible relates that 12,000 men, women and children of Ai were killed in an ambush that God Himself inspired and supervised, ( Joshua 8:1-30 ), and that the armies of the Amorites were destroyed when "...the Lord...slew them with a great slaughter." ( Joshua 10:10-11 )

The Bible critiques tell us that a reading of the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Numbers, Amos, Kings, Chronicles, Esther, and Job, to name a few, will produce a toll of no less than one million people in Old Testament history alone who were smote by God's hand, including all of those who died during a 7-year famine in Samaria sent by the Lord ( II Kings 8:1 ), or the 185,000 Assyrians slain overnight by one angel ( I Kings 19:35 )--or by people working at God's behest--such as the 100,000 Syrian footmen, killed on a single day by the children of Israel ( I Kings 20:28,29,30 ), or the prophets of Baal, numbering 450, murdered by Elijah ( I Kings 18:40,46) , or the half million men of Israel slaughtered by the army of King Abijah of Judah, whom, we are told, 'God smote.' ( II Chronicles 13:16,17,18 )."

You may also find it interesting to read the Book of Mormon . It gives humans some very interesting pictures of God. For instance, it says:

"Howl ye, for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty...Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it...and I will punish the world for evil, and the wicked for their iniquity...every one that is proud shall be thrust through; yea, and every one that is joined to the wicked shall fall by the sword..."

Wow. That sure tells us how vicious you get when you are offended.

Wait, there's more. Not satisfied with punishing evil men, the Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, goes after innocent offspring and spouses as well.

"And their children shall also be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled and their wives ravished."

The Book of Mormon says this?

Look in 2 Nephi 23:6-16.

Man, that's unbelievable.

Indeed. What you must now admit and acknowledge is that you have told yourselves in many of your holy scriptures that God, himself, kills people who offend him, and that God wants you to go out and kill for him, too.

Perhaps now it is time--while we still have time--for all of us to ask ourselves some very important questions.

It is possible that the Word of God as put down by humans in their holy books has some errors in it? Is it possible that there is something we don't know about God and about Life, the knowing of which could change everything?

That's the end of the excerpt from The New Revelations. The New Revelations makes the point that humanity's holy scriptures also give humans permission to act in the same way that humans believe God acts.

"You must purge the evil from among you," says the Bible .   "Fight them until there is no more conflict and all faith goes to God," the Qur'an instructs. "To protect men of virtue, and destroy men who do evil, to set the standard of sacred duty, I appear in age after age," the Bhagavad-Gita informs us.

As far as Holy Scriptures are concerned, this is the right and proper work of God's people.

Now, in the space of all THIS....can you find it possible to believe that "God's love is unconditional"?

That is the current lesson from CwG, Book 1 . Can you possibly believe this?

I would not blame you if you found it difficult. I would not be very surprised. Most of the world cannot believe the statement, either.

Yet CwG promises that God's love IS unconditional. And Communion with God goes further. It says that the Eighth Illusion of Humans is that "Conditionality Exists." This is one of ten very big, very impactful illusions which we created during the earliest part of our experience on Earth, and hundreds of smaller ones that we create every day. Because we believe them, we have created a Cultural Story that has allowed us to enter into these Illusions and make them real.

To quote God directly from Communion with God:

They are not really real , of course. Yet you have created an Alice in Wonderland world in which they seem very real, indeed. So real that, like the Mad Hatter, you will deny that what is False is false, and that what is Real is real.

You have, in fact, been doing this for a very long time.

A Cultural Story is a story which has been handed down from generation to generation, across centuries and millennia. It is the Story that you tell yourself about yourself.

Because your Cultural Story is based on Illusions, it produces Myth, and not an understanding of reality.

The Cultural Story of Humans is that...

**  God has an agenda. (Need Exists)

**  The outcome of life is in doubt. (Failure Exists)

**  You are separate from God. (Disunity Exists)

**  There is not enough. (Insufficiency Exists)

**  There is something you have to do. (Requirement Exists)

**  If you do not do it, you will be punished. (Judgment Exists)

**  The punishment is everlasting damnation. (Condemnation Exists.)

**  Love is, therefore, conditional. (Conditionality Exists)

**  Knowing and meeting the conditions renders you superior. (Superiority Exists)

**  You do not know that these are illusions. (Ignorance Exists.)

This Cultural Story has been so ingrained in you that you now live it fully and completely. This, you tell each other, "is just The Way It Is."

That's the end of the excerpt. (And, incidentally, once again....if you have not read Communion with God, please do so at once. The entire CwG series of books must be read in total if you are serious about studying--much less applying in your life--the Conversations with God material.)

I am telling you here that this is NOT "just the way it is." Again, let us return to the actual text from Communion with God...

There is no Conditionality in the Universe. That Which Is is That Which Is, and there are no Conditions under which It is Not.

Do you understand this?

It is not possible for "What Is" not to be. There are no conditions under which that would be true. This is why Life is Eternal. Because Life is That Which Is, and That Which Is can never not be.

Life always was, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.

So, too, with God. For God IS what Life is.

So, too, with Love. For Love IS what God is.

Love, therefore, knows no Condition. Love simply is.

Love cannot not be, and there are no conditions under which it can be made to disappear.

You may substitute the word Life or the word God at the beginning of the above sentence and it would be equally true.

Conditional Love is an oxymoron.

Did you get that? Do you understand that? The two are mutually exclusive. The experience of Conditionality and the experience of Love cannot exist at the same time in the same place.

Your idea that they can is what is destroying you.

Your civilization has chosen to live The Eighth Illusion at a very high level. The result is that your civilization itself is threatened with extinction.

YOU are not threatened with extinction. You cannot be. For you are Life Itself. Yet the form in which you express Life at the present moment - the civilization which you have created, and are about to uncreate - is not unchangeable. It is the wonder of Who You Are that you can change Form whenever you wish. Indeed, you do this all the time.

If, however, you are enjoying the Form in which you now experience yourself, why change it?

That is the question facing the whole human race.

You have been given a paradise in which to live. Every possible joy of physical life has been made available to you. You are truly in a Garden of Eden. That part of your Cultural Story is real. Yet you have not been separated from Me, and you never have to be. You can experience this paradise as long as you wish. Or, you can destroy it on a moment's notice.

Which do you choose?

You are about to do the second.

Is that your choice? Is that your conscious decision?

Look at this question very carefully. There is much riding on your answer.

The lack of true Conditionality in the Universe notwithstanding, you have believed firmly that Conditionality Exists. Surely it exists in God's kingdom. Every one of your religions taught you that. So it must exist in the Universe at large. It was, you decided, a fact of Life. So, you have spent lifetimes trying to figure out what the conditions are that could allow you to create the life - and the Afterlife - that you desire if you did not meet The Requirement. If you met The Requirement, there was no problem. But what if you did not?

This search has led you down a blind alley, for there are no conditions. You may have the life that you desire, and whatever Afterlife that you imagine, simply by choosing it.

This you do not believe. The formula can't be that simple, you say. No, have to meet The Requirement!

You do not understand yourselves to be Creative Beings. Nor do you understand Me to be so. You imagine that I can somehow fail to have something that I desire (such as, that all My Children return home to Me) - which means that I must not be a truly Creative Being at all, but a Dependent one. If I was truly creative, I would be able to create anything that I choose. But I seem to be dependent upon conditions being met in order to have what I want.

Because humans could not imagine what conditions could possibly have to be met in order for God to get what He wants when the original Requirements were not met, they did the best they could...and just made some up . These were explained through what are called Religions.

That's the end of the final excerpt we will share with you now. I am using excerpts from later With God books to help you understand this lesson from Book 1 so that you can see the value of reading the entire body of work , not just one or two of the books.

When you read ALL the With God books, right up to and including Home with God in a Life that Never Ends, then you will be able to apply the messages of CwG in your daily life as a matter of function. You will transform the experience of CwG from THEORY to FUNCTION.

That's the day that your life will begin to change.    - NDW

by Best Selling Author,
Neale Donald Walsch
Conversations With God

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