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I Am That I Am

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-How To Use Eye Contact & Body Language To Attract Women

-Dating After Divorce Or Relationship Breakup

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User: dallascollegeman's article review

I read the article on What annoys women, AND what attracts them. For the most part, I completely agree with what this article says. Most women I have met want a man that has his own life and knows what he wants in life. Women want a man that will be able to take care of themselves and will not cling to them. Most women don't want to play "mama": they want a mature man. I do also think, though, that women want a man that will do things for her....just every once in a while. Things like opening a door or giving a single rose. Not all the time, but just once in a while, when it's not expected. This lets women know that the man in the relationship does still think of them and cares for them.

-Hit or Miss: How to tell if you're clicking on the first date.

-Dating Myths

-Are You Too Smart To Date?

-Lucky Underwear and Other First Date Rituals

-Elite Tips For Meeting The Hottest Singles

-Techniques To Handle Lover's Quarrels

-Relationship Quiz: How to Tell If He's Really Interested

-EliteMate's Outlook On Creating Relationships


I feel that EliteMate.com is a refreshing new approach to online dating!  They have an excellent web-design, they offer plenty of extra features, such as members-chat and video-profiles, and they seem to attract real, honest people to their site! One of their best features for new members is allowing full privileges the first time you log-on to your free account. I've never seen that before!  They also have reasonable full-member rates and excellent lifetime member discount rates and awesome chat rooms! I plan to do all of my on-line dating at EliteMate.com from now on! 

Signed, A Very Satisfied Member,

Kevin E Cookson

Phoenix AZ

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