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Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are right.





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1. is our nationwide bar, restaurant and nightclub guide. has her finger on the pulse of any venue you are looking to experience across the USA. 

2. counsels people using astrology, personal training, hypnotherapy, and nutrition. can help you find the balance in your life. 
718 699-5725

3. meets all your printing and multi media needs worldwide. is your resource for printing when you need to get things done fast, efficiently and effectively. 
718 392-0500

4. is your source for self-empowerment.  Avatar is the most powerful self development in course in the world. Victor Daniel, is an Avatar master that will help you help yourself.  An Elite Consciousness will help one attract Elite experiences.
718 938-1203

5. is the ideal job of the 21st century.  Promote and earn thousands of dollars of residual income from the comfort of your own home. can get you started on the road to financial independence.

6. gives you fantastic web hosting prices. Contact to launch your website today!

7. is the elite source for astrology charts, software and readings.  Contact to connect on a higher astrological level.  831 425-3686

8. will get you the cutest collectable smurfs.  These make for great gifts for your EliteMate. 
Visit for wholesale glass decor - marbles, flats, glass shapes and more!

9.    Want to see NYC like a celebrity and meet party people from all over the world for only $33 per person? Look no further than our shared 1-Hour VIP Champagne Party Night Ride.  Ride in a luxury, super-stretch limousine, sipping champagne, dance in your seat, meet fun people, and sing along with non-stop, upbeat music. "Waive your hands up in the air and party like you just don't care!"

Mind Body & Soul Consultations
Astrology, Personal Training And Hypnotherapy

"Every reality exists in the space time continuum and your attention draws it forth. "
Victor Daniel, Mind, Body & Soul

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