Activate Your EliteMate Video Profile

Here's how to create a FREE video profile on EliteMate. Upload one now!

In order to ensure the fastest streaming of your video profiles, all of our member's videos are hosted by one of these popular websites, and then embedded into your EliteMate profile.




1. You must be a member at - not yet?  
click here
to register free


2. A Youtube or Liveleak username

If you don't have one, don't worry.  
You can create a FREE account and upload your video in less than 5 minutes! 


3.  A video of yourself created in You Tube.  
Copy and paste the embed code tag and place it in your video profile at EliteMate.

4. Log into your account at then click on My Profile on the upper left hand side then click on My Video profile and paste the embed code.



If you already have an account with YouTube or LiveLeak upload your video now!

Once you've uploaded your video, you will be given an embed code that will allow you to play your movie on other websites.


Copy that code and paste it in the box below after you are logged into

You must be logged in at before you can submit
any videos of yourself.  After you log in click here to submit your video. 


NOTE: You can always change your video.  Your first doesn't have to be perfect!


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